10 Vacation Ideas for Singles Over 50

Many people believe that when they reach a certain age, they will be able to enjoy the so-called “well-deserved rest,” but even if they end their professional career, often they don’t have the opportunity to relax and enjoy life to the fullest. Most of them have to turn into babysitters, helping their grandchildren or solve various problems of their other relatives. However, if you are single in your 50s or 60s, then it’s worth making your interest and desires the biggest priority.

In many developed countries, the tourism industry provides seniors with special tours and routes that are less fussy and dangerous. Besides, numerous hotels come up with special dishes on the menu for those who have dentures, some dietary restrictions or who need special medical recommendations. In general, everything is done to make the rest of the older people as comfortable as possible. And if you have good health and are full of energy, then the whole world in its all diversity is open for you. If you don’t want to travel alone, you can find a woman online.

Someone will say that it’s necessary to have a certain mindset and be at least a bit “restless” to take a trip for singles over 50 because it’s necessary to have the courage to leave a comfort zone and go to travel when you aren't that young. However, even if you are a typical homebody, it is still worth reflecting on vacations for singles over 50 and live out your boldest wishes.

travel for singles over 50

What You Need to Know Before Going on a Trip in Your 50s

It can be difficult to decide on travel for singles over 50 especially if you have never made journeys further away than the neighboring city. Maybe you didn’t have an opportunity to do that earlier due to big professional workload or personal problems. Maybe you have been waiting for your one and only to start traveling together with them, but this never happened. And now you realize that your time slips through your fingers like sand, leaving a bad aftertaste of unfulfilled dreams. Well, it’s never too late to change your life for the better. If you feel depressed or lonely, traveling and being involved in single ladies online dating can become your safety ring and the best cure. What can it provide you with?

1. You will be able to distract from routine

You wake up, do some shopping, sometimes overeat at night, and sleep less than necessary. You may function like a robot every day, having fallen into the routine of monotony. However, if you decide to implement one of the vacation ideas for singles over 50 and go somewhere, you will allow yourself to break this vicious circle. A trip will help you re-evaluate your life and improve your emotional state.

2. You will get additional charge of courage

People can be single for different reasons, and one of them is that they don’t have enough courage to take the first step or they have too many unnecessary fears. When you start traveling, you will face the challenge. You will leave your comfort zone and will have to face your fears. You may have to communicate with a big number of strangers, ask questions and joke. After such experience, you will take a step toward “recovering” and becoming happy with an attractive senior lady.

3. You will feel grateful for life

After experiencing all positive moments and meeting new interesting people, you will get an opportunity to feel grateful for being alive and having enough health to do all that. You have been collecting material things for all your life, but there is a chance that your values will change after your first trip, and you will start gathering a “cache of gems” of another kind. Pleasant memories and emotions are things that will “keep a fire burning” inside you.

singles holidays over 50 4. You should be 100% sure you can afford a certain type of trip

People who are over 50 should be wary of traveling long distances, flights, and long cruises. Some travel-related factors, such as sudden changes in weather and temperature, prolonged sitting, hours of walking, etc. can affect your health. Therefore, it is best to study all the trips singles over 50 in advance and focus on those that will be the most comfortable for your health. There are a few important tips to consider when traveling for singles over 50.

Travel Tips for Singles Over 50

Traveling is a fascinating process, accompanied by learning new things and broadening one's horizons. And it doesn’t even matter if it’s a short trip to one of the European countries or one of the long-term singles over 50 cruises. You will get new experiences anyway. However, before you go on a trip, you should consider certain things since traveling can be also associated with some tedious procedures, starting with getting visas, mandatory vaccinations, and ending with packing a suitcase. The most common problem is that people take too many unnecessary things and ignore more useful ones. To cope with alike problems, its necessary to consider different factors like the place of destination, the duration of the trip, climate and own requirement to comfort. However, what else should you pay attention to when going on singles holidays over 50?

1. Get the consent or approval of a doctor

If you have a special health condition that requires constant monitoring by a doctor, it is important to obtain the approval of a doctor before going on a trip. The doctor will advise what drugs to take on the trip, what to expect from your state of health during the trip and what to do in case of a change in well-being. If you are constantly taking certain medications, then you should take a reasonable amount for the entire duration of your vacation. Also, do not forget to observe adequate storage conditions for medicines during the trip, for example, some drugs can be stored only in the cold.

