How to Make a Russian Girl Like You

Think about dating Russian women? Great. But how are you going to handle it? Russian culture is surely different from your native one so you should learn some tricks of successful wooing. Fortunately, there is the universal recipe for winning a Russian lady’s heart. Read our super simple guide to how to make a girl fall for you!

How to Make a Russian Girl Like You

What you should know prior to dating Russian girls

1. They long for fidelity. Throughout the entire human history, there was the archetype of a woman who keeps loyalty to her man and obeys him no matter what. Of course, modern cultural stereotypes and traditions are different but Russian ladies are known for their exceptional patience and faithfulness.

2. They primarily get interested in your personality. Russian women bear the values their society cultivates. You’ve probably heard about the “mystifying Russian soul” at least once in your life. Yes, this is what these people struggle to get to know in strangers. So one of the most solid ways to make a girl like you is to be yourself and show your merits.

3. They want men to be manly. If you look for a girl from Russia to date, keep in mind this nation sticks to the conventional division of gender roles. The proportion of emancipated women is far lower than in the West. In order to make a girl like you, it is obligatory to display masculinity.

4. They are creative and smart. Life in Russia was never too easy due to harsh climate conditions in the past and economic instability that is present her nowadays. These factors helped locals develop their intellectual capabilities. A regular Russian lady wants to date a guy who would have equal mental potential.

5. They dream about serious relationships. Another trick of how to make a girl like you is to demonstrate that your priorities are determined. Russian people consider a family to be the main human life’s value so women here seek not just fun guys but their prospective husbands.

How to get a girl to like you

1. Keep your promises. If you’ve promised to do something for a Russian lady, do your best to fulfil the task! This is how you prove your moral strength and thoughtfulness. An average girl from Russia waits for her chevalier; if you turn out to be able to give it to her, her feelings to you will grow!

2. Never be late for dates. There is one secret of how to make Russian girls like you: always come on time to meet them. In this country, any woman has the legal right to be 10-15 minutes late for her date since she has to look her best (that’s what Russian girls think).

3. Bring little surprises for her. Gifts are a big part of romantic relationships in Russia. Not that you were obliged to buy presents for your woman yet that’s a way how to make a girl like you more. Find out what she would like to get and make your dream come true! This shouldn’t be anything too expensive. Just let it fit her tastes.

4. Take part in her life. This is actually one of the core manly characteristics. Russian girl wants to feel appreciated by their partners – give her a hand in difficult situations and show how much you care. Nothing impresses people more than your sincere and mindful attitude towards them.

5. Behave like a true gentleman. Surround your lady with attention and exclusive treatment. To woo a Russian girl, you really need to work on your manners and speech if you feel there might be some flaws. Yes, Russians are straightforward and open but this doesn’t mean they deny the etiquette rules.

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