10 Best Sex Positions to Hit the G-spot

Scientists have been searching for new ways of reaching an orgasm for many decades. Especially it concerns the female one. Everyone dreamed of discovering a "spot" on the female body which would be responsible for the multiple orgasms, turning the young lady's consciousness into multi-colored confetti. Such a discovery took place in the 40s of the last century. However, people are still arguing about its veracity no less than about a Snow Man, a UFO or life on Mars. The most frequent question sounds like, “Is the G-spot real?”

Many girls are mistakenly convinced that they cannot have an orgasm. "Frigidity" is one of the myths that "pull" on themselves those who have not yet found their G-spot. Of course, in ideal circumstances, a woman should study her body herself to find out all of its abilities because even the most skillful lover is not a psychic. However, if she hasn’t done that for some reasons yet, learn all the secret desires and open new erogenous zones together, smoothly approaching the mysterious woman's G-spot.

where is the g spot located

What is a G-spot?

The first erogenous zone in the vagina was described by the German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg in the middle of the last century. In the early 80's, this area was officially named the G-spot after the "discoverer." This term became popular thanks to Beverly Whipple, Alice Ladas, John Perry, the authors of “The G-Spot and Other Recent Discoveries About Human Sexuality,” which became the main reference point in the history of the G-spot.

Thanks to TV advertising, even first-graders know about the fact that men have a prostate. It is harder to believe that most women have it as well. More precisely, the prostate gland in an immature, embryonic state is usually called the G-spot. However, how can women have the male organ? It turns out that all people in the first 45 days of their pre-natal childhood are girls. Only after this period, the chromosomes build the final mosaic under the influence of a special hormone, endowing a kid with male or female sex. Simply put, the cells from which the female and male genital organs are formed are almost identical.

Taking into account the fact that both sexes are created from the same cells, scientists believe that the G-spot is nothing more than unused tissue that forms the prostate. As you know, a prostate is an extremely sensitive organ, and therefore, the G-spot is endowed with the ability to acutely perceive sensations and react actively to them. Moreover, some scientists believe that the G-spot is surrounded by erectile tissue, so when a woman is excited, it guarantees her a miniature erection.

How to find the G-spot?

The main thing that you can face on the way to the woman’s orgasm is, in fact, the search for the G-spot. Millions of people simply cannot find it! Therefore, they say that it does not exist, and it's all a myth and not the discovery of scientists. Besides, according to studies, unfortunately, not all women have it. Nevertheless, in the case of a positive result, where is the G-spot located? It can be found on the anterior rough wall of the vagina. There is a small eminence 3-5 cm from the entrance to the vagina, reminiscent of the soft peel of walnut and is very sensitive to pressing.

g spot massageOne of the most important things you should be aware of is that it’s impossible to find the G-spot if a woman is not excited. Initially, it has the size of a pea, and in an excited state, it reaches the size of a quite big button. Therefore, if you are going to look for it, make sure you have done your best to excite the woman. Remember that a woman needs at least 15-20 minutes of preliminary caresses to turn on well. Only then the G-spot will triple in size, and you will be able to find it quite easily.

The G-spot orgasm is considered to be the simultaneous achievement of the clitoral and vaginal orgasms. That is, an activation of the G-spot allows women to simultaneously experience two types of orgasm, which is often not available. The main problem is that the vaginal area in which the pleasure center is located is insensitive, and it is required some efforts to “turn it on.”

How to stimulate the G-spot?

To find the G-spot is half the battle, and it’s not enough to reach an orgasm. Due to the fact that it is quite deep inside, it should be accustomed to caresses to awaken it. Anyway, a woman should listen to her own feelings, understand what and how she likes.

The G-spot massage is the first step on the way to success. The perfect pose for it is when a girl lies on her back, and a man lies on his side, facing the girl. He should enter his middle and ring fingers into the vagina and put his thumb on the clitoris. It is necessary to caress both areas at the same time, doing slightly pressing movements. You can imagine that you spell out a message in Morse code, for example, the SOS signal. Ideally, you should try to make her cum. As soon as her brain will understand that this kind of pleasure depends on the G-spot stimulation, her body will subconsciously adapt to it. The spot will “switch on” at the stage of the usual foreplay. However, do not forget to use a lubricant.

