Yoga for Better Sex: Get the Most of It!

The word ‘yoga’ can be interpreted differently. It’s said to mean “harmony”, “exercise”, or “union”. In fact, yoga is a fusion of all these concepts. In today’s society, it’s seen mainly as a type of exercise. However, it’s not about exercising your muscles, it’s about finding inner peace, learning to control and harmonize your thoughts and body. Apart from the numerous beneficial effects yoga has on your body, there are yoga poses for better sex to spice up your intimate life, make it more sensual and meaningful.

How Yoga Benefits Women’s Health

Yoga has become a kind of mainstream sport recently, especially among women. Many ladies start attending yoga centers and taking yoga lessons pursuing different goals: weight loss, spiritual balance, better posture, etc. The benefits of this old practice have never been doubted. A long time ago, yoga was inseparably linked with religion. Today, it’s become more independent and universal. Any person of any age, gender, and profession can practice this philosophical gymnastics.

In terms of effects yoga has on women’s health, it shouldn’t be limited only to a better figure. Doing yoga, women develop their flexibility, reach inner harmony, become more confident, and discover their sexuality. Muscles get toned, all internal organs function properly, including the reproductive system. Thanks to some relaxing techniques and the increased blood flow to the genitals women get rid of frigidity. Yoga exercises also help relieve menstrual pain and postpone aging, as well as improve sexual life. Yoga is beneficial to the expecting women, as it relieves labor pains.

Since yoga has a beneficial effect on all systems in a woman’s body, it automatically improves her sexual life.

How Yoga Benefits Men’s Health

Despite the fact that yoga centers are crowded with women, initially, yoga was practiced only by men. There is even a stereotype that yoga is a girlish thing – men are supposed to work out in the gym. In fact, yoga is a much healthier way of keeping your muscles strong and toned than intensive workout sessions. Apart from it, yoga trains not only your body but self-discipline and self-control, which help you keep calm in any stressful situation. As a result of regular practice, your muscles become stronger and your stamina increases. While doing yoga, you get rid of different kinds of pain, fatigue, stress, and irritability. You find peace and quiet. Unlike weight-lifting exercises, you feel the burst of energy and vivacity, your efficiency increases, you become more creative and sexually active. Breathing exercises enlarge the volume of lungs thus facilitating the oxygen supply. Also, you sleep better.

The Effects of Yoga on Your Sexuality

Both male and female sexual dysfunctions are quite commonplace, but they usually don’t get enough professional attention. Many people are silent about their problems with sex and rarely turn to specialists for help. The variety of medicines for sexual dysfunctions treatment is stunning, but they have a lot of drawbacks too: low effectiveness, numerous side effects, and difficulties with complying with the prescriptions. This is where yoga can become an effective cure. Those who practice it for a while claim that it improves sexual function and proves to be effective in treating sexual dysfunctions.

Researches and experiments confirm all the benefits people get doing yoga. In one of the recent experiments, women aged 22-55 spent 12 weeks in a yoga camp. The results showed that their sexual functions improved greatly. Positive changes were noticed in all aspects – libido, excitation, lubrication, orgasm, the level of satisfaction, and pain. The biggest improvements were recorded in women in their 40s.

There was a similar experiment in which men aged 24-60 took part. After 12 weeks of regular yoga practice, men felt the improvement of their sexual functions, including sexual desire, satisfaction, confidence, synchronization with a partner, control over ejaculation, orgasm.

How does yoga influence your body? In terms of physiology, yoga increases the blood flow to the genitals, which extremely important for sexual desire and desire to arise. The effectiveness of yoga in treating erectile dysfunction has been proved repeatedly. The abilities to control your breathing and thoughts as well as to deal with stress are also benefits of doing yoga advantageous for your sexuality.

To achieve the best results, you need an individual approach, that is an individual yoga program. However, there are some universal widely used techniques that help improve your performance in bed.

