How to Respond to Negging

The language of flirting is the most common language of relationships between a man and a woman. Someone owns it by nature, but most people need lessons! The language of flirting comprises words and gestures. Such words can explicit or hide the meaning. Gestures sometimes are clearer than any words. Do you want to get acquainted easily and make an indelible impression from the very beginning? Do you want to be noticed everywhere and always? Do you want to easily open your way to love, friendship, sex with the most interesting people? Of course!

signs of negging

What is flirting in general? This is a set of verbal and non-verbal actions that we perform in order to express interest in another person. Flirting can be fun, safe, and natural!

Knowing how to flirt, you can meet with those who you would not dare to approach previously. With the help of flirting, you can express yourself more fully and unusually, add romance and humor to any conversation as well as increase the self-esteem of your interlocutor. When you are flirting, you feel more confident and energetic. All in all, deep feelings are built on this very foundation.

The sense of flirting with a girl is to allow her to understand that you are interested in her personality without putting pressure on her. You should learn to be cheerful and charming and avoid open attacks.

What Is Negging?

In the modern world, there are many forms of manifestations of flirting. One of these forms is negging. Let's try to define the meaning of negging in which we are so interested.

If you ask, “What is negging?" We can give you a specific but current answer. Negging is an unexpected compliment with elements of criticism or caustic comment.

What's the Point of Negging?

In the fact it causes a short-term numbing and quite definitely makes you pay attention to the person who's said the controversial compliment and also gives the person a chance to prove themselves later.

It's something like, "You have gorgeous photos, but there is complete nonsense in the questionnaire!" And as you know, you can criticize anything: the color of the dress, makeup, the punctuation in the message, the questionnaire in the section of the hobbies. In response to a skillfully made humiliating compliment, its author most often sees an opportunity to draw attention to themselves. The victim isn't going anywhere. negging a girlAfter all, compliments are nice, and you have to be grateful for them. A flabby victim begins to prove the opposite, that is, to continue the conversation. And here the interlocutor includes their charm. The recommendations of the psychologist and the best option is to ignore the offender. Such a person has many complexes, but this is a classic of psychology!

However, not everyone is alike! A “chaser” was embarrassed and went off-cocked. It happens to everyone. If there are doubts, then two or three questions will make everything clear. There are still men who swear that the veiled muck is said unconsciously. After all, hitting a girl is easier than seeking her attention along with other men. Negging can be considered as a very quick test of a stressful situation or an attempt to hurt one's feelings. You can conduct a psychological test with one phrase. When reading, a person reacts in one way or another, revealing in the answer all the filthy things that are present.

Most often, dating questionnaires on the Internet really cause some shock. The author of such a questionnaire openly shows the inner content, which has been holding back for years in ordinary life. When a person makes themselves a compliment, this serves as the indication of the mental state and the inner world of a person.

How to Spot Negging?

The trick lies precisely in the original controversial message. It seems to be a compliment, but sometimes it seems to be an insult. And how to react to this? How to spot negging? Ladies become embarrassed. They weaken resistance, and it seems that they are not even opposed to engaging in dialogue in order to understand what exactly was meant.

And here it is very important not to cross the line between the “dubious compliment” and outright rudeness. By the way, it is worth distinguishing negging and simply unsuccessful compliments of a man who sincerely wanted to say something pleasant.

Signs of Negging

1. The desire to prove they are right

We constantly value ourselves, relying on our beliefs as well as a sense of justice. We do not argue that a negging pickup artist may have an opportunity to compensate for their unsuccessful compliment, offering to drink coffee or something like that. But a blow to their pride has already been dealt. Such a person will subconsciously perceive everything somewhat hostile. And the relationship is unlikely to last more than a few meetings. But this is exactly what pickup artists need.

2. Showy indifference

It is one of the most favorite tricks of pickup artists for negging a girl. The manipulator shows the object that they are absolutely not interested in her. True indifference is usually hidden under the mask of politeness and even light interest.

3. Tease

A little teasing can be a significant part of flirting, so a man who teases you most likely flirts with you. He can also make fun of you more often than usual because he wants to attract your attention, making you laugh. It can be anything from puns to laughing at oneself. Make sure that he does not speak insulting or offensive words. Bantering should not leave you with an unpleasant aftertaste. Maybe this is an attempt to flirt, but they do not work out well. Be kind to him.

4. Excessive straightness

This is one of the features of male flirting. The brain of a man is designed so that it creates logical chains, uniting all the links into a single whole.

5. Doubtable compliments

The guy who likes you and who wants to flirt with you will give you signs of attention. Compliments can also be part of flirting, especially when combined with banter. A guy can complement your appearance, smile, clothes and so on. Compliments may apply not only to your appearance.

6. Ragged questions

These are questions that stimulate your further story, as well as questions aimed at trying to find out whether they can meet or flirt with you. Pay attention if you face something like that in your conversation. Such questions express their interest in your status in terms of relationships. This happens in the form of flirting.

7. You are not to their liking

They want you to feel that you must serve them but not vice versa. Therefore, a man may say, for instance, "I usually do not like blonde women, but you are pretty anyway!" He seems innocent enough, but he tries to show that you are acceptable. He will persuade you that unnatural color of hair does not suit you.

Does Negging Work on Guys?

how to respond to neggingSome guys definitely work harder to seem self-confident after every neg that was thrown at them. Actually, much negging appeared to be too effective. Negging women have the ultimate goal to make the good-looking guy eager to prove himself.

How to Respond to Negging?

We have already understood what negging is and how to use it. But the most important question is, “How to respond negging in a relationship?” Should you start a squabble, asking where he has bought these crooked pants? Or Should you keep on dating if he is cute?

In addition to embarrassment, these offensive compliments cause the addressee to have rather unpleasant emotions: humiliation, insecurity, resentment, and feelings of inferiority.

First of all, it’s worthwhile for the hapless flirt master to pay attention to the fact that their compliment is doubtful. Secondly, do not take offensive words to your heart. This is just an opinion of a stranger, which is incorrectly expressed. Moreover, you can always say, "All the best" and never see this person again.

Examples of Negging

Negging examples are usually concealed in the following sentences and expressions.

  • "Are you cold? You have a red nose like Eskimo.”
  • “Your girlfriend is a beauty, but I like you too!” - It sounds awkward, but you perfectly perform the function of feeling more confident due to the humiliation of the interlocutor.
  • "You are so slender, so you probably have health problems."
  • "What a beautiful dress you have put on, but this is absolutely not your color."

If you hear a compliment like, “You are so beautiful, only your nose is crooked,” you can state with confidence the fact that its author is too worried, as not to be rejected. Resorting to an unsuccessful joke and thereby belittling a girl, it is easier for the self-assured man to feel more relaxed.

Imagine, you sit in a bar, visit an exhibition or just walk in the park. A man approaches you. He is clearly embarrassed but still determined to meet. Sincere awkwardness even causes sympathy until he says something like, “You have such a beautiful dress! But sneakers do not fit your image.”

One more example of negging is, “You are very pretty, and if you had beautiful legs, I would immediately get married.” Was it a compliment or an attempt to offend? While you are trying to recover from the confusion, the stranger has already sat down and started some kind of conversation.

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