Why Won't She Text Me Back?

Starting a relationship with a girl is always a strong emotional tension. However, it gives joy and incomparable sense of excitement. Especially it concerns texting with the girl. You think for a long time what to write, flirt, doubt, at last, you send the message and the most difficult period comes - waiting for an answer. Sometimes everything goes perfectly - the girl at the other end of the Internet responds without delay, warmly and in detail. Sometimes you have to wait for a little - about 10-15 minutes, not more, but it's enough for a thousand different thoughts to be born in your head. Your soul squeezes several times, relaxes, and then squeezes again. However, in both cases, the long-awaited answer awaits you at the end.

But there are much more difficult situations. She didn't text back. The hours turn into days, and the days into weeks. So why won't she text me back? What to do in this case and why does this even happen? We tried to understand this and, it seems, found all the answers you need. Enjoy!

she didn't text back

Flirting via Text: Essential Rules

The relationship between a guy and a girl is a very interesting and fun thing. First glance, acquaintance, communication, kiss ... An important component of this relationship is flirting. Previously, flirting was through SMS, now it has moved to social networks and messengers. But the rules of this game have not changed. So what to do if she doesn't text back? Learn to flirt via text first, mate!

The conversation should be interesting

Take care not to be a bore. This is what you have to do before you flirt with a girl. It is important not to be predictable even at the very beginning of your communication, although the temptation to write some kind of banality and not spend energy on coming up with the original beginning of the conversation is really great. Do not start with boring phrases like "Hello. My name is Boring Bill. How are you?". Try to ask some unexpected question or start your communication with some weird word.

Girls love with their ears

Yes, girls really love with their ears. This is not some foolish myth invented by underdeveloped peasants, as some of the most desperate feminists sometimes say. You need to consider this during your communication. Address the girl by her name. It makes any person more disposed to the interlocutor because in this way you somehow create a new, more intimate level of trust. You can strengthen your positions by inventing some kind of affectionate, but in no case offensive alas. Here the rule of banality works too - “bunny” or a “babe” - is not surprising, but you may seem like a boring loser without any hints of fantasy. It will be fine if this pseudonym remains a secret and only you two will know about it.

Do not forget about the most important male weapons - compliments. Let not one hour of your communication pass without compliments. But remember that a compliment should be absolutely sincere. Avoid pathetic and false comments about the "bottomless eyes" and "marble skin." It's boring and even lame.

You can play a little trick on the girl. In fact, humor is one of the key elements of flirting, which men use somehow reluctantly. Probably the problem is that most men doubt the power of their sense of humor ... if you also have problems with this, it's time to fix it. Harmless jokes can make you "a guy on the same board" after an hour of communication, and inability to tell a joke or laugh at the irony of the interlocutor will necessarily put you into the category of "depressive snobs and potential serial killers."

if she doesn't text back is she not interested Be mysterious

A person cannot live without mysteries and secrets. Starting from the most ancient times, we were attracted by incomprehensible, mysterious matter - God, space, underwater depths, the human soul, the Moon, the Sun, the flickering distant stars ... Today, all this fascination with the mysteries turned into a banal consumption of detective stories, but nevertheless, the trend is still alive and is a powerful trigger for attracting attention. Riddles work very well in such a business as flirting with a girl.

Always communicate so that she has to stretch her imagination a little and guess your plans. This does not mean that you should devote all your time to developing ciphers. Just go away from direct answers where it will create a healthy intrigue and use ambiguous hints where appropriate.

If She doesn't Text Back Is She Not Interested?

If she doesn't text back for days - she’s just not interested in me. That's what most men think. However, the reasons for this are often much simpler and more harmless. Our brain is arranged in the way that it immediately calculates the worst scenarios and concentrates all attention only on them. Thus, the subconscious prepares us for protection and motivates us to find another variant of the pair in order to spend less energy and not to risk our own self-esteem. But do not always listen to what the subconscious says to you - sometimes it's a really bad adviser. For example, in this case. When she doesn't text back, you just need to stay calm and analyze real reasons for her silence.

Let's first consider the options when you’re a real reason why she’s not responding. This does not mean that she stopped considering you as a potential partner - you just chose the wrong line of behavior and made a lot of mistakes. Here are the most important of them:

Obsession. If you constantly try to maintain communication, even when the girl does not want to continue, it sooner or later leads to sad consequences. This shows how much you need to communicate with her and greatly reduces your "value" in her eyes.

