Self-care Ideas for Every Man to Try

What should a real man look like? A stylish hairstyle, branded clothes, and a ton of cosmetics? No, of course, this is too much, but a three-day stubble, ugly hands with dirty nails are also unacceptable. You need to keep yourself in nice shape. Few people like metrosexuals, as well as men who look like they are homeless. Let's see where the middle ground is and how should a man take care of himself. Today we will talk about examples of self-care, self-care techniques, provide you with self-care tips, find out what is self-care, and list the most common mistakes of self-care. Let’s begin with a list of some self-care ideas.

self-care activities

Best Self-Care Ideas for Men

Do you still think that a man should be a little prettier than a monkey? Forget it, this is complete nonsense! To be respected by friends and colleagues, to be loved by girls and, most importantly, to be self-confident, you must care for your appearance. Today we will give men advice on how to care for themselves, what to eat and what to wear to feel confident. Here’s a list of the most important ideas for self-care.

1. Style

Do you want to meet single ladies? Be cool! But do not run out of your house to get a leather jacket, ripped jeans and a Stratocaster. An important indicator of coolness is authenticity. Clothes and hair should be right for YOU! Decide on the image that will suit you. Take the time to learn the attributes of your idols. Count what clothes and hairstyle emphasize your appearance. One item after another, you will come up with your perfect image.

2. Care for your clothes

Here’s one of the most important self-care activities you need to remember. It’s cool to wear things that you like. But do not forget that you need to care for them. A man with dirty boots and stains on his clothes will not create a good impression on a woman. Here are a few recommendations for clothing care: if you wear sneakers or other textile shoes, buy a brush to clean the fabric in each shoe. Dip the brush with water and wipe it, for strong stains, use soda/laundry soap. Do you prefer classic shoes or boots? Clean them with the same brush and some creams. Your shoes will look a lot better this way. Get rid of hair and stains on clothes. Buy a roller with masking tape and use it on your favorite sweatshirt until it looks just like new. You can find one of those for a dollar in any supermarket. Wash your clothes to not smell like week-old socks. Decipher the washing instructions on the tag, and you won’t ruin anything. Iron your clothes so that they look even better.

3. Nutrition

Do you want to impress women looking for men online? Your diet should be balanced. Distribute the diet so that it contains proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Diversify food and try to include these products in it: meat, fish, lots of cereals, especially buckwheat, rice, and barley; cheese, cottage cheese, milk; fruits, natural honey, nuts; vegetables, spices. Never touch fast food, snacks, soda, and freeze-dried coffee. If you didn’t know, caffeine slows down the production of testosterone. And because of fatty and junk food, toxins form faster in the body. The main principle of the male diet is to eat often but in small portions. It is better to eat five times a day than two. Thanks to nutrition in small portions, the body can quickly absorb what you eat.

self-care techniques4. The face

If you want to look nice and presentable - keep your face clean. Skin needs the same care as internal organs, muscles, and bones. Here are some tips for skincare: buy a cleanser - a special face soap, atonic. There will be no dirt on the face. Use a cleanser once a day. If you do this more often, the skin will be dry. Do not wash the face with hot water. Use warm or cold water. Hot water dries the skin, increases sebum secretion. The skin may be dry by nature or improper care. Moisturizer will help with that. No, all of the creams and moisturizers are not for girls. You will feel better with it. For the right choice of care products, identify your skin type. It can be dry, oily, mixed or normal. Keep this in mind, come over to a store, and they will do the rest.

5. Shaving

Do you prefer a spiky beard, a graceful mustache or a chin as naked as a knee – you need to take care of it. Here are some shaving recommendations: do not go cheap on blades and shavers. If you can get a more expensive shaver – get it, the same goes for blades. Do not use one set of blades per year – change them every two months. So, you will avoid damage to the skin and cuts. By the way, two blades are better than one - they provide for cleaner shaving. Moisturize your skin before shaving with a shaver. If you wear a beard - get an electric razor. Maintain the shape of your beard, use a trimmer. If you are too lazy to shave - go to the barbershop.

6. Confidence

This is one of the most important self-care ideas for social workers. Remember, confidence is a feature of a respectable man. A man is well-dressed, monitors his appearance, but does not feel at ease. The reason is insecurity. This can be seen in his posture, the way he looks at others, the way he walks, and his gestures. Keep your back straight. When talking, look at the person you are talking to. You have nothing to hide. A confident man has nowhere to hurry, he is never late. Behave naturally, as if doing the usual things in life. Then you are not constrained by thoughts about what others think and how to fit into the framework of conformism. Soon you will notice that people treat you with greater importance.

Now that we know the self-care definition and the main aspects of the main self-care you should follow, let’s look at the way male models take care of themselves.

How Do Male Models Take Care of Themselves?

The model business has high demands on appearance. It’s not even about the parameters: weight, height, your waist size, it’s all about the way you present yourself. In the world of fashion, earnings depend on how you look, so they can give you some tips on how to look after yourself.