2. Figure out details of the trip

If you have some health issues, try to avoid long-haul flights, choosing singles over 50 getaways, and if this is not possible, then choose morning departures: from the point of view of age physiology, they are tolerated in adulthood much better than evening or night ones. Train travels are often preferable: after all, you can walk a bit and lie down when you need that. If you are planning a bus tour, choose one that provides for frequent and a bit prolonged stops. Ideally, a 20-30-minute break is needed every hour and a half, and you need a good rest with the opportunity to lie down or take a nap in a motel or hotel every 7-8 hours. The same goes for car trips.

3. Know your strength

When planning excursions, pay attention to their duration and time. For example, two-hour walking sightseeing in the heat is definitely not the best choice, while an air-conditioned bus tour with stops near key attractions is the best solution. An older man should get an opportunity to sit, relax in a cool place, and regain strength more often than a young guy. In general, the combination of a cultural excursion program with various health procedures may be the best solution for you. In this case, you will get the most positive emotions from your vacation.

4. Travel light

It’s much easier for older people to travel with small luggage, so you can be mobile and not be stressed by carrying heavy suitcases. Choose the most convenient travel bag option, so that it can be easily pushed and picked up if necessary. Give preference to a rolling suitcase. Do not take excess baggage, take several tops and pants that can be easily combined. Do not put heavy things in your hand luggage. You should better use a bag with a zipper so that nothing falls out of the bag during the trip.

5. Avoid jet lag

Jet lag can become a real challenge, which even young people cannot always tolerate well, especially during long-distance flights, when the body prepares to take a nap, but it turns out that there is a sunrise outside the window. And if you are over fifty, then any changes in time can be felt more keenly. The situation is aggravated by the fact that many seniors take medicines, the intake of which is regulated by the time of day and meal. When you change more than three time zones, it can affect your regime and health, since the usual intake of medicines will be postponed.

Vacation Ideas for Singles Over 50

When it’s about choosing the best vacation destinations for singles over 50, it’s possible to say that everything depends on the personal preferences, health conditions and amount of money that you are ready to spend on your journey. If you do not talk about the budget, then it’s worth considering what you want to get. Should it be about camping, sightseeing or active and refreshing beach vacation? vacation destinations for singles over 50Or maybe you are dreaming about singles over 50 vacation packages to worry about nothing at all? How to choose the perfect holiday destination that will meet all your preferences and requirements? Consider the above-mentioned tips and think carefully about what activities attract you most.

1. Italy

If you live somewhere in Europe or you are planning a long stay there, then Italy can become a great choice for both those who enjoy beach vacation and sightseeing. Warm weather will please you from May and to October. So, you will get a great opportunity to take a sunbath, swim in the gentle waters of the Mediterranean Sea and walk through beautiful cities since, at this time, the temperature does not drop below +25 ° C. The warmest resorts will be the island of Sardinia, Rimini or the famous Italian Riviera. If you are going to take a trip in October, but do not want to deny yourself a beach holiday, it is better to make a choice in favor of southern Italy. For example, go to Sicily.

2. France

Most tourists who are going to visit France, want to see the impressive sights of its capital. If you can relate yourself to them, then going to this country would be an ideal option. If you don’t like crowds of people, then a trip to this country from October till May will be the right choice. As a result, you can safely walk through the halls of the Palace of Versailles, visit Monceau Park and the Tuileries Gardens, view the beauties of the city from the heights of the Eiffel Tower and, of course, enjoy a cup of coffee on a slightly chilly evening at the Merci Beech. Arriving in Paris in the autumn, you will more clearly feel the spirit of the city and its romantic atmosphere, so maybe this trip will give you a chance to get acquainted with an attractive stranger.

3. Montenegro

It is a great option for an individual holiday. Montenegro, being one of the Eastern European countries, is very convenient both from a geographical point of view and from a tourist one. In August, water temperature ranges from +24-26 ° C, and the air is about +27-30 ° C. Beautiful hotels and beaches, as well as the opportunity to taste amazing dishes of national cuisine, are complemented by sightseeing tours of historical and natural attractions like Durmitor National Park. You can purchase a tour at the agency or rent a car and drive around the country, admiring the unique mountain landscape.