Lack of tact. For example, you left an ambiguous comment under her photo or wrote something not very decent on her feed. This is a direct way to the blacklist.

Non-original. You could interest her at the beginning of communication, but then quickly rolled up to the platitudes like: "hello, how are you?", "What are you doing?", etc. If you want to attract attention - learn to be original! Do not know what to write? Read on, we will tell.

If you honestly analyzed what was written above and came to the conclusion that you behaved correctly, then it is worth looking for the reasons for her silence elsewhere. Here are the main ones:

1. Everything has changed. Life is arranged so, friend, that everything in life is changing. No matter what the philosophers say, there is nothing eternal on this mortal Earth. Perhaps in the life of your new girlfriend, too, there have been some changes. She could meet another guy or conclude that she does not need any sort of romantic relationships now. No matter how trite it may sound, it's not about you - it's just that life has made adjustments to her desire to find a couple.

2. She is very busy. In today's world, gender roles are mixed and even leveled. Today, no one is surprised by a girl who works in "serious" spheres, negotiates, solves global problems. It's possible that your girlfriend is one of these girls. She does not answer all calls and does not monitor messengers - she banally does not have time for this. She is busy with her career and earning money, and you should respect that. At the end of the day, she will necessarily answer all missed calls and respond to all messages ... except those that strongly annoy her. Hardly will she respond to 10 missed calls from a guy she recently met at a bar or on a dating site. So be patient - this is your main weapon.

3. She gave you her number because she's well-mannered. Well, I must admit, this is not the best option for you. The fact is that she is simply polite and does not know how to offend people, especially if they show interest in her - she wrote her phone number so that her conscience would not trouble her. In this case, you also should not be obtrusive. If you show yourself well, you have every chance to make a good impression on her and give your communication a chance for something more. So when next time you’ll be wondering: “she didn't t text back how long should I wait”, just keep in mind that your patience is your trump card.

4. She does not even suspect how you feel. Yes, there are also such girls - they are not against your company, they like you, they even tell their friends about you ... but so far they do not want to communicate with you. For this, there can be a variety of reasons. But they do not think that ignoring your messages or calls is something bad. Such girls have absolutely no feeling of empathy - they absolutely do not know how to think about the feelings of other people. Perhaps your new girlfriend has a poorly developed imagination. She represents you as a stern guy, who cannot be bothered with such trifles as a couple of unanswered letters or calls.

5. She just ignores you. She takes a long time to text back...well, she is just ignoring you. And of course, it happens that the girl is too lazy to write to you that she doesn’t like you, she has already married or suddenly realized that she is a lesbian. She decided to just ignore you hoping (not unfounded, it should be noted) that sooner or later you will understand everything, get away from her or commit suicide. You just need to be brave and ask directly: "Do you want to stop our communication?". This scenario involves two outcomes: the first - she says "yes" and you stop communicating; the second - she again ignores you and you stop communicating.

If She doesn't Text Back Should I Text Again

Now let's move from theory to practice. What to do if she does not answer? We offer you 3 strategies, each of which should lead you to the goal. However, we cannot accurately predict which of them will work - this is entirely your area of responsibility, so make a measured choice and be brave.

Strategy 1

This is our favorite strategy, which almost always helps to get an answer. Just turn this not-so-pleasant situation into a joke. Show the girl that her ignoring you means absolutely nothing and you did not take offense at all and did not even think about giving up. If you made a specific proposal to her - for example, invited her to the cinema on Friday night, and she does not answer anything, just write "wow, I'm glad you agreed." Or something like this. As we have already said, humor is a universal weapon, which no one can resist.

Strategy 2

And now we’ll tell you something completely unexpected ... if the girl does not respond to your messages, you must ... call her! Wow! Well, who would have thought? Yes, such an old-school thing like voice communication is still working and even brings amazing results. If she takes the phone, you can ask her what's the matter or just try to chat ... but the most favorable scenario for you is to leave her a funny voice message.

Strategy 3

If the previous strategies did not work, then it's time to use the good old ultimatums. Yes, this is a serious and crude weapon, but she put you in this situation herself. Just write to her: "So are we going to get drunk this week or will you continue to sit at home drinking wine and watching Netflix like an old matron?". It looks silly, but the girls react very vigorously to such statements for some reason.

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