Do Russian Girls Like Black Guys?

With online dating gaining more and more popularity throughout the world, bringing together couples of any age and culture, people began to pay less attention to mixed families. Take the US or some European countries like the UK or France for example: in these countries, people won’t even notice a black-and- white couple passing by them in the street. It’s right, it’s great, but it’s not about Russia which is still full of prejudices towards such couples.

Today, black-and-white interracial relationships are not actually popular in Russia, despite that this multicultural country sees thousands of marriages between Russian women and representatives of Asian culture each year. A lot of Slavic women find it hard to overcome their fears and find enough courage to build a relationship with an African or African American guy. It’s all about public content. The thing is that in modern Russia (mostly in the country’s peripheral areas), people still can’t accept mixed families, remaining xenophobic towards dark-skinned people. But how much does it affect Russian women’s attitude towards black guys?

Russian girls like black guys

What Russian girls think about interracial relationships?

Luckily, most young Russian girls aren’t limited to some silly prejudices about interracial couples. A lot of them storm international dating services every day in hope to find that special someone overseas. They understand the difference between intercultural relationships and interracial ones. They know that there are such things as cultural differences and fully aware of potential issues that may occur in an interracial couple. And Russian ladies are smart enough to overcome these issues.

There’s no need to say that most Russians are white, right? And, as we already mentioned, Russia is a multicultural country, so relationships between Russians and people of Asian descent are widely accepted and considered normal there. But when it comes to people of other races, things get a bit different. For example, to meet an African guy (not to mention seeing a black-and-white couple) in the street is still a surprise for an older generation of Russians. But for young people, it’s not a big deal, as they realize that they live in the largest country in the world, and it’s already 21st century out there.

Can a black guy pick up a Russian girl?

interracial couplesA lot of African American guys interested in interracial relationships are curious what Russian girls think about having them as partners. Well, the odds of finding a Russian girlfriend are still not in their favor, as only about five percent of Russian ladies say that their potential partner’s race doesn’t matter to them. Only ten percent are ready to enter a relationship with an Asian. And the majority of women see no one but a white man by their side. Guys of Arabian descent have even fewer chances due to the difference in religion.

But despite this sad statistics, interracial Russian couples exist, and black-skinned guys should still take their chance with Russian girls on dating services and leave their doubts behind. Besides, a lot of women specify their attitude towards mixed couples in their profiles and indicate their potential companion’s race. So in order to find out if this or that girl suits you, you can simply read through her profile info, starting from the part where she indicates her desired partner’s race. Sure, there are ladies who will avoid your messages. When a Russian woman is looking for relationships, she usually draws a picture of her loved one in her imagination, and you just may not fit the description. If the girl doesn’t care much about the guy’s skin color, she will gladly keep a contact with you.

Is it possible to build an interracial relationship with a Russian girl? There are also a lot of African American guys wondering if it’s possible to start a Russian interracial partnership. There are thousands of examples showing that a relationship between a Slavic girl and a man from another race work great. After all, love conquers all; all you need is to find the right approach. A Russian woman is sensitive; she can feel if the man is able to give her everything she needs with her heart.

But in case if you really want to get a Russian girlfriend, be prepared to face the major downside of her culture: xenophobic attitude towards you. Her family may simply not accept you as their daughter’s life partner. But most often this problem concerns grandparents, who simply can’t imagine someone from another race joining their family.

There’s one more issue: you need to think of your future kids. You probably understand that your children won’t be white; they usually inherit their father’s skin color. Depending on the environment where your kids will grow, they may face bullying and other kinds of bad treatment. But this also depends on the way you’re going to raise your children. Just surround your kid with as much love as you can, and it will never even notice that someone treats it with prejudices.

Do Russian girls like black guys?

When it comes to Russian interracial dating, women have different opinions and attitudes, but in general, the answer is positive: Russian girls like black guys. Here, it’s all about tastes. That’s as same as preferring brunets to blondes and blue eyes to brown ones. Some girls can’t resist dark, curved hair and black skin, while others prefer something else. Besides, if a girl falls in love, she doesn’t even care about her loved one’s ethnicity.

It should be mentioned that Russian women’s love for black-skinned foreigners comes from Soviet times when USSR provided support for young African countries. In the early 60’s, the country opened its borders to African students. That’s when Russian women got a chance to get to know black-skinned foreigners a bit closer. Some acquaintances ended with marriage.

So, if there’s such a rich history of interracial relationships between Slavic women and African men, are there any black Russians? Yes, there are a certain number of black-skinned people who were born in Russia; besides, about 40-50 thousand Russian women living in African countries with their African husbands.

Why do Russian ladies prefer interracial partnerships?

So, what’s so peculiar about black-skinned foreigners that attract Russian ladies the most? The first reason why there are so many interracial couples in Russia is plain and simple. The thing is that some women are very sensitive to their hormones, with which our basic instincts control modern people’s behavior and desires. These instincts don’t care about how far humanity has already come scientifically and technically, and, just like thousands of years ago, a certain kind of males still remains attractive to females. Strong and temperamental men with African roots fit this description like no other. Unlike many white guys, they possess a lot of qualities that define a real man. Sensitive and vulnerable women want to see a self-confident man by their side.

are there any black Russians? Russian women believe that dark-skinned guys have much hotter bodies than their white counterparts. They are more sociable, friendly, relaxed, and handsome, and Slavic girls pay attention to their pretty faces in the first place. That’s why ladies in Russia subconsciously find Africans and African Americans attractive. Well, obviously, Russian girls like black guys because of their skin color. For them, a dark-skinned body feels different than a white one (in a good sense). This, by the way, is one of the reasons why so many people spend so much time in solariums nowadays. However, most Slavic girls still choose a particular partner not because of the color of his skin, but because of his intelligence and character traits.

In addition, there’s also a certain type of girls who prefer interracial relationships only because they have a passion for everything unfamiliar and unusual and strive for exotics. These ladies take all they can get from life and want to try everything. That’s easy to explain: In Russia, a lot of kids don’t have much access to luxuries and exotics, so they try to compensate it when they get older. And once they get the opportunity to explore the unknown, they don’t hesitate to use it. The same goes for interracial relationships. When you meet someone, who represents another culture or even race, you feel like the whole new world opens before you, and what you experience is hard to describe.

In Russia, an African American guy walking down the street is a rare sight, and anyone, who differs from others, always unconsciously attracts attention. If there were many dark-skinned men in Russia, then no one would care about them. So that’s another reason why Russian girls see nothing wrong with having an affair with a brown-skinned guy. And the last but not least, some Russian girls like black guys because of… children. In Russia, it’s believed that kids in such mixed families are the most beautiful, and that’s what keeps interracial marriages strong for many years.

Sum up

Interracial dating practices are changing rapidly in Russia. We’re living in times when mixed marriages are no longer a surprise. And it’s already clear that Russian women’s attitude towards African and African American men is changing for the better. Slavic ladies are getting more and more open-minded. Despite that society is still not quite acceptive to black-and-white couples, a modern Russian woman won’t give up a relationship with a dark-skinned man if there are feelings involved. And it’s not about exotics, hormones, or something else, and she doesn’t care what the color of his skin is; an African American guy can build something serious with a Russian girl.

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