25 Relationship Rules for Couples

Relationships are always about hard work. And it's not only about maintaining a stable connection between partners. It means giving out to receive back and enjoy the results of a perfect combination of two loving hearts. What is more, this work can be sometimes reduced and made easier by following some rules or marking the boundaries between partners. Some of the rules for a relationship of different kinds we will examine today.

healthy relationship rules

General Relationship Rules

Relationship rules for couples that will work for every life situation are pretty simple, however, sometimes we forget this simple life wisdom and basic rules for a good relationship.

Make sure it's your person. Suppose you decide to spend a life with a person. But before you submit the application to the registry office, make sure you really fit each other. Answer the following questions, "Do you always have something to talk about? Does he/she make you smile? Do they support you in a difficult moment? Are your life values and goals similar?" If so, then the relationship with such a person will be strong and wonderful.

Compare your views on the future. It is vital that you have similar life values or at least that you are aware of each other’s plans. You can always meet your beloved halfway and decide on something that will be great for both of you. But if after marriage or long-term relationship you suddenly find out your partner is child-free when you are dreaming of a big family or that your budget will not be shared, and you have to earn for yourself, it can be a crucial moment for your couple.

Quit waiting. Next one of the relationship rules is to evaluate not whether the actions of your partner correspond to your (possibly overestimated) expectations, but how much effort they do for you. If we are very demanding and meticulous to a loved one, we stop noticing their strengths and manifestations of concern, and we will destroy our relationships ourselves. Do not live illusory dreams, learn to give an objective assessment of yourself and your partner since only then the relationship will be strong.

Carry out your promises. One of the biggest reasons for breaking up is expectations. It is especially true when a person makes us create a wrong image of them and then does not live to our fantasies about them. That is why letting the deeds speak louder than words is a must. The actions should follow every promise.

Do not forget about what you want. No matter how hard you love the other person, your preferences and wishes should always be in the first place. Do not become someone who is not really you for the sake of a partner, do not quit your hobbies, you should improve and get better for yourself first of all.

Polyamorous Relationship Rules

Polyamorous relationships have recently become a thing. If in the past such kind of connection were frowned upon, today people get more open about their relationships. That is why we decided to include rules for people who are not in a couple, but rather stay in a group of people who are in love.

All participants of such relationships must understand what to expect. Such love connections are still a little bit odd, so all people that decide to try them should know what to wait and be prepared for. Polyamory means being committed to multiple partners at the same time, being active and giving love to all of them, not focusing on anyone in particular.

platonic relationship rulesSpeak up your mind. All partners should enter an open dialogue. It is hard for two people to maintain an open conversation and avoid conflicts. Imagine what can happen in polyamorous relationships if someone gets offended or the other one ignores the feeling of their partner. It is one of the best exclusive relationship rules.

Show respect for all partners. Next one of the polyamorous relationship rules does not divide your partners into those you prefer more or less, you shouldn’t get jealous or argue with any of them. If your chosen ones love the people you are all dating together, it means you should be open to perceive them the way they are too. If you all respect each other and treat your loved ones equally, your relationship will flourish.

Fidelity and loyalty are different concepts. Members of polyamory society distinguish these two terms. Fidelity includes only physical aspect of being honest to a person, while polyamorous relationship means something deeper. They include loyalty which means loving your partners and being open with them. It is more about the spiritual bond and emotional connection than just sex.

It is more than the physical part. Dating someone still means celebrating your best moments together, giving them support and affection whenever they need it. Polyamorous relationships are like having sex with all your friends but loving them even more than you love your sisters and brothers.

Open Relationship Rules

This kind of rules of a relationship takes into account that two people are primarily in love with each other following the principles of loyalty. They can have connections on the side but stay together no matter what. So, open relationship rules are the following.

1. Any healthy relationship rules mean being honest with yourself, with your constant companion and with every sexual partner. Lying will ultimately bring only misfortune and remorse. Honesty will allow you to get clean from any situation.