4. Tunisia

This North African country is gradually gaining popularity. Air temperature ranges from +25-35 degrees almost around the year. However, the desert climate allows tolerating high temperatures pretty well. The resort areas will provide you with magnificent sandy beaches, and this is one of the singles vacations over 50 all-inclusive options. In addition to a beach holiday, you can enjoy many excursions to historical places in the country. One of the most visited Tunisian resorts is Hammamet, senior people choose it for its well-equipped wellness centers and quiet conditions.

5. Cuba

The island of “communism” may appeal to those tourists who do not want to part with the summer weather in later autumn and winter. In this regard, Cuban resorts are ideal. The temperature here is + 30 ° C, water is about +29 ° C. Cuba will meet you with a bright sun starting with October. The island has excellent infrastructure for a beach holiday. You do not have to apply for a visa if your travel lasts less than a month. Talking about possible entertainment, you will be offered fishing, multiple excursions as well as participating in colorful festivals.

6. The Dominican Republic

The Latin American flavor and temperament of its inhabitants are especially evident in solemn occasions. If you want to see this personally and enjoy the blue lagoons, then the Dominican Republic will gladly provide you with such an opportunity. Water is about +27 ° C in winter, so you will be able to swim and enjoy sunbathes. You will get a true paradise vacation in the country of eternal summer. But you should remember that New Year's trips to the Dominican Republic are twice as expensive. The most popular resorts are the resorts of Punta Cana and Puerto Plata. The hotels have a Christmas and New Year program.

7. Israel

Autumn and winter are the best time to visit the Promised Land. Indeed, it is too hot there in the summer, especially for senior tourists. Weather in Israel will allow you to enjoy the sun and the sea (Red, Mediterranean, and Dead) until November-December. Therefore, if you do not have time to get out on vacation in the summer, it is not a big deal. In addition to a beach holiday, the Israeli tourism industry will offer you many excursions to places and ancient sights that are symbolic for all world religions.

singles over 50 getaways8. Go on a cruise

Before you go on a sea voyage on a liner for a week or more, first, try to go on a cruise for 3-4 days. Many popular cruise companies, for example, Royal Caribbean, MSC, Costa Cruises and others offer short cruises in the Western Mediterranean: departing from Barcelona, and arriving in Genoa or Rome, and vice versa departing from Rome and arriving in Barcelona. Usually, during these cruises, you can see the cities of Italy, France, and Spain. There are many options for short cruises in Northern Europe with a call to Amsterdam and Copenhagen. Short cruises to the Greek islands with departures from Piraeus (port near Athens) are very popular among single seniors as well.

9. China

This tourist option is suitable for those who need a rich cultural program for a quality vacation. And in this regard, few countries can compete with China. Having chosen the Celestial Empire as the object of your research, you can fully plunge into the unusual world of the East, visit temples, museums and even monasteries, see the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City. You can also bring a lot of souvenirs from your trip because shopping in China is one of the most affordable in the world.

10. Goa

Going on a trip to Goa in autumn or winter means combining a magnificent beach holiday with an educational component, especially if you are a fan of Indian culture. Air temperature is about +30 ° C, water is about +28 ° C. By the way, it is very easy to get a visa, you can do it even online. And the cost of your holiday will be quite affordable. It is worth it if you want to admire the exotic nature, visit specialized Ayurvedic centers, temples or try a yoga retreat.

What to Look for When Choosing a Destination?

When choosing a destination, decide on what you want to get from the trip and study information about all the possibilities that you will have in each case. If you want to choose a cruise, remember that different liners and different cruise companies attract completely different people, including nationality, age, and marital status. Think about the age of the passengers who will surround you on the liners. For example, long cruises are likely to attract senior people.

If you want to get unusual emotions and get acquainted with other singles, don’t be afraid to approach them and start a casual talk. Surprise, curiosity, and enthusiasm are among feelings that inevitably accompany travels and saturate life with new colors. Vivid sensations can even help you feel younger. Having met your soulmate during the trip, you are guaranteed to have something to remember and talk about. Even not the most pleasant stories will cause a smile and a feeling of nostalgia. One phrase “Do you remember how we ...” will be enough for you to understand each other and get closer.

Enjoy Every Single Moment of Your Journey

As a rule, being in their 50s and over, people have many more opportunities to plan a trip as 20 years ago. Now you have a great life experience and are well aware of your preferences and desires. Besides, you have financial independence and time to enjoy your life to the fullest. Do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of all this and brighten your life!

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