Female Psychology: Why Women Like Bad Boys

It is true that occasionally women like bad boys. This fact can say a lot about a woman. It is certainly not so that all or even the majority of women like men that exhibit rude and bold behavior. However, there are women of a certain type that seem to be attracted by the aggressive and even violent behavior of men. Read the following guide to know why some women like bad guys.

why do women like bad boys

Why Do Women Like Bad Boys? What Stands Behind It


So, you’re asking yourself, why do women like bad boys? First thing to consider answering this question is power. Women, and other men as well, obviously consider aggressive and violent behavior to be a feature of strength. Men who possess either physical or emotional power tend to show it in a pretty straightforward way. More precisely, they show off. It is truly so that it is possible to be a bad man and weak man at the same time. However, weak men and weak people in general are less likely to attract attention of other people because they have no “power” to show.

Do women like bad boys? Not all. Only some women like bad boys. Often it is a feature of an immature woman or even a girl. More mature and responsible women are less likely to get along with a troublesome man and be attracted by mere aggressiveness. Moreover, it is far from being true that power can only be exhibited by violence and aggression. There are other ways to express bold attitude and assert one’s exceptional power. Also, violence and aggression are not always the features of power. However, they often appear to be so for others and, therefore, make people afraid. Sometimes, respect and adoration come alongside with fear. People might possibly be scared of those they respect.

Who’s Into It?

Why women like bad boys? Psychologists say that women with daddy issues like bad boys. Speaking more formally, those women who experienced some issues with their fathers when growing up are more likely to be attracted to bad guys.

Daddy Issues

The psychology of why women like bad guys suggests that it is mostly young women who are attracted to men exhibiting bold behavior. Violent, proud, and aggressive men show brutal and superficial qualities of typically masculine behavior. To be a man means not only to be violent but also to be wise, responsible, caring, etc. However, women who experienced problems with their fathers during adolescence see father figures in the bad guys they like.

kind of men women likeIt is said that all women try to find a father figure in their men even if their fathers were oppressive, violent, and aggressive. Seeing their fathers to act badly makes women with certain emotional and family background think that all men should behave in the way their father did. That is why certain women are attracted by the qualities and features which are, in its nature, negative. These negative features help women associate men they like with their fathers.


Another reason why women like bad boys is women’s desire to be owned and possessed. Keeping in mind that patriarchic tradition ruled the world for the last three thousand years one may logically assume that not all women are the progressively thinking feminists. Some women are more traditional or even old-fashioned preferring their men to decide their fate. It is exactly these women that like to be obedient to their men and are ready to endure violence and aggression in order to show how obedient they are.

Do women like bad guys? Most Certainly. What kind of women like bad guys? Women who had problematic relationships with their fathers. Also, women that desire to be obedient. They praise the will of a “stronger sex” that exhibits violence and aggression. Finally, those women who consider violence and aggression to be the features of power. They are attracted by men’s strength, which they think is measured by how bad a man is.

What Kind of Guys Women Like As Well

So, now that you know why some women like bad guys, it would be appropriate to answer what kind of men do women like? Violence and aggression have nothing to do with real men’s qualities. These are responsibility, gentleness, intelligence, courage, and others. Read the following list of the kind of men women like to know what kind of man you should be to attract women.

1. Responsible

All women like responsible men. A responsible man can take care of himself and his woman. It is true that responsible men are the type of men women like most. Responsibility is a real man’s feature because it shows maturity, strength, and wisdom. An irresponsible man is a child, not a man.

2. Independent

To be independent is to be aware of what type of men women like. An independent man can handle problems, fix issues, and stay confident. Women like reliable men. Self-sufficient and independent men are very reliable. Women just know they can count on such men’s care and support at any time.

3. Caring

Caring men are also the type of men women like. All girls go crazy about a man who can express care and be supportive when it is required. If nothing else, women look for care and safety in their men. A man should be able to protect and help his woman in any way possible.

4. Mature

Women like men that do not mess around. Speaking otherwise, women expect their men to be serious. It is often true that men can behave irresponsibly and immaturely. This irritates and alienates women because they see no future with a man like. In order to satisfy a woman completely it is a man’s duty to be up to the task of planning his and his woman’s future.

5. Understanding

Women respect men who can understand their feelings. It means that you should communicate successfully with a woman, listen to her, provide advice, share your thoughts, etc. Effective communication and mutual understanding are the basic foundation of successful personal relationships.

6. Honest

Honesty is a virtue. Honest men are more likely to achieve success with women. Nobody likes to be lied to. When you lie to someone, you deprive this person of the right to know truth. Lying is like stealing. Unfortunately, these are among the most widespread vices of human nature. Women feel really lucky when they find honest men whom they can trust. You should be honest so the woman you’re dating can confide in you.

7. Courageous and Fearless

Violence and aggression are the features of bad men but they don’t assert power or show strength as good as courage does. Courageous men are certainly the kind of men women like. It may even be said that a man is only as much a man as courageous he is. A real man who has power has no fear not because he is violent, aggressive or fearful himself but because he is courageous. Therefore, be brave.

do women like bad boys8. Passionate

Not all men are passionate. Most men behave in a reserved way, don’t know how to express their feelings and have problems sharing their emotions. However, you can attract women if you overcome all these typical masculine issues. Learn how to share, don’t be afraid to express your feelings, and make yourself accessible. Women like when men get a little vulnerable in front of them. This makes women feel stronger. After all, you’re not supposed to be made of steel only because you’re man. Show that you’re a human being first of all.

9. Interesting

Women like interesting men who have remunerative jobs and activities they like. It means that you should be original, creative, and distinguishing. In other words, you should stick out of the mass of other men. Why should a certain woman date exactly you and not somebody else? Ask yourself this question. You should be able to answer it to attract women. Nobody notices something or somebody that is casual. All people are unique persons with their original individualities. There’s definitely something about you that makes you special.

10. Confident

Confidence is the key when it comes to sensual romantic relationships between men and women. Confidence is one of the most demanded men’s qualities. All women want their men to be confident. Confidence is practical. It helps in life and attracts other people, not only women. Men with confidence have all the chances to attract and get a hold of women they date. You should be as confident as you can for your own sake. It will significantly improve your life.

11. Romantic

Being romantic is not the same as being passionate as you may have thought. You can be passionate about your career or sports. Being romantic, however, requires you to love a woman in a special way that makes her happy. Your relationship with a woman should prove to her that you two fit each other perfectly well. Men are rarely romantic. It doesn’t mean, though, that it is not in men’s nature to be romantic. On the contrary, women adore romantic men exactly because they are rare to come by.

12. Ambitious

Finally, women prefer their men to be ambitious. Women will do everything they can to make an unambitious man into an ambitious one. Therefore, you should try being ambitious beforehand in order to avoid extra trouble. Believe it or not but you will become ambitious earlier or later, for better or for worse, whether you want it or not because women like their men to be ambitious. You will be ambitious or die trying. You simply don’t have any other choice. And it’s for the better because your life will only benefit from it.

Well, so what type of men do women like? Some women like bad men. It’s usually immature and young women who had problems with their fathers in childhood. Most of other women like responsible, caring, confident, and passionate men. You should be interesting, honest, and independent to successfully attract women. Violence and aggression are not the features of true men’s power. Avoid being bad and be good instead. Good luck!

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