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PROVIDENT BUSINESS ASSOCIATES LLP provides the services to the customers based on the Terms and Conditions included in the User Agreement.


PROVIDENT BUSINESS ASSOCIATES LLP (United Kingdom)  offers the users the website marrybrides.com  and other related services that are covered by the Terms and Conditions stated in the agreement (hereinafter “Agreement”).

The mentioned Terms and Conditions can be changed by MarryBrides.com at any moment, and its provisions become valid once the updated version is posted on the website. If you continue to use the services after the update, it means that you accept the changes.

The website is created by and belongs to PROVIDENT BUSINESS ASSOCIATES LLP, which is mentioned in the Terms and Conditions as “us” and “we.” The Terms and Conditions include the provisions that have to be followed to have a right to access the Dating Website, use our services, and view the advertisements (the “Material”), which is available on the website.

When you register as a Member of our Dating Website or access the Material, you show that you fully understand your responsibilities and agree to adhere to the Terms and Conditions.

In the context of these Terms and Conditions, a term “Dating Website” refers to our website.  

1. Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of this Agreement cover the use of the “Dating Website” that belongs to PROVIDENT BUSINESS ASSOCIATES LLP irrespective of how you choose to access it. For more details, pay special attention to the paragraphs 15-18 of the Terms and Conditions to learn about the disclaimers. Moreover, the use of the  Dating Website is governed by the Privacy Policy.

The Privacy Policy along with Terms and Conditions have to be carefully read, and in case you do not agree with the stated information, you should not use the Dating Website. By using the Dating Website, you agree that you’re aware of the information stated in the Terms and Conditions.

Our company has the right to make occasional amendments to the Terms and Conditions. Any changes that we make are applicable to all the users that decide to access the Dating Website once the information has been updated on the website. To be aware of any changes, you should occasionally review the Terms and Conditions.

While we put emphasis on checking the information available in the profiles of our Members to make sure it is appropriate, our company cannot verify the accuracy of all the details and identities of the Members. Moreover, we cannot guarantee identification of all the unsuitable content provided by the Members. We’re not responsible for false or inaccurate information entered by the Members of our Dating website, so you should not view all such data as absolutely accurate. If you notice any information stated by other Members that you deem inaccurate or unsuitable, or you get any questions, you should get in touch with us using the “Contact Us” form on the website.

2. No Warranty

The services of our Dating Website are provided as available, and we do not warrant:

- Availability of the Dating Website in its present format;
- Absence of viruses or other defects in operation of the Dating Website or any software on the website;
- Accuracy and completeness of the materials available on the Dating Website unless otherwise stated in the Terms and Conditions and always to the extent envisaged by law (including no warranties of the appropriateness for a specific purpose and quality).

As a customer, you take full responsibility and assume the risk for using our Dating Website and the information that you can see on it.

3. Responsibility

Our company is not responsible for indirect or direct damage or loss (lost business opportunities, lost profit, etc.) that may occur in connection with the Dating Website and your inability to access it.

4. Materials That Can Be Downloaded

All the files and materials that are added to the website are checked for viruses before they are uploaded to the Dating website. At the same time, we advise you to check each document using your antivirus system before you decide to save it to your computer.

5. The Dating Website Use

You agree:

- not to use the website and the materials downloaded from it in any illegal activities;
- not to engage in any activities that can disturb, damage, or make less efficient the operation and functionality of the Dating Website. You shall not use any automated scripts on the website without our authorization;
- not to use the website to transfer any materials of offensive, abusive, sexual, false, and misleading nature, and transmit any computer viruses using the website;
- not to use the website in a way that can violate the rights of any company, organization, or individual, including but not limited to the confidentiality and copyright rights;
- not use the Dating Website to post any information or add any materials with the intention of advertising any services or products without receiving written consent from our company;
- if any claims or actions against any Members occur while using the Dating Website, you should solve such issues independently without involving our company;
- you will defend and indemnify our company against the claims, expenses, damages, legal fees, and liability in case of violation of the Terms and Conditions or any use of the Material on the Dating Website;
- if you violate the Terms and Conditions, we reserve the right to suspend your Dating Website access immediately.  

