How to Keep a Woman Interested in You: Best Approaches

An understanding between men and women is an age-old topic for discussion and debate. The signals given by the ladies are not always correctly interpreted by the guys. The young lady seems to be sweet, she smiles and tries to make eye contact. But how to know a girl is interested in you and wants to continue acquaintance, and not just amazed at the stupid joke you said in the middle of the conversation?

Even though men and women speak the same language at least within the same country, it is very rarely possible to achieve complete mutual understanding. The problem lies in psychological and mental differences. Things that seem to be funny for a guy, a woman can perceive as rudeness. Even her smile is not always a sign of sympathy. Sometimes it's just about graciousness and politeness. So, how to tell if a woman is interested in you?

how to tell if a girl is interested

Is She Interested or Just Being Polite?

There is nothing worse than being rejected by a woman of your dream. The well-known set of women’s hints and signs that she is interested but shy, not always tells the truth. You can ask a girl out and find yourself rejected just because you haven’t noticed some small details or misinterpreted things. Every girl is unique, and you shouldn’t perceive any representative of the fair sex as other girls and make fit a pre-existing framework. However, of course, there are obvious signs that a woman isn’t interested in you at all. For example, if a woman tries to avoid any physical contact and if it happens, she immediately reacts to it, then her level of interest in you is much to be desired. Pay attention to her eyes, if it seems that she is searching for something, looking around, then maybe she is trying to escape and not continue the conversation with you. Do you think she is interested in you? How does she behave when you are alone and in the company of friends? Does she need your attention? If she doesn’t try to talk to you and prefer to talk with someone else, then she is not interested in dating with you.

It's not for nothing people talk that much about the importance of a sense of humor, and if you don’t know how to tell if someone is interested in you, then pay attention to their reaction at your jokes. If a person you are communicating with seems not to like your jokes or they don’t pay attention to your story or constantly lose their line of thought, then they are not interested in you. Women always laugh at jokes of men who they like and are interested in. And of course, when you ask yourself, “If she doesn't text back, is she not interested?” you know the right answer. Everything is pretty simple.

10 Signs She's Interested

To correctly interpret the signs, you will have to watch her for a while. As has already been mentioned, every woman is unique in her own way. At the same time, there are certain patterns of behavior peculiar to all girls. So, how to tell if a girl is interested?

1. She shows a clear interest

When a guy likes a certain woman, he is more than willing to spend more time with her. It also works with women. Fascinated by some characteristics of a man, the girl tends to spend more time with him. She tries to find out more about the object of her interest, she is interested in his opinion and asks personal questions. Such close attention is a clear sign that the guy has hooked her.

However, you should not confuse interest with friendliness, which any positive-minded person shows. General questions like, “How are you? How was your day?” is not a sign of personal interest. This is just about friendliness and the desire to be polite.

signs she is interested but shy2. She tries to get to know you better

If a girl is interested in a man, she will strive to get to know him better to be able to build harmonious personal relationships in the future. Many ladies go further, they are not just interested in their partners’ hobbies, but they also start to get involved in them. This can be done subconsciously so that the potential couple has areas of common interest and time to communicate. You can find a big number of such examples. The girl has found out that you are interested in sports and workout in a certain gym. After some time, you can meet her there out of the blue, although earlier she didn’t show love for sports. Needless to ask in this situation whether she likes you or not. She is so interested that she is ready to make an effort and spend her free time in the gym for the sake of communication with you.

3. She demonstrates a high level of openness

In ordinary life, most women don’t seek to open heart for the first comer. Women are very cautious. When the girls have enough experience in communication with men, they become more careful, making new close acquaintances. The situation changes dramatically as soon as they feel a sincere passion for a man. If a girl is obviously franker with one guy than with all the others, then she might like him. However, a woman may be not only interested in the personality of a handsome man, but she can also try to open up, telling more about herself to “increase the degree of trust.”

However, frankness is not yet a 100% guarantee of sexual interest. Some young ladies like to make friends among men to find an approach to guys who are really of their interest. If a woman starts asking advice about how to make another man be interested in her, then she is not your perfect option.