2. Trust is the alpha and omega of free relationships. If there is no absolute trust in your union, then difficult problems will arise. So when you decide you date openly, you make a promise to tell your partner about all your connections with other people. Trusting each other is vital even when we talk about platonic relationship rules.

3. Set clear boundaries: what is possible, what is taboo? You can have a different definition of open relationship, so do not force each other. Clear boundaries give security and freedom. It makes dating easier.

4. Talk to each other even about unpleasant things, such as jealousy. Don't be silent about the problem. Freedom in relationships should be also reflected in openness and communication with each other.

5. Specify in advance how your partner will react to the fact that you sign up on a dating site or give an ad on the Internet about finding a sex partner. They should know about beforehand, otherwise, an unpleasant situation when some of your new partners meet your first one can appear. Other rules for an open relationship are the same as for traditional ones.

Casual Relationship Rules

This type of dating means meeting to have sex, but no more. It is suitable for people who need occasional hugs and night-long talks drunk in the bed but will not plan a common future.

Control your emotions. You may sometimes be fooled into feeling you are falling in love with a person you are casually dating. Of course, your status includes dating, but the word “casually” is more important in this case. As soon as you start missing your partner more than your sex, or a sudden longing to call them at 3 am arises, immediately put yourself together. This is the major one among all casual relationship rules.

Feel free and at ease. Although casual dating means two people occasionally meeting to have sex without commitment or hanging out together if there are no options, sometimes it grows into manipulations. If you notice that one of you constantly decides where and when to meet or puts pressure on the other one, you should stop this.

You still need to have rules in a relationship. That is everything connected with schedule and jealousy, set boundaries in advance whether it is ok that you date other people or how often you would like to meet. These simple points are not limitations because they will make your time-spending even more pleasant.

rules for a relationshipNever say, “I love you.” It is easy to feel taken aback by emotions, but do not get fooled. Love is always more than sex, it means emotional connection. You can be in love with the way your casual partner makes you feel in love, but to have a common future you should be connected by something more than sex.

Talk about feelings. Even rules for a platonic relationship include always being honest and open. No matter is there sex between you or not, you should both understand what is going on and for this, you should talk.

Long-Distance Relationship Rules

Probably the hardest type of relationship between people is this one. Especially when you still do not know each other well, and you get split by distance. So, long-distance relationship rules include building up trust and keeping the passion boiling when you are physically not together.

Learn to say compliments. Do not be afraid to overdo it with sentimental nonsense, and even, do not be afraid of kind words in phone conversations or texting. The fact is that during a normal conversation, a considerable part of your positive attitude towards the interlocutor is transmitted by facial expression, gaze, gestures, and intonation. That is why you should learn to explain to the person how much they mean to you through words.

Be constantly in touch. If you have mobile internet you can stay in touch around the clock and almost everywhere, even if you are separated by half-planets. The instant messengers give us a terrific effect since there is a feeling that the person is in the same apartment with you.

Meet more in neutral areas. If you live far away from each other, why do not you plan a common trip? When it is an unusual place for both of you, you will have equal playing conditions: no "Hosts" and "guests." On the contrary, you will not only be on equal terms but the joint struggle of getting to know a new city or country will bring you together.

Try to be clear. Do not allow any slip of the tongue or messages that can make them feel uncomfortable. When you write a text, the person will have only one chance to understand it, and if it lacks explanation, they can build a whole scheme inside their head. To avoid conflicts, speak up your mind, but do it gently. And yes, it is always better to call than to send a message (even if it includes emoji).

Be prepared for difficulties. Passionate sex after separation can also come out pretty dull if it has a place at all. We do not say that it will not be great for granted, but the chances of it are less than we would like. First of all, our receptors will hesitate to know how to classify the smell of a body lying next to us: they obviously do not pull on a new unexpected passion, but it seems that the sweet moment of recognition also does not happen.

Secondly, the important role will be played by excessive expectations and a period of long abstinence (let us be idealists!) from both partners. To minimize the risk of a fiasco, it is best to maintain physical contact as close as possible before you are in bed. Holding hands and hugging is welcome here: it will weaken the barrier of detachment and help cope with possible excessive excitement.

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