The right to use the Dating Website services is subject to the restrictions and conditions set forth by us occasionally, at the sole discretion of our company.  

6. Intellectual Property Policy

Unless stated otherwise, all the images, designs, information, and materials available on the Dating Website are the property of our company or our licensors.

The Materials that you can download from our Dating Website are intended exclusively for your personal use and any recreation of the entire website or its parts, with the exception of the temporary copying of information while downloading the services, is forbidden. Unless for the personal use by third parties, any displaying, copying, or distributing of the Dating Website content is prohibited.

It is forbidden to store, reproduce, or transfer any parts of the Dating Website to other systems or make any part of it accessible from the websites of third parties without receiving our consent in writing beforehand.

7. Other Websites Links
By clicking on any links available on our Dating Website, including any links to the sites that are co-branded by our company and provided by the third parties, do not fall under our control.  We do not bear responsibility for the content of such websites and the incidents when you cannot access them for some reason.

8. Website Content

Our company is not responsible for any information, materials, services, or products that are offered by the companies that are mentioned on our Dating Website or provided their links to be placed on our website. If you decide to use the services or purchase the products offered by such organizations, the contract is only between you and the corresponding company. We are not liable for any materials, products, or services that are provided to you by such companies, and we are not involved in the contracts.

9. Website Registration

Before you can proceed to interact with other Members on the website, you have to complete registration and/or subscribe. Both subscription and registration are free. If you want to become a Member, you have to provide your email address and come up with a password. You can access registration sections of the Dating website only if:

- You’re at least 18 years old;
- You registered and created a profile to join the website and become a Member;
- You used your personal password and email address to ensure that the website is not accessed by anyone else;
- You do not engage in any illegal activities to help unregistered users enter the website and view the registration areas of the website;
- You do not register additional accounts that may hinder the website operation;
- You do not pretend to be another Member and do not provide us with false information.

If you fail to comply with the mentioned requirements, your access to the website can be denied immediately without any prior notifications.  

10. Website Membership

On our website, we do not have membership subscription. Once you register on the website, your profile will be created and appear for free.


If you’re a resident or citizen of the United States, and you want to meet or receive personal details of the person who is not a citizen or resident of the United States, you agree to the IMBRA provisions. In such a way, you cannot directly contact the resident or citizen of another country until you follow the IMBRA requirements.

12. Dating Website Fees

You should remember that some of the services provided on the website are not free. We take fees for talking to other Members in the chat, sending letters, video streaming, watching video clips, and delivery of presents. You can view the prices once you become a registered member. The fee rates are subject to occasional changes and new fees become valid once the updated information is posted on the website or you receive a notification to your email. All the prices are stated in US Dollars.

13. Membership cancellation, suspension, or rejection

We reserve the right to reject the applications of users to become the Members of our website. Membership can also be suspended or canceled at any moment without notification, in the cases, including but not limited to violation of the principles set out in the Terms and Conditions or any inappropriate behavior that negatively affects the operation of our Dating Website. You will receive an email letter to inform you about such termination of your account.

14. Responsibility of Members

As a Member of our Dating Website, you bear responsibility for the information and materials you provide to be displayed on the website. The materials include photos, images, words, sound, etc. Once you register on the website, you grant us a free of charge permission to edit, copy, translate, delete, publish, transmit, broadcast, or otherwise change or transfer the material provided by you using the Dating Website. The materials can be used in media and various publications worldwide, and you waive the moral rights to such materials.

