20 Questions for Couples

Even if you have a great attraction to each other, some likes and dislikes can quickly separate you. In order to have a successful relationship, you must have the same life principles and approach to the future should also be identical. Relationship building questions for couples will help you learn interesting information about each other and will help understand each other better. Some of them may seem frivolous, but in the depth of these relationship questions for couples, you will be able to check compatibility with your partner. So, check it out.

get to know you questions for couples

Questions for couples to ask each other

The ability to engage in a fascinating conversation makes a person more attractive in the eyes of others. And it is better to develop this skill. It will come in handy not only for flirting with a lady you like, but also will help maintain a relationship if you already have one. And here are the questions for couples to ask each other:

1) Can I make you feel even more comfortable with me? This is an excellent question that you can ask about your pastime, personal communication, and intimacy. Ask what a girl wants: what is especially nice to her when she is with you? Maybe, she needs more embraces as an expression of love?

2) How can I support you? Actually, there is a possibility that she is satisfied with everything. But this happens not so often. Therefore, in most cases, this question can touch the right strings in the soul of your partner and awaken in her the desire to talk about desires. Maybe it will be something unpretentious but a bit unusual: “I want a sweet kiss from you in the morning. It really cheers me up for the whole day!” Also, it can be something more serious. As a result, a relationship between a man and a woman becomes much stronger after such mutual assistance.

3) Did I accidentally do something that was unpleasant to you? Your woman’s answer to this question may surprise you very well. For example, you thought that everything was fine between you, but after the conversation, there appeared moments that were not always pleasant for your woman. Be attentive. Listen and don’t interrupt. If your woman decides to give an answer to this question, it will be a brave act. After all, thanks to her story about what exactly hurt and disappointed her, you can draw conclusions and strengthen a relationship. It can be very difficult for her to open. After that, sincerely thank her for the revelation and ask for forgiveness if you feel guilty or embarrassed. You can promise to change and don’t let it happen again. Your woman will be pleased.

4) How should I behave when you come home from work/university? Of course, it is not desirable to ask this question directly. But you can accurately bring a woman to the answer to it. Why is this necessary? A woman may want something concrete that you will never guess about by yourself. Something that is important to her as to a woman. Maybe she wants you to wonder how she spent the day at work or maybe she needs a little moral rest and your best gift for her after a hard day is half an hour of absolute silence. When you complete this request, you will be closer to the understanding of her inner world.

relationship questions for couples 5) Are we close (from her point of view)? This is one of the deep questions for couples. Our individual needs can vary from day to day. Maybe your partner has been under stress all week and now she needs more care, compliments, and support. Or, on the contrary, she is now rapidly rising up the career ladder, constantly busy, and she needs more free time and personal space. The request for greater independence doesn’t mean that she loves you less. Just some people have emotional needs, which are due to the presence of various events in their lives. And the better you learn to please her needs and tell about yours, the deeper your relationship will become.

6) Do you have experience that makes you feel stressed? Can I help you deal with it? The answer to this question will give an opportunity to understand what problems she has to face. This may be unpleasant for both of you, but, otherwise, you will not be able to understand it and help. You can rephrase the question to make it sound softer and more relevant. Everything that gets into the category “How can I help you in your business?” adds depth to a relationship between a man and a woman.

Questions for new couples

When you are at the stage of dating, you can talk on any topic. But if you are almost married or just going to live together, then be sure to talk about the future family life and ask these questions for new couples:

7) How do you imagine a happy life? If a girl sincerely answers this question, you can learn about her priorities. In addition, ladies will certainly be interested to talk about this.

8) Do you like surprises? Not all girls like surprises, even the most pleasant ones. Some women become annoyed at them. Therefore, find out about this in advance.

9) Do you need a serious long-term relationship? Find out answers to such questions for engaged couples before rushing into a relationship. Don’t be afraid to admit if you are looking for a person with whom you plan to live your whole life. If you don’t need a relationship for a couple of weeks, then say it. Don’t build a relationship with a woman if your goals don’t match and, first of all, ask these compatibility questions for couples. Otherwise, all this can end very dramatically.

