How Do You Please a Woman?

Humans differ from animals in their ability to speak, but not everyone realizes that. Especially men. However, the most important thing about sex, of course after having sex itself, is talking about your desires. After all, all relationships are divided into stages, and you can overcome these stages only by taking the right steps. And you should do them on time because the girls are waiting.

Everyone deserves a high-quality physical connection and good sex, it is one of the foundations of a strong relationship. Therefore, it is so important to know how to please a woman, and we will talk about it today. Putting everything aside, what can be better than the happy eyes of a girl after the hot sex when the words are no longer necessary?

how to sexually please a woman

Why Pleasing a Woman Can Be So Hard?

The fact that women experience an orgasm less often than men has generated various discussions. Moreover, the initiators of such discussions were not only women, many caring and loving men also stand by their women. Since in bed everybody should be on equal terms and be able to feel no less pleasure, and that sex will become an everyday joy. The ego of many men is positively influenced by the knowledge that his partner is spending the best hours in the bedroom with him. Being a witness of your beloved's moan from an orgasm is an extremely intimate and unifying experience.

According to sexologists, women find it harder to reach orgasm. Since women and men are different biologically, many women do not reach the peak of pleasure for psychological reasons. Therefore, it is important that the man should be focused primarily on her feelings, mood, and thoughts because women need more time to tune in to sex. So, the best way to please a woman is to respect the fact she needs more time.

Creating a woman's mood is one of the most important factors in helping her achieve orgasm. Many women say that in order to get into the right mood, their intimacy with a partner helps them. As well as an atmosphere should give a sense of security and comfort so that a woman can relax and not think about anything. The best tip on how to sexually please a woman is making a clean and peaceful place out of your bedroom. Tell your sweetheart how beautiful and sexy she is, how good she smells, and let her know how much you worship her.

So, getting a woman into the right mood is hard. But all ways to please a woman include stimulating her arousal. Most men underestimate the importance of foreplay, while others even skip it. Do you think that stroking her bosom and going straight under her skirt will make her satisfied enough? You are mistaken.

Erogenous zones require big attention. This is not only a way to prepare a girl but also to give her wonderful sensations. Stimulating erogenous zones arouses a woman and adjusts to the erotic wave. In the beginning, try not to affect the main erogenous points, pet a girl slowly and confidently. Because these zones are not buttons on pressing which she will cum. Touch her, kiss her, heat the atmosphere. Until she gets horny so much that she will want sex even more than you.

As you can see, sometimes pleasing a woman can be hard. But not for those who know these easy steps. It isn’t a skyrocket science, to be true. Nevertheless, it is worth it! A sexually aroused woman will do whatever she wants in bed and, most importantly, whatever you ask her for.

how to please a woman in bedHow to Please a Woman Sexually Step-By-Step?

Even if your girlfriend has never expressed complaints about the routine of your sex, this does not mean that you are the master of the best ways to please a woman in bed. Just like you do not commit scandals because you have been eating with the same meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the last couple of months. However, some variety in the diet would not do you harm, right? The same is about a girl. So, if you strive to know how to please your woman sexually – just spice her up.

Moreover, leather shorts and handcuffs are not obligatory attributes of adding something new. It will be enough just to slightly modify the usual procedure. Have you always kissed her first on the lips, then on the chest, and then on the navel, and then gone on to the missionary position and finished everything in the doggy style? Start today with the navel and doggy-style, finish with passionate kisses, and put the missionary aside for this time. One week of such experiments and the strong foundation for learning how to please a woman sexually in bed will be set.

How to Please a Woman with Your Hands?

The stimulation of the G-spot is, probably, the most famous way how to sexually please a woman. For greater satisfaction of the girl, you can grope G-spot, located on the upper wall of the vagina at a depth of about 5 cm from the small labia. It feels like a small seal the size of a coin. Stimulation of this point leads to the most powerful orgasm or even squirt. Everything you need to do is to:

