Chemistry Between Two People: What Is It and How to Notice It

Stuck in a boring, unemotional relationship or tired of a love slide? In order not to drag yourself into a destructive, hopeless alliance with an unsuitable person, you need to understand what compatibility and chemistry are. Today, we will find out how to stop confusing these concepts and how understanding the notions will help you build meaningful relationships. Most articles with tips on choosing the soulmate do not talk much about such concepts as compatibility and mutual attraction, or chemistry. It is assumed that people understand the meaning of such things on an intuitive level. When you are attracted to someone, you just feel it.

If you meet someone you have bad compatibility with, it's hard not to see it either. Just remember the feeling when you bite a spoiled apple.

chemistry between two people

Compatibility and chemistry are usually ignored by the authors of articles that dwell on building a relationship because they cannot be imitated or influenced in any way. Instead, we spend a lot of time exploring ways to improve ourselves, acquiring skills in self-presentation, and learning all sorts of wise techniques to help us communicate with the opposite sex. And all of the above is done to increase our value in the "relationship market’." All these tips are needed to attract a person who seems inaccessible to us, to find a way to make him/her notice us. “A girl you have never met before.” “The man you've been dreaming of all your life.” And if these unattainable men or women are initially not compatible with us, well, we just don't want to hear anything about it. And for nothing. You can always find a suitable mate for yourself by clicking the link to get acquainted with single women online.

What Is the Chemistry Between People?

The ultimate question arises: what is chemistry between two people? People often confuse compatibility with chemistry, but in fact, the difference between them is very large. Most of us use these concepts carelessly to describe the mysterious phenomena that occur between two people: the invisible and inexpressible connection or its absence. In fact, compatibility is a natural coincidence of the values and lifestyle of two people. There is clearly no compatibility between a priest and a stripper, so they are unlikely to dare to build a relationship with each other at all. Simply put, if you appreciate smart, educated women and meet a girl who has left university and prefers guys with big muscles who like to hunt deer, you will have an incompatibility with her.

In all likelihood, the relationship will not work out for you. Educated men of liberal views usually meet with educated women of liberal views as well. Hedonists choose hedonists. Religious fanatics choose the same religious fanatics. And people with different moral values tend to dislike each other. Sometimes this even leads to total intolerance. Do verbal conversations suck? Meet woman now by joining the website community.

The Definition of Chemistry

The definition of chemistry between two people may be explained as follows: the emotional connection that arises between people when they are next to each other. When very strong chemistry between two people with certain characteristics of their personality is formed, emotional response from each other is evoked. One person's warm emotions are mirrored in the other, and a cycle of positive reactions is created, which makes these people feel better and better next to each other.

signs of chemistry between two peopleIf you are attracted to someone, this person takes up all your thoughts and sometimes all your free time. If you hear a call, you hope it's from the object of your sympathy. And most likely, it is. You're always wondering what he (or she) would think about this song, this film, the weather, how he or she would comment on your visit to the dentist and the like.

Types of Chemistry

We fall in love by accident, spontaneously. But when it comes to true love, there should definitely be three kinds of intense chemistry between two people. Then love becomes three-dimensional, and then it is real, tangible. And here are the kinds of chemistry we are talking about.

1. Physical

Simple body chemistry between two people who consider each other physically attractive. Love must develop, but it is not enough. Physical chemistry attracts people to each other and arouses interest. And to have something more, two other kinds of chemistry need to be developed.

2. Intellectual

This is chemistry which is formed when two people can talk for hours. The conversation goes on naturally, and they stimulate each other intellectually. They communicate as if they complement each other, they have a real dialogue. To feel the intellectual "chemistry" with someone is like finding your home in another person's mind. Most of the communication is non-verbal, and silence is comfortable.

3. Spiritual

This is when characters are combined. It is deeper than opinions and beliefs. Spiritual "chemistry" is when you look at life the same way, you have the same values. You feel safe and secure with each other, you feel that your heart is at home, not just your mind. You value each other as individuals. This is the love that exists when the relationship becomes more than the sum of its components.

What Chemistry in a Relationship Depends on?

The chemistry of relationships is a familiar concept to many, but not everyone knows exactly what it means. Sometimes a person may seem to be likable, but a close relationship with them is not easy to build. The chemistry of relationships is quite different. You're just attracted to a person so much that you can't literally do anything about it. It seems that a person may not be an ideal or a standard of physical beauty or other qualities, but there is something so inexplicable in it that makes you move inevitably in their direction. This is what chemistry means in a relationship when the movement towards it occurs regardless of objective factors.

Some will say that the chemistry of relationships is a set of substances that exudes one partner and reads the other. Others may recall that strong chemistry in a relationship is only possible when partners have already met in past lives and have not yet fulfilled their program with each other. Let’s consider what creates chemistry between two people when it comes to a relationship.

1. Frankness. Frankness and sincerity in the relationship are one of the guarantees of chemistry between partners. When there is frankness in the relationship, there is an inexplicable sense of comfort, and your conversation is built absolutely naturally and at ease. A sense of absolute spiritual frankness and honesty is a powerful sign of chemistry that is necessary for the preservation of chemistry in the relationship.

2. Interest in each other. Interest in a partner is another component of chemistry in a relationship. Opposites attract. This is the first step in establishing some kind of connection, but the main basis of the relationship is when two people have common interests that they can talk about or do together. It also proves that they will always enjoy each other's company. When you are in a relationship for a long time, the interest in the partner gradually fades away because you think you know everything about the person. And if the interest in a person disappears, the chemistry disappears as well.

3. Intimacy. When even in a crowded room you feel the level of intimacy between you two. When you can have whole conversations, and your eyes are constantly looking at each other during conversations. When you close your eyes, you two can look at each other endlessly, even without feeling anything strange.