Here is a list of yoga sex benefits:

  • Your body becomes stronger and more flexible. Yoga improves your stretching abilities, makes your muscles stronger and more toned. You start to notice that you can practice more sex positions in bed, you are more durable and feel more comfortable. Asanas involve all muscle groups, so in several months you see the improved version of your body in the mirror.
  • You become more sensual. Your skin becomes more sensitive to touches, you start to distinguish between smells and tastes better. Your body begins to interact with the surrounding world. Yoga teaches you to listen to your body, allows you to experience a richer palette of sensations. It’s like you could see only 7 colors of the rainbow, and now you can discern different shades. Your sensations during intercourse become especially vivid.
  • You learn to control yourself. When you go to the gym or go for a run listening to music on your iPod, you do your exercises mechanically. Doing yoga, dive into yourself, explore your sensations and emerging emotions. Your focus is directed inwards. This is how you learn how to distinguish, understand, control your sensations and feelings as well as how to manage your body. Women realize that the quality of sex depends on their own sensations, not only their men’s efforts. Men learn to operate their bodies to make the process satisfying for both.
  • You understand your desires. Practicing yoga, you spend time with yourself and explore different facets of your personality. You gain a deep understanding of your needs, desires, the meaning of your actions. You begin to value yourself more and prioritize the quality of sex rather than quantity.
  • You can prolong your sexual act. Breathing exercises and energy locks help you last longer (mind, respiration, and ejaculation are closely connected). If a man’s breath is rapid and arrhythmic, ejaculation is hard to control.
  • You become more liberated. Yoga and meditation help you understand yourself better, get rid of inner fears and a sense of guilt. You can be totally in the moment when having sex with your partner.
  • Sex becomes something sacral and sublime. You feel that energy concentrates not somewhere down your body, but goes up and makes you feel exalted.

Yoga Postures for Better Sex

It’s not necessary to do yoga for sex – when you practice yoga on a regular basis (even if the postures are not very complicated), your sex will improve automatically soon. Still, there are some asanas that are best for your sexual life.

Camel Pose

This pose prevents you from overstrain during a passionate night. It strengthens the thigh, back, and abdominal muscles, relieves back pain, and improves breathing. To perform this pose, you stand on your knees and bend backward, with your hands on your ankles or heels. Your head and neck are bent back so that you feel some strain. Breathe for 6-10 seconds in this position, then release.

Bridge Pose

This pose trains and strengthens the pelvic floor that is responsible for orgasms. You lie on the floor on your back. Then you lift your butt so that your thighs become parallel to the floor. Hold this posture for 30-60 sec.

Cobra Pose

To strengthen your lower back and improve your breathing, practice Cobra. This pose resembles your moves during intercourse, so it’s good to exercise it. You lie on your belly and then you take your chest off the floor basing upon your hands and inhale. Make 5-8 breaths and repeat.

Child Pose

This is one of the best poses for rookies. It perfectly relaxes your body, eliminating stress. How to do it? You sit on your knees, then you sit on your heels and arch your back slightly. Your arms rest stretched in front of you.

Chair Pose

If you like the position from behind, then this asana is just for you. It strengthens your lower body, particularly, helps you stand with your knees bent longer. So, how to do this exercise? You slightly bend your knees and keep your arms stretched ahead parallel to the floor.

Lotus Pose

Probably, this is the most famous yoga pose, and it turns out to be very useful in your sex life. It stretches the hips and strengthens the thigh muscles, which take part in almost all sex positions. To do this exercise, sit cross-legged and feel how your muscles strain.

Sex Yoga Poses for Couples

In terms of breathing and exploring your sensations, yoga and sex are very similar. What do yogis think about it? People who belong to different yogic schools have different views on sex and its role in their lives. Some totally refuse sex and any intimacy with the opposite sex; some practice sex as a means of meditation to reach the spiritual awakening; some choose family life and learn to manage their sexual energy to find harmony in the relationship with their partner, achieve success in society, and draw inspiration.

If you’re flexible enough, like yoga, and want to try something new in bed, consider trying yoga sex positions. Sex and yoga make a perfect combination. When you exercise yoga for sex health, your aim is to exercise your muscles. When it comes to yogic sex, your aim is to relax and feel the unity of bodies and souls. Basically, yoga positions for sex are similar to yoga asanas. You just need to choose those ones that seem to be executable to you.

Some breathing exercises should warm you up. You should get tuned to one another and be on the same wave-length. Start with some easy yoga sex poses. As intercourse is a dynamic process, your positions will change.

You should take into account that each woman has her own constitution of genitals, particularly the vagina. If it’s placed closed to the anus, then the child pose will be appropriate for her. The yoga sex position “Butterfly” where a woman lies on her back works good with women whose vagina is kind of “in the middle”.

Some yoga postures for sex require certain accessories, such as pillows. If you want to have sex on a yoga ball, make sure you have one. Now that you know why people do yoga for better sex and employ some yoga positions to diversify their sex life, you’ll definitely try it yourself.

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