What Do Men and Women Want In a Relationship

What Do Men Want in a Relationship?

things guys want in a relationship

1. A woman should be independent and happy

For an ideal woman, it is important to have her own unique style, she should always have time for her family and friends, she should not also forget to care for herself. She should love adventures and having fun. Men like women who know how to enjoy life, no matter what it is, a walk through a park, a spring sunny day or sweets for dessert. Every man dreams of a woman who doesn’t just look for the perfect man to get married.

2. A woman should be the best friend to her man

It is the responsibility of a woman to help a man be at his best at everything: admire his strengths and weaknesses, rejoice with his success, laugh at his jokes. In response, a man should try to give the woman the same signs of attention.

3. A woman should not take the first steps

Not everyone seems to agree on this issue, however, most of the surveyed men agree that a woman does not need to take any action to get to know a man because, this way, both of them become hunters, and this may turn out weird or ugly. And thus, a man should always be the one who pursues a woman, not the other way around.

4. Men don’t like pressure

This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of relationships between men and women. Men do not tolerate the pressure and restrictions of freedom in any form or manifestation. It is not recommended for a woman to disturb a man with calls a hundred times a day and ask, “Where are you?” She should also avoid questions that concern their future together, they should not be annoying and obnoxious. The best option would be to exclude the word marriage from your conversations altogether. Men do not want to live according to a woman’s schedule, especially if a big chunk of the day is spent on pointless chatting. Men like spontaneity above else.

5. The ideal woman is sexy in moderation

What do men want in a relationship? Any man wants his woman to be sexy, but most men think that women should avoid perverted comments and sexual signs during the first stages of relationships. But at the later stages, more manifestations of intimacy are considered to be more appropriate.

6. A woman must have a sense of will

An ideal woman will not turn a blind eye to unworthy behavior on the part of a man. The stronger sex harbors respect for those women who do not allow themselves to be "on the side" because they know what the result may be for relationships. If a man realizes that such a betrayal is an unforgivable mistake, he will cherish his woman even more. Women, who don't accept intimate relationships with married men or occupied guys, are held in high esteem by the strong half of humanity.

7. A woman should be attentive to a man

A rare girl knows what men want in a relationship. Men want attention from their women. A man dreams of a woman who is going to give him small signs of attention, which will act as manifestations of her love for the man. An ideal woman always remembers a man's addictions, and it doesn't matter whether it is about music, favorite food, sweets or something else, she always attentively treats his needs and requirements.

8. She must know what makes a real manwhat do you want in a relationship?

What do guys want in a relationship? They want to be perceived as men. An ideal woman always knows how to choose a reliable, decent man who will be sincere and honest with her. You should have a lot in common: outlook on life, cultural level, and education. And don’t forget about the most important thing - your attitude to money (this is quite a common reason why couples have disagreements). Even despite the theory that opposites attract, you should not connect your life with someone who has a different outlook on life.

9. The ideal woman knows what it is like to truly love someone

How does a woman know that she truly loves a man? Sometimes a moment may come when a woman will exclaim, “Here he is!” and find that this is the man she was always looking for. But true love is a delightful feeling, it is when you feel like your happiness is just as important as the happiness of your partner.

Of course, this is not all the things guys want in a relationship. Every man has his own idea of an ideal life partner. To comply with all the points that we’ve listed above won’t give grant a woman a clear vision of how to build a successful relationship. A woman has to define and implement the desires of her partner, she must know the image of the perfect woman that her man envisions, and only then a woman can expect a happy marriage.

Now that we know what guys want in a relationship, let’s talk about women.

What Do Women Want in a Relationship?

If a relationship between a man and a woman develops not quite in the way that a woman wants, it does not mean that her man should just expect her vision of their future and concede his own happiness. Many ladies who have rich experience and call themselves strong women know exactly what those ideal relationships should be like. Every strong woman deserves happiness in her personal life, and here are 8 things that all women want in love.

1. A man should respect his woman

If a man does not respect a woman, then he does not love her. Relationships should not be one-sided - strong women know this for sure. And it’s not just about intimacy in woman’s personal life, it’s a must for emotional intimacy. If only people were able to understand each other without words.

3. Respect for independence and freedom

A strong woman should have a life outside of her relationship. She needs to have freedom of choice, and this applies to meetings with friends as well as her right to have some personal space. A loving man will always satisfy this need of his partner.

4. A man should allow his woman to be herself

What women want in a relationship? Every man should know that if he begins a relationship with a woman, then he should perceive her as she is. Attempts to change a person never end up in anything good.

5. A woman should feel the support of her man

Talking about problems is normal practice, and every couple should talk about their issues. Women want not only to be listened to, but also to receive help from their men during difficult life situations. They want understanding and communication.

6. There should be trust in a relationship

It is very important for a woman to trust her man with the most confidential of things and to know that she can rely on her man in any situation.

7. Mutual feelings

Women are faithful, loving, and caring creatures. If the feelings that a man expresses towards his woman are mutual, such a couple will not face any challenges on their way to happiness.

8. Partners should be faithful to each other

To know that a man will neither cheat on a woman nor give up to his feelings at the first roadblock by exchanging the lady of his heart for a younger, healthier or rich woman – brings lots of happiness to every woman.

I would like to add that no matter how strong a woman is, she always needs a man in her life, who will be stronger, who will help her, comfort and always provide her with support in any situation, even during the darkest of times.

But, with that being said, what do you want in a relationship?

How to Figure Out What You Want in a Relationship?

There is no single answer to the question of how to know what you want in a relationship. This topic is simply too complex to tackle in the confines of an article. However, there are some proven ways to focus your attention on the things that matter. If you are being tormented by questions like, “What do I want in a relationship?” then follow the tips below.

1. Analyze your best and worst dates

How to figure out what you want in a relationship? If the issue that you have in your relationship seems to revolve around your interactions with your partner, then the easiest way to figure out the best and worst aspects of a such a relationship is to look into your dates. Was it fun for you when you spent a couple of hours just talking and having a good time? Well then, maybe now the issue revolves around the dreaded lack of communication?what women want in a relationship

2. Ask yourself a few questions

  • How to know what you want in a relationship? It is important to dive to the darkest depths of your mind and ask yourself a few things. But don’t get scared just yet, these questions are not that hard, at least in theory.
  • Can I truly say that my partner shares my plans for the future and my goals in life?

Do I feel more complete and happier when my partner is near?

If you don’t know how to ask for what you want in a relationship, then maybe you just don’t really know what you want. These questions will make it easier for you to define things you want in a relationship. What you want in a relationship may be hiding away in your mind, the only thing it takes to get it out is to dig a bit deeper in your head.

3. Start a diary

Now, this may seem like a lame piece of advice, but you still see it being brought up again and again in every article that has to do with relationships and understanding yourself. This is because it is very much effective. A diary will allow you to remind yourself of the situations and your feelings during those moments. It will allow you to be able to analyze your relationship, to leave the emotions of a given situation aside and look at the bigger picture.

4. Check out online personality tests

There are thousands of them, and while some of them will take a few minutes, other ones will take up to half an hour. We recommend you go for the latter ones since the first group is largely made for the people who want quick answers to their questions. The least things you left unsaid, the more correct answer you will get. The fewer variables there are, the better.

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