4. Physical attractiveness. We are genetically inclined to look for a partner based on their physical attractiveness. After all, humans are also an animal species that wants to reproduce. Strong sexual magnetism is a typical signal of the presence of chemistry, although it may be present to a small extent, even in simple friendly relationships. Physical attractiveness in a relationship is undoubtedly important. Without this factor, you will not be able to become partners because the sexual element is one of the main components in the relationship.

Signs of Chemistry Between People

As we've managed to figure out what causes chemistry between two people, let’s proceed to the actual signs that may help understand whether the phenomenon of chemistry is present between you and another person.

Perhaps you are familiar with this feeling: there is a spark between you, and you are inexplicably attracted to a person. Compatibility between people depends largely on whether there is notorious chemistry between them. The hormonal explosion and reactions in our bodies are the result of this chemistry. They instinctively tell us that this is our person. It is known that the brightest love novels are written about people who are embraced by love fever. And they are the last ones to notice it among the people around them. The amazing thing is that these stories are not fiction. Very often one or both people don't understand that they are attracted to each other. Here are 5 signs of chemistry between two people.

what creates chemistry between two people1.Connection on a spiritual level

Have you ever had the feeling that you've known this particular person for a long time? Such a powerful feeling doesn't occur often, and you can say it's even unique. A spiritual connection is very important for maintaining harmonious relations and understanding of the other person. Although we sometimes have no idea why we feel a strong spiritual bond with someone, they do exist. You understand the thoughts of the interlocutor, and sometimes, it even seems that you can read their mind. Ordinary magic! If you have had this feeling more than once when communicating with someone attractive to you, be sure that this is one of the signs of chemistry.

2.Physical excitement

The second sign on our list isn't just about lust or dirty things. It means that first of all, the chemistry in people is manifested at the physiological level. It can be:

  • mild nervousness;
  • fussiness;
  • confused breathing;
  • rosy cheeks.

When physical excitement arises, there is a constant desire to touch the object of sympathy, even in those moments when it is not necessary. Such signs are especially noticeable to others.

As for sexual attraction, it is a feature that others may not notice. But lust increases many times when you see a person, feelings for who have not yet been fully realized.

3.Long conversations and looking for common interests

When the chemistry between two people exists, the conversation with the other person can usually go on indefinitely, and there may be even a feeling of losing the notion of time. At this stage, we should remember, however, that timid people may be afraid to drag out the conversation and be quite short, without any interest (in fact, because it can be more difficult). But you should understand as well that it is quite possible that what is of interest is the subject of the conversation, not your personality.

Besides, among the behavioral signals that show interest and chemistry between two people is the presence and/or search for several common interests. In this sense, there is a mutual interest in knowing the opinion and tastes of the other person, even without a specific purpose. Also, if common elements are found, they can be used to encourage interaction.

4.Emotional manifestations

Complicity and trust

Another aspect that tells us about the existence of chemistry between two people is different manifestations on the emotional level. The presence of those as complicity and ease of trust in the other is related to this. Often, we are unconsciously inclined to trust the person we like more than the others. In the same way, it is easier for us to feel understood by those we feel the chemistry with.


Deeply related to the previous point, usually, when there are a mutual interest and chemistry, it is easier to understand the thoughts, opinions, and emotions of another as well as to be relatively easier to put yourself in their place and imagine what can happen in their mind. This fact is important when comparing the existing opinion of others about this person and the one you have made.

Personal favor

Finally, the two people who are attracted to each other tend to increase their propensity for others. We are more prolific and generous, and we spend more time and effort to waste time and/or do things that will please or help the person we are interested in.

5. Body Orientation and imitation

intense chemistry between two peopleFoot Orientation

Another sign of attraction between two people is the orientation of their feet. Usually, we unconsciously point one or both feet at a person who is of interest to us. Besides, we usually tend to orient our bodies in such a way that both people meet face to face, our shoulders and torso coincide with the shoulders of another person. This does not imply mutual chemistry per se, given that this can be due to a variety of factors, but if both seek to be face-to-face it can be a sign.


When chemistry exists between two people, they usually imitate the behavior of another person at an unconscious level. We copy or acquire habits or actions, but also aspects such as modulating the tone of the voice to adapt it to the other person's voice, gestures, ways of speaking and even movement (for example, we imitate the rhythm with which others walk).

How Chemistry Looks from the Outside

It's not always completely clear if two people have a special connection. And if you are very curious to figure out what’s going on between your friends or whoever, the fact may be quite frustrating. Or what to do if the friend asks for advice as being unable to determine whether there’s something between them and someone else? Understanding how chemistry looks from the outside can make you benefit in different life situations.

Pretty sure, chemistry is an obscure thing, because it is not obvious enough. You cannot look at it from afar and notice in the wink of an eye. It is also different from different people.

Chemistry can be difficult to determine if you are not sure what you are looking for. Revise the signs given above to fathom completely what should be paid attention to. But the most important feature of the chemistry existing between two people is that both of them light up immediately after the meeting. They both just get dizzy, even if they have no idea why. Be attentive when watching people at the moment of introducing. Are they blushing? Then it is definitely a sign of chemistry and connection.

We hope that this article will be useful to anyone who wants to know more about the chemistry that occurs between people and accompanies any strong relationship. Sometimes the two can't understand what's going on between them, so they don't dare to confess their feelings. In this case, a kind of mediator understanding how to tell if there’s chemistry between two people is needed. The explanation of the concept of chemistry between people that have been given in the article will help you understand this phenomenon better, as well as find out if there is chemistry between you and the person you like.

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