15. Violation of the Rights of Third Parties

When you post any information or materials on our Dating Website, you guarantee that:

- You’re not involved in the violation of the rights of any companies, organizations, or individuals, including but not limited to the owners of intellectual property or any type of copyright. You guarantee that you have received all the permissions as envisaged by the privacy and confidentiality policies.
- You have not affected the reputation and legal rights of any companies, corporations, or individuals. Such violations may include spreading misleading or false information about the company or an individual; posting of illegal, obscene or pornographic images; making statements that can be considered offensive regarding religion, colour, race, nationality, or making other disrespectful comments; providing unprovable information; making statements that violate the criminal law, and others.

16. Intellectual Property Right

When you register on our Website, you agree that all the content and material available on the Dating Website (including any design, logos, and tradename) or published by you belong to our Company, or we’re authorized to use it in ways mentioned above. It’s possible for you to use the Dating Website for your personal purposes and provide the materials, excluding that of the advertising nature or for any commercial purposes, such as spam, junk mail, pyramid schemes, etc. You cannot use any parts of the Dating Website without written permission and also copy, publish, distribute, or create a database using the materials downloaded from the website. You may, however, reproduce certain contributions to our Dating Website without our permission, but only when it is done for a non-commercial purpose.

17. Indemnity

As a Member of our website you have to indemnify the company, the holding company and any subsidiaries along with all the employees, directors, and shareholders against any actions, damages, losses, costs, claims, liabilities, etc., that occur as a result of violation of the Terms and Conditions on your part or from any submissions or publications contributed on your behalf or by you. We are entitled to defend any claim, proceeding, or action for which you’re financially accountable, and we have a right to receive an indemnity from you. In such a way, you shall provide the necessary cooperation as requested by us.

18. Disclaimer concerning the damage or loss

By becoming a Member you agree that:

- all the contributions, views, and opinions expressed by the Members using the Dating Website are not connected to us, companies we work with, shareholders, employees, or directors;
- you bear the responsibility for checking the accuracy of any views or facts provided by the Members of the Dating Website before you make any decisions based on the basis of such information;
- it’s not our responsibility to moderate or monitor any information or other contributions made by the Members of our Dating Website.
- we do not bear responsibility for any content or other materials available on the websites of third parties that you can visit by clicking the link on the Dating Website. Moreover, we are not responsible for any agreements concluded between you and any of the third parties.

19. Limitation of Liability

Our company is not liable for any damage or loss arising for any reason from your decision to register as a Member on the Dating website caused by third parties, inability to access the website, any errors in the website operation, and whether this damage was foreseeable or not. Such losses include but are not limited to loss of profit, business, opportunities, data, reputation, etc. experienced by third parties, and any consequential, special, or other damages. Mentioned limitations do not exclude our liability for fraudulent activities, injuries or death caused by the negligence on our part, or any other liabilities envisaged by law.

20. No Warranty

We give no warranty when it comes to the reliability, appropriateness, quality, completeness, or accuracy of the information on the Dating Website or the details of the Members. The warranties are excluded as allowed by law.

We do not guarantee that our Dating Website, server, or any other software or systems connected to our website are free of errors, bugs, and viruses. We do not warrant the accessibility of the website at all times. The access to the website may be impossible due to certain technical problems or the circumstances that we do not control.

21. Protection of Information

Your personal data is used for the administration purposes of our Dating Website. Occasionally you may receive the promotional or marketing materials from our company or third parties selected by us and offering similar services. You have an opportunity to refuse to receive such information by getting in touch with our customer support team.

22. Disruptive or Inappropriate Use of the Website

The Members that use the website in the inappropriate, disruptive, or offensive manner will be stopped using the information provided by you. Such measures may include notifying appropriate third parties, such as your email provider, employer, etc. In case of illegal activity, we will contact the police.

23. Privacy Policy
Learn more about the terms of privacy by referring to the Privacy Policy.

24.  Checking of the Information

We have a right to check the information, such as messages, posts, publications, video and audio recordings to make sure that they are appropriate according to guidelines set at that moment.

25. Contact Details

You can get in touch with our customer support team at this address:

372 Old Street, Suite 1,
United Kingdom,