For advice, we turn to the famous fashion model Corey Bond. Here are some recommendations from him.

To maintain the beauty and freshness of your face, wash your face regularly. It is necessary to clean the skin at least twice a day. In the morning, Corey uses mild agents, in the evening - based on salicylic acid. This is a part of his self-care plan. You can (and should) create your own self-care list to not miss anything.

It is important to remove all dirt and makeup residues that accumulate on your face every day. An ultrasonic brush does well with this task. It cleanses the pores and kills a large number of bacteria.

A trimmer helps in removing unwanted hair. It cuts everything clean, even in the most delicate places. Corey admits that even before shaving, he first cuts his hair with a trimmer, and after that, he uses a razor. This approach allows you to achieve perfectly smooth skin.

Use only natural cosmetics and do not neglect sun protection.

For hair care, Corey Bond often uses a dry shampoo that absorbs particles of fat and gives the hair volume and natural color. There is nothing wrong with men's manicure. “Every man should have clean, well-groomed hands,” Corey said. The guy visits a nail salon twice a week and often takes his wife with him. For them, this is a great opportunity to have fun. When you come to work in a modeling agency, you are immediately sent to the solarium. It’s hard to get a good contract without a good tan.

Corey loves beaches but walks on them only after using strong protection from ultraviolet radiation. That's because not so long ago a mole was cut out on his hand, which could turn into cancer. He was used to visiting a solarium, but now, to ensure that the skin is in proper form, the model uses tanning products.

How to develop a habit of caring for yourself? Just like any other. If a man is not used to doing something, he will first have to force himself.

Remember that the first impression is the most important. Even with the most spiritually developed thrice intellectual, people are reluctant to make contact if he looks sloppy. Do not go to extremes, just maintain a neat appearance.

Well-Groomed Men in the Eyes of a Woman

self-care definitionA woman who looks at an unfamiliar man does not care about his facial features, but his manner of behavior, clothing, and whether he is groomed or not. You don’t need to be overly stylish and dress like a rock-star, you can look quite confident in modest clothes: with a confident gait and posture, a well-groomed hairstyle, and a carefully shaved beard. The pastel colors of the clothes give the impression of a serious, confident man. A combination of business and casual style will look quite stylish and fresh: a coat with jeans, a jacket with sneakers. If desired, this can be used in the process of creating your own image. For a woman, it is more important whether a man is well-groomed than his muscles or his height.

Common male self-care mistakes

No matter how busy modern men are, they find time every single day to put themselves in order - at least to wash and comb their hair or shave their beard. However, not everyone knows how to properly care for themselves. Meanwhile, improperly selected shampoo, lack of skincare, and poor shaving can affect not only the external attractiveness but also the health of the hair and skin.

Shampooing - too frequent or too rare

There are several common opinions about the optimal frequency of shampooing. For example, it is believed that daily washing can make hair weak and brittle. However, according to Lily Dillon, a barber from London, this statement is relevant only for long hair, while short haircuts require daily care. Short hair quickly loses its freshness, as it becomes oily because it absorbs the natural secretions of the skin. Therefore, experts recommend washing thin and short hair every day, and thicker and more voluminous hair should be washed about three times a week, always using an air conditioner.

Excessive love of experimentation

Modern men are often fond of experiments related to hair care. This is not surprising: there are more and more hair products and cosmetics for men on store shelves. However, one should concentrate not on diversity, but on the specialization of these products. According to Lily Dillon, the so-called “normal hair” is a myth. Therefore, shampoos and balms should be selected based on the narrower specialization of the product. Properly selected shampoo for dry or oily hair will help solve the problem, and frequent experiments in search of the best remedy can only aggravate the condition of the hair.

Lack of skincare

In his youth, no man really thinks about the condition of the skin, well, at least if he doesn’t have any obvious problems. However, one who does not begin to take care of the skin at age 25 is rarely happy with its condition at 50. Skin aging can be delayed and slowed down thanks to quality cosmetics. First of all, it is necessary to protect it from sunburn. It is because of ultraviolet light that the skin often begins to age ahead of time: the sun's rays destroy collagen, reducing the degree of skin elasticity and contributing to the appearance of the first wrinkles.

A man doesn’t know how to shave

The daily shaving procedure turns into a torment for men who do not know how to shave correctly. To turn the shaving process into pleasure, just visit the barbershop at least once. An experienced barber will cleanse your face of hair with a dangerous blade in a matter of minutes. At home, you can also try using a dangerous razor. As a rule, it helps achieve better results without redness and irritation. When using an ordinary shaver, do not forget to use aftershave and moisturizing gels.

Keeping track of your appearance is easy. You can feel anxious because of all the articles about the 30 simple self-care ideas and stuff like that, but you need to remember the benefits of self-care. You need to be able to combine wardrobe items, eat right, take care of the skin and watch your body. Learn to look confident. The combination of tips from the article will transform a man, make him confident, and ensure success with women.

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