What to Wear on a First Date: Tips for Men

It is unquestionable, all serious relations start from a first date. Let me be old-fashioned for a second, but the first date, like the first impression, is the most important aspect in advancement of a relationship between the pair. You have to make yourself look good, thus, it is important to be properly dressed for a date. Don’t think that it doesn’t matter, “what is this, date clothes for guys? Why should I care?”. A fine taste and choice of clothes is quite an important factor of “success”. Today, we will talk about some things, that will help you choose what to wear. There is no difference if it’s a blind date or you are familiar with this whole dating thing. The right clothes should be picked for a date.

Do you think that if you got a girl with your charismatic charm by inviting her on the first date – then this is it, you’ve done it?! Nope, not at all. Perhaps you’ve been able to get her phone and forced to give in to your invitation to a cafe or restaurant, but this is just an excuse and an opportunity to see you again. Nothing more. With all that said, what is the art of choosing first date clothes?

choosing first date clothes

What to wear on a casual first date

So, first off, how to dress for a casual date? While achieving your objective (someone has to find a person for life, someone has to find a girl to spend an evening and a night), the fewer mistakes – the better, this is because the second opportunity may not be given. Where do you begin? First, the place of date must be chosen. I will not give my personal recommendations, which is better, go to a restaurant or go skating. But, in my opinion, going to the movies, for example, is not the best option. Sitting for 2 hours, chewing popcorn and trying to ridiculously place a hand around the girl – this is the plot for a classic comedy.

Secondly, these tips and the style that I will cover should not be a strict plan for action. We hope that it is obvious to you that your skill of proper style should be gradually developed. Thus, if it seems that one or another part of the wardrobe does not fit you, you should switch it. The most important thing is being cool, calm and collected! But we'll talk about this a little later.

Everyone went to a park with a girl, at least once in their life. Each teenager, not having a lot of money, in 90% of cases, arrange park meetings (based on my "brainstorm" statistics, not a terribly reliable sources of information). In younger years, walking together under evening lights seems to be something out of this world, picnic is the wisest place to find out things about each other. But these are different times, you aren’t 14 anymore. The question of “how to dress for a first date” is on the agenda.

The wisest decision will be to pick casual and practical clothing for outdoor dates. You don’t have any clue where you are going? Do not choose soft and white-colored clothes. If you sit on the grass or bench, put a piece of cloth or paper under your buttocks. The best choice will be dark blue or indigo jeans, as well as dark-colored pants: blue, dark blue, dark-sulfur. As for top, I would advise wearing a light t-shirt and be sure to take a sweater or even better - a cardigan. If it becomes cold outside, you can cover your girlfriends’ shoulders and prove yourself a gentleman. For the shoes, it is best to choose classic brogues or monks. Will your date involve a lot of walking? Wear light-colored sneakers.

So, these were the rules of how to dress for a date of a casual type. These mostly covered the basics of casual date clothes, but what about formal clothes to wear on a date?

choosing first date clothesWhat to wear on a first date to dinner

So, how to dress for a dinner date, or any formal type of a date? There are situations when it is convenient to appoint visits in an ordinary cafe. It goes something like this, you go with a classmate to a cafe and have some coffee and a piece of cake.

In this case, I recommend to lighten things up with a more casual outfit. The result will be almost a casual and smart outfit, in which you can even go to the club with a girl.

When going to see a movie, stick to the same rules about clothes as for a cafe. It is also worth considering that it can get cold inside the cinema, so a light jacket or windbreaker will not be superfluous. In general, try to dress according to the weather. Shorts and sandals during the fall season will look ridiculous on you, as well as woolen socks in a thirty-degree heat. If your date is planned in the open, then it will not be out of place to find out the weather forecast and, if necessary, to take an umbrella with you. In my opinion, an umbrella is the only accessory of clothes that will not spoil the appearance of a man. Everything else on the date is of no use.