  • Arouse the girl and put her in a comfortable position: on her back with legs slightly bent at the knees.
  • Start with the clitoris stimulation and massaging the girl’s external labia.
  • Then you should stretch your fingers, bending the middle and ring ones.
  • In this position, insert them inside the vagina so the palm looks up.
  • Next, bend both fingers in the shape of the letter “P” and try to find the G-spot. The skin in this zone will seem a bit uneven and not quite smooth compared to the walls of the vagina.
  • Then simply move your fingers inside and outside the vagina with an intensity of 2 times per second. Soon you will make the girl cum.
  • Experienced lovers know the special techniques on how to please a woman in bed.
  • The slip technique, for example, is very easy. It is simple but gives the girl unforgettable feelings. Arouse the girl, so that she is really wet. You can help yourself with a lubricant, saliva or massage oils.
  • Slide along the edges of the labia from top to bottom with the middle and index fingers. Then enter into the vagina as far as possible and return to the starting position. Repeat the movement until a woman cums. The main thing to remember is to move slowly and watch that the girl is wet.
  • The "Turn of pleasure." Here you need to use both hands. But beforehand lubricate your palms abundantly with oil and arouse a woman. Constantly stimulate the clitoris with one palm. Using two fingers of the second palm, enter the vagina so that the palm looked up. Then smoothly move your fingers in a circle, touching the vagina walls with the tips of your fingers, and gradually get out of it. This technique allows your beloved to achieve a simultaneous clitoral and vaginal orgasm, which will make your girl moan like crazy!

How to Please a Woman Orally?

Unfortunately, there are women who do not experience orgasm from cunnilingus at all. Is that because of their physiology or because of the wrong stimulation from the side of a partner, we don't know. Yet to avoid the second case, you need to know how to orally please a woman. Of course, a whole encyclopedia can be written about this, but we will focus on the key points.

No matter how stupid it may seem, but the clitoris is a tender organ and not a piece of meat that should be eaten urgently! Many men still forget about this.

Secondly, do not hurry! It can take a lot of time, be patient. But then, muscle contractions and excited moans of a woman will tell you whether you are doing everything right.

And the last tip on how to please a woman sexually, using your tongue is not to use just the tongue. The fingers are encouraged to be used too. And what is about the rest, chose the technique you like and which is most pleasant to the girl. She will surely let you know about this or you will feel!

How to Please a Woman During Sex?

Here there are some psychological and physical tips you should know to be a better lover.

  • ways to please a womanHug her behind the shoulders gently and put the chin between the collarbone and neck. Turn it slightly with your head. If the hips and hands of a girl start being covered with goosebumps, it means that you hit the right spot.
  • Do not hide behind the sheets when she looks at you. Let her touch where she wants. Surprisingly, men often do not like it when they are the object of sexual attention from their women. Some psychologists believe that this may be due to homophobia, fear of attracting the attention of the partner of the same sex. Some men may not even allow their wives to touch their butt cheeks or penis.
  • Insert your penis slowly and without fussing. Do not keep the rhythm of the movements the same, so that she cannot foresee your actions. Change the pace. From unexpectedness, her feelings will become stronger and brighter. And do not leave her body immediately after orgasm. Keep going a little more after that. Do not put out your penis out of her abruptly, do it gradually.

By the Way, How Many Inches Can Please a Woman?

It is known that many men are concerned about the size of their penises. More precisely, they are terribly worried about the following question, "How big is my cock compared to those of others?"

Such high interest in penis size is composed of several different factors. Firstly, it is a concern about being “normal,” i.e. no worse than all the others. Secondly, the persistent desire to be sexually confident. It is considered that "the more the better." There is a widespread belief that a large penis gives a woman more pleasure. In fact, the size of the penis does not have any physiological significance (although they can have a positive or negative psychological effect) because the vagina adapts its size to the size of a partner’s penis. The length of the penis determines the depth of penetration into the vagina and is also relatively insignificant since there are few nerve endings in the inner part of the vagina and in the cervix of the uterus. So, do not worry about the size, you should better practice the right techniques.

  • The doggy-style position is one of the best for the classic sexual intercourse of almost all living beings. So, often the usual position "man on top" is inconvenient since it greatly limits the feelings of partners. Use what nature insinuates you about!
  • Reflecting on how to satisfy a woman, do not forget to express your desires as frankly as possible. Even if they are strange and unexpected. Do not be afraid to be embarrassed or, on the contrary, funny.
  • Do not be lazy to look for erogenous zones.
  • Have sex when a girl wants to pee a little. There are a number of purely physiological reasons why at this very moment her G-spot, the starting element of the orgasm of any woman, is especially effectively stimulated.
  • Take the initiative even in the cowgirl position. And move in the same rhythm with the woman.
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