Best about Russian Women: What Makes Them Ideal Wives

Women around the world are different. As humanity gets more and more advanced in terms of tech progress, men make up their mind to marrying foreign ladies. This is especially relevant to Russian women whose popularity in the West grows rapidly. Thanks to modern means of communication, it’s super easy to find a compatible lover overseas. And now, the main question comes: what is so special about Russian girls? Dating experts highly recommend westerners to search for a prospective wife in that very country. So in this article, we will try to outline the reasons you should listen to that advice.


1. Undeniable gorgeousness

This may be the very first thing that comes to a foreigner’s mind while speaking of Russian wives. Indeed, their natural beauty is exceptional. On average, they have stunning bodies and delicate facial features, which may be not so often found anywhere else. In addition, Russian girls do their best to attract men. Most of them have great taste from birth so a regular woman is capable of creating a mesmerizing image in just a half of an hour.

2. High level of intellect

Due to their stunning appearance, Russian girls are often imagined as just pretty dolls. Yet this is a huge mistake. Slavic people were always known for their mind capabilities. Contemporary Russian girls normally have a very high level of intellect. Likewise, they are well-educated – almost any of them has a university degree (or even two). Russian educational system is considered to be more comprehensive than the US, for example. No wonder Russian girls make great companions.

3. Graciousness

Let’s now go further. Kindness is another merit of Russian women. Scientists have already proved that any human being gets attached to a partner who displays empathy, compassion, and helpfulness. Russian culture appreciates those qualities so their girls develop those. Due to some national mindset peculiarities, they are always willing to share their mind and listen to others’ problems. Even if someone isn’t their close friend, they try to assist him or her if necessary.

4. Femininity

While the Western world becomes obsessed with feminism propaganda, the Russian society supports the so-called traditional view of gender roles. On average, American or European girls are far more concerned about their personal and professional gains. In contrast to them, Russian ladies are more family-oriented. By all, means, they are eager to grow personally and promote their career. Yet a family remains their main life goal.

5. Fidelity

Loyalty is indeed something that holds two people together. In the Russian view of it, a good woman should follow her man everywhere and support his deeds. Naturally, he should pay her equally. Young Russian girls early get to thinking about marriage so any guy they meet is evaluated by them carefully. What if he is the one? As a rule, those ladies hate cheating and infidelity. So if you are in searches of a committed partner, a Russian girl is certainly a worthy candidate.

6. Passion for adventures

There’s a sad stereotype about Russian obsessed with politics and hating all the rest cultures. Well, no nation is perfect, neither are Russians. Yet their women are usually willing to open new horizons. This is one of the reasons they like communicating with foreigners so much. If you build a serious romantic relationship with a girl from that land, she will likely do her best to embrace your native customs and traditions. On the other hand, she will definitely be proud to tell you more about her own culture.

7. Independency

Above, we have mentioned the Russian ladies’ femininity. Yet it doesn’t mean they are shrinking violets who agree to play a secondary role in a couple. Just like their sisters in the West, modern Russian women realize they are responsible for their own life. That’s why most of them struggle to get a proper higher education, to find a good job, and enrich their inner world.

8. Optimistic view of life

Positive attitude to everything around you is actually critical nowadays. Our daily life becomes overly busy and full of micro issues. Russian people certainly know how to deal with all that stuff. Apparently, this is because life in Russia is more difficult than in the EU or the USA – there are some economic problems impacting the whole population.

9. Defined priorities

Last but not least: any Russian girl has determined life priorities. As we have already told you, a family is something that outweighs the rest of values in their view. In the West, people are likely to get married in their 30s, while in Eastern Europe they tend to create families in their 20s. It isn’t considered to be ahead of time. Of course, everyone should have personal space for self-realization and your Russian friend is no exception. But she will rather prioritize her family over her career.

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