How to Treat a Russian Woman: 14 Steps to Success

It’s no longer a secret that Russian women are the most desirable matches for single male westerners. They possess many special characteristics yet not every man is sure he knows the path to a Russian lady’s heart. Therefore, we present 14 items you should keep in mind and use to impress your Russian girl.

Treat a Russian Woman

1. Be mannish

Nowadays, the line between femininity and masculinity blurs, especially in the Western world. But in the case of Russian women, there is the only way to conquer their love: be manly and strong. These ladies just long for manliness!

2. Display confidence

A true male is supposed to be self-assured. This indicates his normal self-esteem and readiness for undertaking responsibility for his woman. Nobody is perfect yet we don’t recommend you focusing on your weak points when you’re with a Russian girl.

3. Work on your look

A rare westerner has never heard about the overwhelming beauty of Russian ladies. Indeed you may take them for super models! Of course, Russian girls wish to date good-looking men. Consider to dress and groom yourself well enough.

4. Take the initiative

One more trait a real man should display is decisiveness. You see, a Russian woman won’t likely fall for a timid guy since she expects her man to conquer her. Don’t hesitate to make the first moves first when you communicate with a lady of your dream!

5. Act like a gentleman

Courtesy is obligatory if you wish to find a Russian woman for marriage and serious relationships. Get thoughtful and attentive to your prospective bride and she will definitely evaluate your deeds.

6. Have a funny bone

Humour can make any woman’s heart melt. If it’s used properly, of course. Russian ladies are into funny guys but they also value polite and unambiguous jokes.

7. Show your kindness

Russian girls are known for their good nature, no wonder they seek partners who’d be capable of being supportive, compassionate, and welcoming. It is important to act kindly not only to your mate yet to all people around you.

8. Appreciate her native culture

Russian culture is quite popular throughout the world and it surely desires respect. It’s absolutely clear that Russians are proud of their national achievements so if you wanna make a girl from this land interested in you, take an interest in her native stuff.

9. Tell her compliments

What could’ve been simpler? Well-placed and well-chosen words can make a Russian lady constantly think about you. Better if your lines tackle not only her gorgeousness but also her moral and mental traits.

10. Get sincerely interested in her

This is basically what makes her fall in love with you. Anyone wants to feel needed and accepted. Your lady is, by all means, worth such dedication!

11. Use your wits

Intellect is sexy. And Russian girls, whose mind capabilities are very strong, prefer brainy guys. Marrying a Russian woman, you get a simultaneously beautiful and smart soulmate.

12. Know how to promote communication

There’s actually nothing more essential for wooing a lady. Russians are extremely sincere and straightforward so they love strangers who can both discuss various subjects and listen carefully.

13. Demonstrate your attitude to family

As you might know, a family is the core life value from Russians’ point of view. Foreigners prefer marrying Russian women because those are family-oriented and their priorities are firmly set. To make such a girl notice you, don’t forget to express your attitude to this question.

14. Make her the centre of your attention

Russian ladies wish to be treated by their partners. They dote on their lovers and expect the same attitude in return. A relationship becomes harmonious when both mates care about one another.

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