Typical Mistakes in Dating a Russian Girl

Russian women gain surprising popularity on the international dating arena. Guys from all over the world get curious about how to meet these ladies and conquer them. In fact, there are many guides to this stuff – on our site too. In this article, I’d like to tell you about the most critical dating mistakes that men make while communicating with romantic Russian girls. You see, if you know what might go wrong, it is easier to plan your actions right.

Dating a Russian Girl

Cultural peculiarities of Russian ladies

Openness that is often perceived wrong. Russians are a nation with their unique system of values and views. In particular, straightforwardness is among their key characteristics. As it might seem to foreigners, Russians constantly break the etiquette rules. But real Russian girls for dating know how to behave. They just do not like fake people.

Belief in the knight on a white charger. As a rule, a young Russian lady is ready to for the love of her life. Not that she is a perfectionist yet it is against her nature to build a relationship with a random man. She knows what traits she is looking for and remembers her goals.

Wish to be praised by men. If you dream about dating Russian women, you should keep in mind they expect to become the centre of your attention (your match expects I mean). Be ready to become her lover and supporter so she will give it all back to you – that’s how a harmonious couple lives.

Conviction that you should take the first step. An average Russian girl prefers waiting until a man she likes will approach her on his own initiative. Do not think of ladies from Russia as of timid and indecisive. They only want to make sure they are about to date real males.

Serious attitude towards dating. Those who seek Russian women for dating should determine their priorities. As you already know, girls on Slavic dating sites long for deep feelings and dedication. If you hope to just pick a female for a hookup, there won’t be too many candidates since most Russian brides want commitment.

Common dating mistakes guys make

Regard these ladies as brainless dolls. Would you date a Russian woman just because she is fantastically attractive? I hope that it is not about you. Russian girls are, in fact, very smart and tend to make successful careers in different spheres. Dating such a lady requires you to make certain efforts to maintain your happy romance.

Underestimate their capabilities. Some men in the West think that Russian girls capable of nothing but becoming good housewives. So they treat their matches as if those were unable to think on their own. Yet not always a man knows better!

Forget to give gifts. This is actually one of the most disappointing dating mistakes men make. Take it right, Russian girls are not more materialistic than their counterparts in other countries. On the other hand, they wish to get the evidence of your love.

Skimp on words of love. Dating Russian girls is all about personal communication. They love having long conversations with men who can tell some great stories and teach them new things. Likewise, they want to hear nice phrases from you. Don’t forget to express your affection!

Think all Russian brides want just money and sex. I used to know foreign guys who thought that to date a Russian girl means just to spend nights with her and surround her with luxury. In fact, most Russian brides don’t need gold – they seek for what they call “the small female happiness” i.e. love, devotion, and stability.

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