Latest Sex Trends You Should Definitely Try

Like any other kind of activity, sexual intercourse depends on trends and fashion. Latest sex trends help people have more sensual pleasure and satisfy each other way more effectively. Each year new sex trends appear and the variety of original tools, methods, attitudes, and approaches are introduced for the benefit of the lovers across the world. Read the following guide to know the most popular sex trends you should definitely try.

new sex trends

VR Porn

Modern technologies allow you to experience things people have never even imagined before. One of them is Virtual Reality. Providing you don’t have anything against porn as such, you can experience a whole new level of pleasure. Keep in mind that watching erotica or porn as part of a foreplay can significantly increase sexual attraction and improve your mood for the better. VR porn is one of the most modern sex trends but it has already been praised by many lovers and is quite popular now. Instead of just watching you can move the perspective and even participate in what you’re watching. So, for example, you can make your sexual experience diverse without breaching trust of your partner or taking any risks. And it is pretty exciting too because it feels real.

New Sex Toys

Among other current sex trends, sex toys should definitely be named as one of the most popular. Some say that each day a new sex toy is created and put in production. If you think you know all about what kinds of toys exist, forget all about it and acknowledge your complete unawareness. Modern sex toys are like nothing you’ve ever seen or imagined. They can do amazing things and they’re definitely worth a try. After all, you never know what you might like until you try. For example, there are toys equally applicable to be used by men and women and there are also toys which provide you with a better access to the most sensitive places. Sex with such toys is twice as better simply because it is original, innovative, and, of course, effective.


Hearing the word “events” you probably automatically start to think about orgies. And you’re right that there’s nothing new about them. But it often happens so that new things are the old things in disguise. Organizing sexual events is one of the recent sex trends. You shouldn’t necessarily be a swinger or a bisexual to try it. For example, you attend a special party where seeing sexually free behavior will encourage you and build up your attraction. Just observing the event is participation. It is even better than VR porn. Sex becomes more and more diverse with religious and social restrictions no longer restraining people from expressing themselves. Be sure to try it. It happens in a lot of big cities around the world.

recent sex trendsKarezza

Karezza or coitus reservatus is not new. It was developed in ancient India as part of their religious tradition. What is it? Simply put, it is sexual intercourse without male orgasm. But only now it becomes widely popular across the world. Karezza is one of the newest sex trends, even though it is not really new. People in the East have known about it for thousands of years. People in the Western countries only now start to see and feel its benefits.

Karezza allows you to be sexually excited and energetic longer and better because orgasm does not deprive you of the energy making you attracted to your partner all the time. In ancient India many people were getting married even before they were born because their parents organized family unions by making contract marriages. Karezza is mentioned in the famous Kama Sutra. Using karezza requires careful and attentive approach as well as guidance and training. It can be seen as weird among other new trends in sex. However, in truth, it really is more natural than using toys or computers. Moreover, it is more likely for a woman to have orgasm with karezza seeing as how usually a man quits after his own orgasm which is quite egoistic despite the fact that it is natural.

Sex Rooms

Having sex in an unusual place is the perfect way to make your sexual intercourse more diverse and spicy. Using sex rooms is one of the most popular millennial sex trends. Instead of going to the boring hotels which are all alike, you better try renting a sex room. Sex rooms can be rented and paid for hourly or nightly. They are designed specifically to encourage you and increase sexual attraction. There are many different thematic rooms which costumes, toys, music, holograms, paintings, carefully adjusted furniture, special beds, sheets, etc. Having sexual intercourse in a sex room is like nothing else you’ve ever tried. It is quite exciting and pretty amazing. You and your partner will be astonished by the wonderful possibilities provided by the specific adjustments made in a sex room.


BDSM is no longer a fetish because more and more people start to do it occasionally in order to break the routine. Still, it is considered to be among the weird sex trends. Not everybody is into it and a lot of people simply can’t handle it. However, sex rooms allow you to use such things as whips and handcuffs in order to get an exciting experience and make some unforgettable memories. You should consider trying it at least once. People comment that, for example, playing with candles and wax increases sensual pleasure just as well as bondage or other common BDSM techniques. The most important rule in BDSM is a mutual agreement and its voluntary nature. Both partners should only do what they allow each other to do. BDSM is pretty old but only now it becomes widely popular. It is no longer stigmatized as “brutal” or “sinful” because it allows people to express themselves more fully.

Role Games

Role games as part of sexual intercourse also become more and more popular, even though it is not a new thing. Dressing in costumes and pretending to be someone else can easily spice up your sex life and transform sexual intercourse into a spectacular experience. It reveals and uncovers hidden desires and turns sex into art seeing as how partners pretend they’re someone else. Without any doubt, role games are worth a try. Paradoxically, you are even more yourself when you take a break from being yourself and acting like yourself. That is because your usual self is a set of restrains and limitations. When you play a role game you express your inner hidden desires and, thus, overcome your usual self with its set of limitations. Therefore, sexual intercourse becomes a revelation, not a just an average sensual pleasure. So, buy a few costumes, make up a scenario, and get moving. Without any doubt, you won’t regret it.

newest sex trendsDating Applications

Modern dating applications like Tinder allow you to have more sex with more people. It helps you find the most suitable partner and become an experienced lover in the process of training. Some applications even specifically indicate that people are to meet primarily for sex. In our day and age it is the best opportunity to unburden yourself. It is because meeting people in real life becomes harder and harder each day, no matter how intelligently and skillfully you do the whole “pick up” thing. People are distracted by many things like media, rapid infrastructure, busy way of life, etc. In some ways, people become alienated and start to have intimacy problems feeling they are disconnected. Using dating applications allows you to find the most suitable partner thanks to the variety of choices and a clever search system. You are more likely to find a suitable partner with whom it’s possible to have awesome sex using dating applications than wandering the streets and attending bars going for anything that pops out.


Sexting is very popular. It is one of the newest sex trends in America. Thanks to the smart phones and chatting applications you can easily chat with people all over the world. Chatting about sex is sexting. This thing is all about imagination. Because there is no physical contact, there are no restrains. You can say whatever you want, whatever you have always wanted to say, well, because you’re saying it, not doing it. It can help partners get to know each other a little bit better because you are less likely to pretend and adjust your behavior doing sexting. It is a beautiful detail in the whole foreplay thing because in the process of sexting partners become more attracted to each other exactly because they are unable to see or feel the presence of each other.

New Contraceptives

Contraceptives were not created for pleasure. On the contrary, they decrease the levels of pleasure and give you less satisfaction limiting sensual contact. Nevertheless, using them is critical because of the many different risks which are all quite well known. However, using new kinky contraceptives is among the latest sex trends in Japan. Not only are they thinner and colorful but they smell magnificently and are shaped differently. Some companies even sell condoms soaked in aphrodisiacs in order to compensate for its negative effects. Make sure to try it.


Marijuana is now legalized in Canada and the USA. It is completely harmless. It is scientifically proven that marijuana is a natural aphrodisiac. It makes you feel more pleasure doing the same things. Just the same as food or music feel better when you smoke a joint, so does sex. A lot of people nowadays smoke before sex in order to get more from it. And it works. So, don’t be prejudiced and just give it a try.

Well, now you know the latest sex trends. Smoking marijuana, doing karezza, and using new contraceptives are all the good ways to have a better sexual intercourse. You should consider visiting a sex room or watching VR porn. Whatever you do, have a good time!

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