The Pros and Cons of a Russian Bride

Why are western men so obsessed with Russian women?

As the USSR isolated itself from other parts of the world, Russian girls were some kind of mystery for western men. Thus, when the country of failed communism dissolved, a lot of western males started looking for the possibility to meet a Russian bride.

Why were men so interested in hot Russian brides? The answer is very simple – the lack of knowledge. Western men considered those gorgeous Russian females to be some kind of exotic. But with the closer acquaintance with Russian brides, the desire to marry a Russian woman gained more reasons. So, let’s check out why Russian women are so irresistible.

dating a Russian girl

Attitude to men

What makes Russian women drastically different from western women is their attitude to men. Feminism reigns in the West for more than half a century, while it isn’t even close to dominance in Russia. How come? Well, the main reason lies in Russian culture and the patriarchal upbringing. According to the patriarchal upbringing, man is the central figure of a woman’s life. She must respect him and obey him.

In accordance with patriarchal upbringing, woman’s place is home. Man is the main family supplier, while woman does housekeeping, cooking, and bringing up children. Of course, in the Soviet times, much of the concept had been abolished, but DNA of Russian women had already absorbed it. So, she is fine working and she will be fine if you support her, while she devotes herself to the housekeeping chores.

Now it seems less surprising why western men want Russian women for marriage, right?

Self-sacrifice aspect

One of the peculiarities of Russian culture is known as self-sacrifice. This aspect of their tradition required men sacrificing themselves in the name of the tsar, homeland, church, dignity, and whatsoever. In women, however, the self-sacrifice aspect shaped as a complete devotion to her man and her family.

She may be working all day long doing the household chores and cooking, and still find enough resources to help her kid with homework. Moreover, she will be eager to give you comfort after you come from work. Whatever man says, you know. By the way, Russian girls are fantastic lovers and they would like to make love to you no matter how tired they are.

Probably, you are already wondering where to find a Russian bride.

Russian bridesEducation

While there was nothing about education of women in Russian traditional culture, the Soviet times created a cult around higher education, which continues nowadays. Did you know that around 85%-90% of Russian school graduates enter universities? It’s a huge percentage, comparing to the 30%-35% in the rest of the world. It is the result of the USSR making education something prestigious.

As a result, it is really hard to find a Russian girl without a university degree. You don’t like girls being stupid? Then opt for dating a Russian girl, she’s most likely to have either a bachelor’s or a master’s degree. Most of the Russian girls are smart and know a lot, so don’t be surprised when your Russian girlfriend tells you something about the history of your country that you have never heard of.


Boys will be boys, so there is no surprise that the appearance is one of the main reasons why everybody is obsessed with the idea of dating a Russian woman. Russian girls aren’t just beautiful, they really like taking care of themselves. Comparing them to the western women, Russian girls act like princesses of a kind. Western women prefer having a minimum makeup and wearing a casual outfit when they are going on a date. Russian women prefer fashionable clothes and though they don’t need makeup, they rarely go out without it.

To check Russian females’ love for fashionable clothes, you don’t have to ask her out on a date. Just go to Moscow and look at women on public transport. Most of them will be wearing a good makeup, expensive dresses, and high-heeled shoes. If this is an outfit for her everyday promenades, just imagine what she would wear when going out on a date.

The pros and cons of Russian women

Now you know why western men are obsessed with the idea of marrying a Russian girl. Before you start looking for services offering Russian girls for marriage, you should consider the pros and cons of Russian brides. Nota bene: we will base the pros and cons on the above-mentioned facts.

Russian Culture

Pros: You’re going to have a real international marriage. You will learn a lot about how she sees the world. You will learn a lot of things about Russian culture, and you will definitely get to know that delicious Russian cuisine. Did we tell you that most of the Russian girls are great cooks? Well, yes they are… but we are missing the point.

Cons: Her Russian background can hamper her assimilation in your homeland. You both need patience and tolerance, ’cause otherwise, your relationship simply won’t work. Think about it, if she won’t be tolerant, she will go around saying how everything is wrong in your culture only because her culture is different. You will get angry and instead of explaining her that what is “wrong” to her is absolutely “right” here, on the other side of the Atlantic, would accuse her of being douche bag. And you can feel the smell of irreconcilable differences. To avoid it, you need to be patient and help her adapt.

Russian woman Self-sacrifice

Pros: A delicious meal in the cleanest house in the world will wait for you every evening. Forget about housekeeping, she will take care of it. You have children? She will take care of them too. She will take care of everything. So, what can possibly go wrong with it?

Cons: Well, it’s in her culture right? She was brought up this way, right? And that works as a perfect excuse for you to start taking it all for granted. While you may say that something like that will never happen to you, it takes a lot of strength not to start taking it for granted. And as soon as you stop thanking her for what she’s doing, she will accuse you of not giving a damn about her. So, never forget to thank her. And offering your help with housekeeping from time to time can make a lot of things better.

Attitude to men

Pros: You are her man, as you have chosen each other. Now your fundamentalist ego is completely satisfied. Woman is in the kitchen, and you are the central figure of her world. So, what can possible go wrong this time?

Cons: If you push it too hard, she may forget about assimilating in your homeland. She will just become your home pet. She won’t go out, except for brief shopping, and she will become an ultimate housewife. But don’t you want a real partner? If it’s okay for you to keep women as home pets for you, so be it. But won’t you get bored? Besides, she may get bored as well. Although a Russian woman considers her husband to be the center of her world, if he doesn’t behave properly, she may go find someone who suits this role better.


So, what do we have now? First, Russian women seem to be some dream-like creatures from fairy tales, then, all of a sudden they are some domestic monsters. Well, they are women after all.

On the one hand, there is that mysterious Russian culture that makes Russian women a perfect choice for marriage; on the other hand, marriage is also a hard work with them. So what, should you give up on dating Russian girls then? If that is your question, then it means that you are a very bad reader.

If you paid attention to the article, you would notice that each and every disadvantage of the Russian lady is only 50% of her or her origins fault. It is also 50% of your fault. If you think that just finding a woman from another country with a different cultural background will make it easier for you to conquer her, you are absolutely wrong.

Any Russian woman, as much as any western woman deserves being conquered. And a relationship with a woman, regardless of her cultural or ethnic background, requires work. Her cultural background foreshadows what you can get as a reward if your work on relationships is done right. Now, let’s see. A perfect housewife, a fantastic lover, a terrific cook, a very educated woman… It seems like you have met your match and have found your life-long partner. What you have to do? Right, simply not to take it all for granted. If you are attentive and patient to your Russian lady, you can really enjoy everything Russian beauty has to give you.

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