4. She gives you a hint

Due to a strict upbringing and well-known social attitudes, many girls believe that a man should take the first step. A girl of this type will not be much "active." However, if her interest in the guy is very strong, she will give him certain hints. For example, women often show helplessness to build relationships with the men they are interested in. This may be expressed in requests for help, she can ask you to do something that she cannot do (and of course, there are no other assistants). Hints can also be expressed in veiled invitations to the cinema, to a concert, etc. Usually, the girl says that she has no one to go with, and immediately asks whether the man can make her company.

5. She tells her women friends about you

Some young girls do not know how to hide their feelings. Naturally, they share their experiences with women friends. In this case, a man should pay attention to how the girl’s women friends behave. If they get quiet, or, conversely, begin to giggle and whisper, this means that they are aware of some valuable information about you. Usually, this happens in the presence of the interested girl. Her women friends subconsciously await the development of events. They are interested in how a potential couple will build their relationship.

6. She is jealous of you

How to know a girl is interested in you? There is one old method you should try. Look at the other girls in her presence and pay them compliments, and in the meantime watch your woman. Most likely, she will somehow show her displeasure. Just do not overdo it, otherwise, her sympathy can be replaced by a deep hostility. A girl can act in a similar way, she can flirt with another guy when you're around and watch your reaction.

7. She pays special attention to you

Is she interested? How does she behave in the company of your friends? Does she give you any signals? If a girl likes a man, she will subconsciously pay more attention to him than to other friends in this company. Another sign of sympathy is the constant desire to make eye contact. The young lady who is interested in the guy will try to catch sight of him.

8. She shows activity on social networks

This is an obvious sign. Many girls show increased activity on the pages of the guys they are interested in. This can be expressed in putting likes under their photos and posting intriguing photos. She regularly writes to you without a reason and tries to maintain the conversation. Make sure that attention is directed only to you, so check her activity on the pages of other users. And if she doesn’t write you back quickly, then she can apology or try to explain the reasons for silence. If a girl feels sympathy, she shares her impressions, personal information and tries to learn more about your hobbies, favorite movies, music.

how to keep a woman interested9. She flirts with you

A set of signs and actions, which is called flirting, is one of the most eloquent love languages. A girl who is interested in a man will not only try to spend time with him, but she will also seek to touch him. This is about a natural attraction. She will try to touch the arm, shoulder, back, hair of the guy. Sometimes the attraction is not so obvious, for example, she can playfully argue with a man. By provoking a guy to a conflict, a woman seeks to cause a surge of emotions in him. If a man takes part in the game, she will perceive this as a sign of sympathy on his part.

10. She finds time for you

A girl can be extremely busy at work, attend classes, go to the gym, and do many interesting things during the day. But if she likes a man, she will change her plans and find time to meet him. This suggests that she wants to see a guy, communicate, and spend time with him no matter what.

How to Keep a Girl Interested?

1. Watch your appearance

Girls are attracted to tidy and well-groomed guys, so self-care is of great importance here. Nowadays, there are many products for improving your appearance, including skin care products, hair treatment creams, fragrances, and so on. Do not forget that basic elements of personal care such as bathing habits and clean clothes should be performed daily. And don’t forget about physical exercises.

2. Make her feel loved

This is the most important advice that every man should be aware of. Most women lose interest in their partners when the latter ones do not care about their feelings. Women want to feel attractive, be appreciated and supported. If you ask yourself, “How to keep a woman interested?” then you should satisfy her emotions and take care of her tender feelings.

3. Be romantic

Ladies are very sensitive natures. No matter how much time you are dating, every woman wants to be asked out on a romantic dinner, get an invitation on a date or a nice surprise. How to keep a girl interested through text? Do not forget about pleasant things! Invite her on a romantic candlelight dinner with a letter, give her favorite flowers, and make sincere compliments. The girl will appreciate such signs of attention!

4. Support her

How to keep her interested? Listen carefully and support the decisions she makes. For example, if the woman has decided to change her job, then you should show your support and understanding. She will be pleased that you actively participate in her life and that she can count on your understanding and support.

5. Give her a lot of positive emotions

A girl should not be bored in a relationship with you. Do not forget to give her bright and unforgettable emotions. It is not necessary to spend every evening in the same place. Such a lifestyle can drive crazy both of you. Therefore, you should arrange interesting dates that differ from each other. Let the girl get adrenaline rush and a lot of positive emotions.

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