Agree, a fanny pack looks ridiculous and stupid. Enormous rings and gold chains are also better to be taken off. Really wealthy and serious people will never demonstrate their wealth with such "cheap trinkets". Among other things, clothes should be combined in color. When going on a date, don’t look like a ridiculous peacock, trying to fit all the colors and shades of the rainbow. The dark colors must be combined with other the dark colors. If your clothes have light colors, then it is desirable that they are repeated at least two times. There are no certain rules of date night clothes, in my opinion.

Any clothing should smell pleasant - a subtle aroma is preferable, not a mile-long stink. Therefore, you do not need to pour half a bottle of cologne on yourself. And finally, clothes should fit you perfectly. No rolled-up jeans and sleeves are allowed. In a suit or jeans, shirt or jumper, you should feel as comfortable and confident as possible.

First date at a great restaurant:

If you’ve decided to meet with a girl at a good restaurant, and this is quite a serious occasion, your looks should represent it. Please do buy one classic suit for yourself. Classic shoes as well. In addition, things like cufflinks, tie or a watch can also be recommended for use.

Other Tips

Here are some other tips on what to wear on a date:

Do not wear things that are pure black or of any bright color. If you have a holiday - a first date perhaps, don’t look like you came for a funeral. Colors that easily stand out may ruin your partner’s experience by being so irritable. Recommended colors: dark colors, dark grey, brown, white. I wouldn’t choose: bright blue, green, yellow and red. Some colors may simply fit you, for example: dark green, burgundy, dark purple.

You should look fine and clean. Your shirt has to be properly prepared. Pay attention to your shoes as well. For your first meeting, choose what you feel comfortable in. The same goes for what to wear on a first date in winter. Do not choose new clothes if you don’t “trust” them. New shoes may not fit you perfectly, being uncomfortable. A new suit may simply be too big or too small for you.

Personal care:

An important detail that can never be neglected is taking care of yourself.

  • Rule number one - the hair must be trimmed and properly washed. The nails should be trimmed. If you have a beard, make sure that it is neatly trimmed and fine looking. If you shave, you should try to not cut yourself. I hope that we don’t need to remind you to take a shower before a date?
  • Rule number two - choose a good man's perfume, with a light fragrance. As we’ve said already, do not overdo it! There is nothing worse than a man, that stinks of some nasty horrible perfume.
  • choosing first date clothesRule number three is fresh breath, but preferably without chewing gum.
  • Rule number four - put an ordinary cotton handkerchief in the back pocket of pants or the inside pocket of your suit. Believe me, sometimes, an in time offered handkerchief works wonders.

In short

If you do not know what a guy should wear for a date, then think about what your intentions are. If you want a long and happy relationship with a normal girl, then be normal and emphasize it with your choice of clothes. Of course, it is best to use the classic style of clothes, but it all depends on the place of meeting. The classical style will emphasize your status, that you are not a simple boy, but a man who knows what he wants from life.

But if you do not like the classic style of clothes, then it is not necessary, it is preferable, but not necessary, as the most important factors in the choice of clothes are your confidence and comfort. Choose clothes creatively, do not to look like an easily accessible guy who is not interested in relationships. Dress in such a way that the girl sees that you respect her and yourself. Any health specific aspects, like, skin irritation or arrhythmia should be considered and not be ignored, you cannot sweat like an idiot during your date.

Use the same type of clothes, in which you will continue to show up on your dates. The logic behind it is this: if you’ve already interested a girl, and she agreed to a second date, she already likes you and your fashion sense. An extremely sloppy outfit may be the final argument against further relationship with you, so if it came to a second date, you are fine. Be yourself and don’t worry about it anymore, because clothes are not the most important thing.

What to add

To summarize all of the information above, I think you have understood the main aspects of dressing properly and not looking like an idiot. The most important aspect of it is to remember that it's not what you are wearing, rather how you carry it. If you’ve never worn a suit, then you should not consider wearing it for your first and most important meeting. It’s a fact, it can be seen from the first glance that a man has never worn a classic suit in the past, it is obvious. The first meeting is not the right time for experiments in clothes, so it is important to listen to the listed words of wisdom.

We wish you good luck in your future dates!

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