The Ultimate Guide to Marrying a Russian Woman

Men from Europe and the USA are convinced that Russian women are created to be ideal wives. They believe that Russian women are beautiful. Really beautiful. And this belief is not groundless. Indeed, there is not more ideal companion of life than a Russian woman. But as soon as men move on to specific actions and try to date Russian women, they face with a whole bunch of problems, big and small. It turns out that communication with a Russian woman is slightly different from communicating with any other girl. It is this difference that causes some nominal John to fail in finding a common language with some nominal Anna. We are aware of all these difficulties more than anyone else. Therefore, we share personal experience with you. In our guide you will find answers to the most important questions that may arise during the course of your love adventure. You just need to read how to meet a Russian woman and not be afraid to use our advices in practice. Good luck!

most beautiful Russian women

Why is Russian Women So Popular?

First, unlike many Muslim countries, Russians can expose their faces and not only faces. They do not have taboos like "we do not look at the veil before the wedding”, and if you get acquainted through a dating site, you can see not just a face, but an outspoken nude. Good or bad - the question is certainly controversial, but the risk of getting a "crocodile under a headscarf" when marrying a Russian woman is lower than when marrying an Arab woman. And even if the girl you meet at the airport cannot remotely resemble her photos in the profile on dating site - no one will force her to marry just because now you saw her real face, right?

Secondly, there are some universal signs of beauty: wide-set eyes, the regular form of the nose, white skin ... Most beautiful Russian women possess many of these features. We can say that they are main Russian women features given by mother-nature. Here, by the way, it is worthwhile to clarify one more detail: in practice, a particular black woman, for example, can be much more attractive than a particular white skin girl. And if you take a very specific European, it may turn out that he is going crazy about the girls from the country of the rising sun. But the majority of civilized people (that is, brought up in the world literature and the world cinema) know about two women only that one has a skin with a yellowish tint, and another has wide-set eyes, and they say that the second should be more beautiful. And there is another feature: the mass of white men dreams of having sex with a woman of another race, but as a wife he sees only a woman like himself. This does not always mean that it is this woman that he marries, but, intending to purposefully seek a wife in another country in absentia, he will simply cut off all the candidates of other races even before the search.

marry a Russian womanOf course, there are also China and Japan, where men are not white, but not at all against marrying Russians. This is explained by the fact that marriage with a light-skinned woman is very prestigious there. However, there the approval of parents is very important, and they do not always give it. But there is one reason, which I think is the most important: in Russia there is a very high competition among women. Otherwise: there are too many women, and men are in minority. Tempered in these tough conditions, Russians can better compete at an international bride's fair with women from other countries, the competitive conditions in which allow women to live a more relaxed life.

Why is it so? Everyone knows the desire of parents to see their first child as a boy. This desire becomes especially strong if the daughter legally cannot inherit the property of her parents. And if we add to this the state regulation of the birth rate (for example: "one family - one child"), we get that in some countries there is simply a shortage of women. Because of some of the above factors, we find that for 100 women there are in India – 106 men, in Pakistan - 112 men, and in China - 120 men! And that's not all, in some areas of China there is such a ratio: 100 women to 130 men.

In other countries, where such an "unjust" ratio of men and women (in European countries and the United States too) also occurs, Russian women are also very much in demand. But everything that we wrote above concerns only soulless numbers and statistics. There are other reasons for the popularity of Russian women, which lie in the depths of an unusual and attractive mentality. Besides, there is a certain answer to “where to meet Russian women?” question, since dozens of dating sites appeared on the Internet. This also affected their popularity.

Difference in Cultures

Perception of personality and self

In American culture, human existence is perceived as isolated, and the Russian person exists in the context of the group. In American culture, autonomy is encouraged, the person himself solves his own problems, defends his opinion, stands for himself, in Russia they focus on the group, responsibility is distributed to all and to no one specifically.

Perception of the world around us

In American culture, man is separated from nature; in the Russian he depends on it. Apparently, it is due to the fact that under the conditions of a higher economic and technological development of an intensive culture, Americans are more independent of the vagaries of nature. Russians, historically and economically, have always been dependent on it.

In American culture, there is a clear division between public and private property, in Russian - common property passes into private hands without much remorse.

In assessments of the surrounding world, Americans emphasize the positive aspects, the Russians - the negative (the result is always regarded as mediocre). Americans believe that all the non-American is bad, Americans completely attribute their achievements to their own efforts, Russians believe that everything Russian is bad.