10) Is there someone you still can’t forget? If there is someone who can spoil your relationship, it may end badly. It is better to ask a woman about this.

11) Do you want children? If you want children, it’s important to be with a person who also wants them (even if your points of view don’t coincide when it is necessary to decide on this step). Those, who don’t want to become parents, usually have good reasons. Ignoring these reasons or unwillingness to recognize this fact, it may have a bad effect on your relationships in the future.

Romantic questions for couples

Questions about love and relationships are of particular interest among women. It is desirable to ask questions in a pleasant, romantic atmosphere and do it unobtrusively, during the conversation. A woman, who feels warm feelings for a man, is happy to answer them.

12) Is there a kind of physical contact that can help you feel more loved? Now it’s not just about the types of sexual contact. Perhaps there is some physical intimacy that she lacks. Maybe she likes when you play with her hair or she likes when you come up and hug her from behind. There can be many options because every single relationship between a man and a woman is unique. You just have to ask to find out about them and embody these options in life.

13) Where would you want to go with me? The topic of travel will interest any girl since each of them wants to travel around the world. Therefore, you have a great opportunity to ask where a girl wants to go and even where she wants to go on honeymoon with you.

14) What do you dream about? Thus you will know how morally developed a girl is and whether her dreams are sublime. According to her answer, you can understand how purposeful she is, in what ways she is ready to make her way in life, whether she is an interesting person, and just look into her inner world. Such abstract questions most fully reveal the essence of a woman.

15) How does the house of your dream look like? It’s a very interesting question, which makes it possible to find out if a girl has a taste. Many girls like to fantasize, tell their friends about what kind of house they want to have in the future. And if she is interested in it, she will subconsciously consider you an interesting interlocutor. And it doesn’t matter whether you are telling something or just competently asking her interesting questions.

compatibility questions for couples16) What is your favorite film about love? And her answer to this question will help find out what romantic fairy tale she dreams about. Watch a film and observe how main characters behave with each other (what they say, how they look, what they do for each other). Usually, girls love those films that reflect their ideas about perfect relationships.

Intimate questions for couples

In a relationship between a guy and a girl, sometimes there is a misunderstanding even if young people are together for a long time. One of the most complex facets, which has a lot of nuances, is the topic of intimacy. Girls sometimes hesitate to ask something, guys are afraid to offend their ladies, and, as a result, both are confused, not knowing anything about a partner. To avoid this, it is important to talk with each other, asking provocative intimate questions for couples. Thanks to the answers, you can get to know each other better and understand the preferences of your soul mate.

17) Are you satisfied with our sex life? But don’t ask a woman such sex questions for couples directly. Be interested in what she would like to try again and what is interesting to her. Also, offer your options. Surely, you also have a desire for this. It is important to remember that this question is appropriate to ask if a relationship between a man and a woman has already moved to the stage of intimacy. If you just started dating, it’s not relevant. It is better to postpone it for the future.

18) What do you want to try in sex with me? The opportunity to speak frankly about what you would like in bed is a sign of a trusting relationship of a couple. But, maybe, it is more comfortable for you not to report this directly. Do it somehow differently, for example, write a letter or show a favorite movie on this topic. Turn her on with a flirtatious conversation on hot topics, without crossing the red line. Anyway, this conversation will direct her thoughts and feelings in the right direction.

19) Do you like make-up sex? Many couples believe that sex immediately after the scandal diversifies the sexual life very much: a violent reconciliation gives a more vivid sense. And for someone, sex after a scandal is unacceptable because it doesn’t bring any pleasure and spoils the mood completely. To avoid misunderstandings, make sure that you and your woman have found a common point of view on this issue.

20) What do you think of sex with me? It is important to know the desires and preferences of a partner. Sometimes it is difficult to open up to another person and tell about preferences. Forget the stereotypes and trust each other. After all, sex is an important part of a happy relationship. Of course, such intimate questions for couples are very philosophical, but sex can have completely different meaning for people: it’s good to make it clear what you both think about it. Is it a way to show love and affection for each other? A symbol of intimacy and affection? Is your main goal to conceive a child? Exchange energy? Do you want to get emotional and physical relaxation on a regular basis after a hard day? Is it an experiment? Or all at once?

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