The G-spot sex positions

You can also awaken the G-spot during sexual intercourse. Some lucky girls meet this challenge. Many of them do it intuitively, simply following their own feelings. The main thing is to find the right angle of penetration. You need to create pressure on the front wall of the vagina. Movements should be short and intermittent, that is, in fact, just like with the massage or one of the modes of the G-spot vibrator. You should press the G-spot with your penis. On the one hand, it is more difficult, on the other hand, if you do everything right, your penis will much better stimulate the desired area. The next time it will respond to your caresses more explicitly, and in a week or two of regular training, your girlfriend will be able to reach a strong vaginal orgasm in all the G-spot positions.

Man-on-top position. It's quite easy to cum using this sex position because you dominate during frictions, and there is an active stimulation of the G-spot. Besides, the girl's raised up and bent knees will provide a deep penetration. For additional acuity of sensations, you can caress her ankles and hips at first, and when you see that the girl is going to cum, put your palm on her clitoris. Additional stimulation of the clitoris will give her a very special sensation, this is the kind of orgasm described in the finale of the novel "Eleven Minutes" by Paulo Coelho. So, if you are looking for positions to hit the G-spot, pay attention to those where a man is on top.

Leaning rest position. When a girl is lying on her back, tell her to pull up her knees bent and cross them. When you penetrate her vagina, she should gently press her feet against your chest. Supporting her hips, you can make tight frictions. How can you properly stimulate the G-spot? The main thing in this sex position is to keep her legs crossed, thanks to this her vagina will surround your penis with a very “dense ring.” In addition, in this position, despite the moment that you are on top, it is very convenient for the girl to use the muscles of the vagina, strengthening the penis pressure on all sensitive areas.

Rock 'n' roll position. It differs from the above-mentioned position only in the fact that her feet are on your shoulders. This position is the best option for "the happy end" if you have started having sex in a usual man-on-top position. The couples who like to look into each other's eyes during sex and combine frictions with sensual kisses will like this position. It is one of the best possible options for hitting the G-spot.

g spot vibratorsGorgeous eight position. Kama Sutra has slightly refined the classic missionary position for a massage of the G-spot. You are on top, and she puts a pair of pillows under the ass to make the penetration of your penis even deeper. In this sex position, the G-spot is very actively stimulated and, in addition, your pubic rubs against her clitoris, bringing more pleasure. As they say, “You will have all the pleasure you desire.” Besides, if you want to surprise her even more, you can make circular frictions and the figure-eight movements. There's a good chance you will reach orgasm at the same time. This is just the best sex position to hit the G-spot.

The G-spot toys

In modern sex shops, there is a very large assortment of G-spot vibrators. Each of them has several speeds, but they are not designed to get different kinds of pleasure, but to choose the most comfortable speed for the girl. Anyway, she will choose the best G-spot vibrator for her by trial and error. Nonetheless, there is the list of the main possible options that will help the girl understand her body better and reach the desired orgasm.

Flexible embossed vibrator (For example, RestArt Sparta.) The toy's motor is not in the handle of the device, but it is built into its top. This means that the maximum applied force will be at the tip, that is, exactly for active stimulation of her G-spot. The toy is very flexible and bends equally well in either direction. Nine modes of vibration are switched by means of one button, so there is nothing superfluous.

Waterproof vibrator (For example, Adrien Lastic Billy the Kid 2.) This vibrator has the basic diameter of almost 4 cm, and the trunk is bent by waves. In addition, it is delineated by small reliefs, which are made for stimulation of the vagina’s walls. There are ten modes of stimulation, starting with constant strong vibration to complex pulsations. Therefore, the G-spot will not remain without attention.

Just perfect vibrator (For example, Baile Pretty Love Upton.) This vibrator has a very interesting design, which allows for stimulating the most sensitive area. It has a soft air cushion on the handle, which adjusts the intensity of vibration when you press and transmits vibrations more strongly than the rest of the trunk. To achieve maximum results, you need to squeeze the cushion, or, on the contrary, you can lightly press on it if you want to achieve delicate vibration. In addition, the vibrator has a classical control system. You can choose any of the 12 favorite modes.

Anatomical twisted vibrator (For example, Fun Toys Gjack 2.) This toy is a must-have for girls who like strong stimulation. It is long and quite wide, has an anatomical top, and it is simple and convenient to handle. It has 6 modes of vibration, starting with the gentlest and to the very rough and sharp. So, be careful, this toy is not for everyone.

Vibrator with two motors for clitoral and the G-spot stimulation (For example, Fun Factory Lady Bi.) This device is specifically designed for the G-spot orgasm thanks to the perfect length of the trunk and a slightly bent tip, which help focus on the desired area. Besides, soft bulges on the trunk allow stimulating the walls. The vibrator has two motors, so you will surely like the process.

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