In American perception, there is a tendency to simplify for the sake of analysis: the number of parameters considered decreases to relevant ones. Russians tend to complication: the number of parameters increases to obtain a "holographic" picture. For example, in American culture, a person can be seen as fragmented. At the same time, a holistic view of another person in order to work with it is not required. In Russian culture, individuality is seen through its integrity. For Russians, the tendency is to accept or reject the person completely.

Motivation of achievements

For Americans, competition is one of the leading methods of motivation. Russians do not welcome competition within the group. However, competition between groups and especially between countries significantly increases the motivation. Americans fully attribute their achievements to their own efforts, the achievements of Russians are considered to be equally dependent on their own efforts and on the coincidence of circumstances.

Relationships with other people

Americans have numerous friendships, but they are shallow and impermanent, social obligations are avoided. Russians are looking for deep and permanent relationships. They have a network of social obligations: "Help me, and I will help you; I will help you today, and somebody will help me tomorrow."

The concept of equality also differs: in American society, equality is the basis for interaction, in Russian - the status of a person is constantly shifting from the lowest to the higher, depending on intra- and inter-group membership. Relations in the US are informal and direct, in Russia they are more formal and structured with outsiders. In America, the roles are distributed among the members of the group, in Russia it is done by a formal leader. However, often functions are unclear, which leads to the transfer of functions to others; as a result, there is a "scapegoat", characterized by professionalism, personal responsibility, but at the same time, the inability to say "no."

Refer to the information received as to tips on dating a Russian woman. The man who knows about the Russian women culture and its key differences from American culture, will necessarily achieve success in a love affair with a Russian woman.

facts about Russian womenLanguage Barrier and How to Overcome It

Antoine de Saint-Exupery wrote: "The only luxury I know is the luxury of human communication." We advise you not to deprive yourself of this luxury because of the language barrier. It is quite easy to overcome it.

The language barrier is the difficulties that arise when speaking in a non-native language. Almost every person who studies a foreign language has experienced this unpleasant phenomenon. The barrier can arise not only for beginners, but also for people with good knowledge. And the latter is especially offensive: you know the grammar well, read the articles in a foreign language, watch movies and series in the original, and when it comes to conversation, you have to squeeze out a couple of sentences out of yourself.

How to overcome the language barrier? The enemy needs to be known in person, so let's see what this phenomenon is and how to deal with it. Understanding Russian women is not so difficult, you will see.

Psychological component of the language barrier:

1. Fear of suspense. It often happens that if it’s necessary to say something in a foreign language, we fall into a stupor. This can happen because we find ourselves in an atypical situation for ourselves: we need to talk to a stranger in a non-native language. In addition, we do not know what this conversation will turn into: what topic will the interlocutor touch, what phrase will be the next, etc.

2. Fear of error. Here it is one of the most ridiculous facts about Russian women: When speaking with an English-speaking interlocutor, Russian girls are so afraid of appearing stupid or ridiculous that they prefer to remain silent or say only Yes or No. Psychologists explain this fear by the fact that we have been accustomed since childhood: we are punished for mistakes. Therefore, even adults unconsciously try to avoid mistakes, so they prefer to keep their mouths shot.

3. The shyness caused by the accent. Some people are embarrassed by their accent. And this psychological problem sometimes assumes a universal scale: a person cannot achieve perfect pronunciation, so he prefers to keep silent and communicate with gestures.

So, you must understand that all of the above reasons for the emergence of a language barrier are ridiculous and ridiculous. As soon as you convince yourself that you are not at the exam and you are talking with a person who does not care at all what your accent is, all these problems will quickly disappear.

And by the way, you shouldn’t worry about the fact that your girlfriend has a very low level of English. Since the appearance of various online translators, the problem has almost completely disappeared. At least as long as you communicate on the Internet.

A Proposal that a Russian Woman Would Love

Russian girls like to surprise others, but they like even more when their beloved men make surprises for them. If you are going to marry a Russian woman, you need to be original. Here is a scenario of the proposal that any Russian girl will like: You send your beloved a message saying that you are waiting for her near the entrance in 5 minutes. She goes out, but instead of you she sees your friend with a bouquet of flowers and a note in which it says: "Take a bus and go somewhere." She comes there and sees another friend of yours with a clue. And so on. It turns into a kind of quest, in the finale of which she will be met by you with a proposal to marry you. You should not even dream of Russian women for marriage if you don’t begin to train your imagination.

Sum Up

Remember that there are no barriers that two loving hearts cannot overcome. Neither the language barrier nor the difference in cultures - nothing can stop you if your intentions are pure and you want to build strong long-term relationships. Russian girls also dream about you as you dream of them. So why not make those dreams come true?

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