How to Spice up Your Sex Life with a Russian Girl?

When the title phrase becomes not an affirmation but a question, it means that the time for concrete actions has come. Do you miss the fire in your intimate relationship with a Russian girl? Well, most people will make a smart look and say: "Do something new in your sex life." The only question is: what exactly you have to do to spice up your sex life? Surprising each other can have little effect in the best case, and at worst – it will turn into embarrassment and disappointment. So, we face a paradox: experimenting is necessary, but an unsuccessful experiment is often more dangerous than just a routine in sex.

The first thing that a man turns to facing with a similar problem is porn movies. Oh, he saw hundreds, thousands of them. He had so skilled teachers (hello, Mr. Woodman!) that there is no girl who can say that her life has remained the same after he takes the matter seriously. But, unfortunately, the embodiment of porn movies scenes in your bedroom more often turns into a catastrophe, rather than into the good old crazy sex. Therefore, you should be careful and use intuition. So, how can you spice up sex life with a Russian girl?


Ideas to Spice up Sex Life with a Russian Woman

Are you ready to make your favorite bedroom a platform for sexual experiments? Probably yes. And now ask your girlfriend about it. Is she ready to spice up sex too? Well, then there is nothing left but to move on to practice:

1. Start small. It`s all about the smell. Constant partners can always recognize each other, even by their smells. Perfume, shower gel, shampoo and so on. Change these toiletries completely but remember about mutual preferences / antipathies. If your second half is sick of mint, do not go ahead: shock and irritation are not the best helpers in sex with Russian girls. Take your girlfriend to the perfume shop. It is not necessary to carry all the responsibility on your fragile shoulders. After all, you are not such a big expert at perfumes, right?

2. Changing the algorithm. People got used to the fact that in bed games, after “mmm” you usually have to “uh” and on the eighth minute to “rrrrr”. The best option is to make some changes. Try to go with “rrrrr” first. But be aware of WHAT you will swap. If the details are connected in a certain way, castling, maybe, is not worth it: not everyone will like dessert before soup. But who knows, who knows … sex with Russian women can be absolutely unpredictable.

3.  A short separation. And do not think that this is a kind of extreme step. Believe me, sex toys for your Russian girlfriend, who shed tears over “Anna Karenina”, will be more shocking. Let's think more wisely. Let one of you - if you live together - to leave for a couple of days. Do not call each other and do not write. Turn off Viber and Skype. But please, think carefully about everything before making such a proposal. If you admit that your partner can feel the taste of separation within these few days in the wrong way - do not take risks. If you have no doubts about that, move on to this step. You will be surprised at how a few days of separation can raise up such a sexual desire from the depths of consciousness that you will be able to solve the demographic crisis on your own. Russian women will get crazy in bed if you make them miss you a bit.

4. Doing it in a fast way. Quickness ​​ means unpredictability in this case. Is it bad to choose the place and time abruptly? Of course, it is not. In addition, fast sex concentrates emotions, and high concentration of something always promises real drive. You will have no time for foreplay, explanation, and subtleties. Just do it and exhale.

5. Correspondence. Of course, you communicate during the working day. Okay. Do not communicate. Do not talk to each other. Now you just need to correspond, and not in usual way ("My boss loaded us with unnecessary work again," or "I'm going to a dinner") but in piquant one. To be precise and honest – your messages must be frankly vulgar. Write detailed obscenities to each other. The main thing is to keep the rhythm and do not be zealous, because you can overheat, exhaust, and get tired . Tell what you would do with your partner, where you would do it and when. In small doses if you can hold back, of course.spice-up-sex-life

6. "Sleeping mode" sex game. Suggest your Russian girlfriend a new game: let her pretend to be asleep and let you do whatever your heart desires. Such things – if they are not practiced too often - can give a completely new experience and diversify the sex life. But there is one important rule in this game: a girl needs to suddenly "wake up" and ... everything depends on your imagination. Russian girls are very fond of sex games in bed.

7.  Mirrors and alcohol. It is possible that this option is not something special and has been used by you for a long time, but we have to say about it because it is one of the best ways to spice up sex. We strongly recommend to have sex in the bedroom surrounded by mirrors (well, let's look at things more realistic – use at least one mirror) and drink a little of alcohol. You can do that without booze, but keep in mind that sex does not always look from the side the same as in erotic movies. It's not because someone in your couple has cellulite. If you've seen amateur sex videos, you'll understand what we're talking about. The spectacle is a bit different from those Brazzers videos. But your erotic passages will be reflected in the mirror in the best way with alcohol. Attention! We remind you that "drinking a little" means exactly what it means – "a little". Otherwise, intercourse will turn into a floundering, devoid of meaning passion and – most likely – will have no logical finale .

Things that You Should NEVER Do During Sex with a Russian Girl

Yes, there are a couple of taboos about dating Russian women and having sex with them. We do not really want you to learn them by your own experience, so we did everything for you ... no, not with your girl of course.

You have to avoid these shameful mistakes:

1. The habit of doing this according to the schedule or according to a plan. Usually, before going to bed and only in the bedroom under a fairly large blanket. Boredom! And what if we replace the evening fulfillment of marital duty with an unexpected passion in broad light in the kitchen? This approach can make dating Russian girls even more interesting.

2. Turn off the lights and music. Yes, too bright light deprives an intimate process of mystery. But the light is not the enemy, and sometimes the light can even be a good assistant that brings in an element of realism, creating a romantic atmosphere of glare and flickering shadows.

3. Silence. Russian girls are very temperamental, especially in sex. They like to hear gentle words, moan and sigh during love games. If you will keep silent, the Russian lady will quickly become bored. Therefore, do not hesitate to show your feelings verbally.

4. Kisses that leave traces. No, we do not force you to give up passionate kisses. Good sex is simply impossible without them. Just try to kiss your beloved in those places that are not visible to outsiders. Russian girls are very sensitive to their appearance (and this is understandable because they really have something to cherish), and a bruise on the neck can cause frustration.

5. Stupid questions. Do you know what is the most stupid thing you can do in bed? Interrupt the culmination of sexual intercourse and ask the girl if she has reached orgasm. Never do this if you do not want to lose the opportunity to have sex with your lover.

6. Distractions. Ladies do not really like it when men are distracted by phone calls, TV, or barking of a neighbor's dog. Concentrate on your girlfriend and forget about a football match translation on TV or that your mother is calling to find out how things are.

7. Shower immediately after sex. Russian women like to leave their scent on their loved ones, just like cats. So, do not rush to wash it off. Enjoy it. In addition, this is a good opportunity to show your beloved that you like sex with her and you do not mind repeating it.

Of course, there can be exceptions to these rules. Remember, that your actions should be good for both of you. It's not so difficult if you show a little care and love for your partner.

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