How to Approach a Shy Girl: the Complete Guide

“All women are the same and they like the same things” – that’s what any man probably heard in his life. It’s definitely a false conviction. Despite having a lot in common, women are simultaneously different. There are cocky girls, there are tender girls, and there are shy girls. Of course, there are also many guys too shy to date an attractive girl. But whether you like it or not, you are a man, which means you’re actually supposed to make the first move first. Emancipation is great within reasonable limits yet it can’t repeal biological laws. Get the insight into dating a shy girl now!

How to Approach a Shy Girl: the Complete Guide

10 signs a shy girl likes you

1. She wants to be more beautiful. How to know if a shy girl likes you? First of all, she gets more attentive to her wardrobe and makeup. When a woman meets a man who evokes her interest, it is completely natural for her to attract him with her fancy look.

2. She finds excuses to be around. She takes up the same classes as you do, or shows up where you usually hang out… Watch her actions out and you may notice!

3. She stares at you. From time to time, you feel like someone looks at you. You turn your head right or left and see her turning her eyes away from yours… She would barely do it without any hidden intentions.

4. She enters group conversations you participate in. Yes, a girl may be uncourageous to speak to you tête-a-tête but be confident enough to communicate with your friends. Partially because it’s a great opportunity to get closer to you!

5. She gets even shyer. Are you really surprised? Well, seems like you are more attractive than you might’ve thought!

6. You regularly see her traces on your social media. A shy girl who is into you might be active in group chats when you write something, or like your photos and posts, or share interesting pieces of info with you. Take it into an account!

7. She becomes willing to help you or asks for help. No matter what kind of: she wants you to explain a difficult topic to her or gives recommendations on how to cook special delights.

8. Your interests turn out to be common. I don’t mean she gets keen on the same things on purpose. What if you two were made for each other? Anyway, it’s nice to see a girl showing appreciation of your hobbies.

9. She sometimes teases or challenges you. Not only bold ladies are capable of doing so. In fact, shy girls often have secret powers and know what they worth. Merely accept it if you want.

10. Her body language changes. She plays with her hair sitting next to you, or her body position is open even if she seems to be a little nervous, or she “accidently” leans on you in the crowded room. Congratulations!

How to treat a shy girl and make her fall for you

1. Confidence is your main weapon. Dating a shy girl requires any boy to be self-assured and play a little leadership. And you will also share some confidence with your girlfriend-to-be and help her triumph over her complexes.

2. Be outgoing even if you are a shy person too. You know, you can’t succeed in love by acting passively. Sad as it may sound, proactive guys often get the best girls just because they were brave enough to take the initiative once. Yet keep in mind it all should look natural.

3. Let her know shyness is cute. It’s not about you repeatedly telling her “Oh, you’re so cute, I’ve never seen a girl who’d be the same cute” – I used to know a guy who used this to pick up girls. I only mean you should be welcoming towards her despite all the awkwardness you two may feel.

4. Prove her that you do care. Shyness doesn’t come from anything. As the rule, such people have numerous doubts about themselves. Can I really be pretty? Can there really be anything special about me? Any shy girl asks herself questions like these. Convince your girl she is awesome!

5. Don’t rush the things. If a girl is shy it doesn’t mean she is an inexperienced dater. You should just remember that it may take more time to win her heart as you will have to fight against her uncertainty about her own worth. Approach this matter gradually!

6. Encourage her to talk more. Communication is what makes people as one. Hence, your task as a man is to let your lady speak as much as she wants and listen carefully. With shy girls, it might be not so easy to do but use your wits! Anyway, I prepared a few tips below so let’s wrap it up for now.

7. Join her activities. Nothing makes a girl keen on a guy more than his sincere interest in her. To conquer a shy lady’s heart, I suggest you taking up what she enjoys – if this truly excites you because playing an interest in something you hate is useless.

8. Respect her personal space. Most shy people (if not all of them) are typically introverts. Consequently, they feel okay about spending time alone or keeping secrets from others. There’s no need to intrude her private life without permission.

How to talk to a shy girl properly

Finally, I wish to provide you with some tips on how to communicate with a shy girl to touch her heart.

1. Don’t tell her she is shy, she knows it! Oh yeah. There are people who do it… And this is one of the worst things to do to a shy person regardless of sex, age, or other factors. Instead of pointing her shyness out, you should tell her she seems to be confident! It works.

2. Tell compliments. The art of flirting is about saying nice phrases to a lady you woo. I only beg you not to focus on her exterior and avoid using hackneyed pickup lines. Appreciate her moral qualities and mind powers above anything else. There’s nothing wrong about tackling the topic of her beauty on occasion but you have to calculate the dosage properly!

3. Display friendliness and be polite. For a shy person, it’s very important to see her/his companion is pleased to communicate. Add gestures and specific body movements (like turning your whole upper body to her and reflecting her body language).

4. Crack jokes and laugh at hers. Funny stuff breaks the ice between you two and puts you even closer. Well, not all of your jokes gonna be brilliant but you don’t really have to worry about it. Remember she might also feel insecure about her sense of humour.

5. Ask questions, lots of questions. Yet, on the other hand, keep the balance or you will scare her away. Make those follow-up so she will be able to respond. Ask her opinions and listen to the answers in order to use this info in future conversations.

6. Be sincere. Wearing a mask in front of a girl you want to impress is a huge mistake. If your prospective date isn’t too naïve, she will instantly distinguish acting from the reality. To build a healthy relationship, both partners should build the mutual trust.

7. Maintain the dialogue. Here I mean you should become one who promotes the conversation – in the beginning at least. If you do everything right and sustain her curiosity, she will get more active with time. Show her you are open to further interaction.

8. Be the first who invites. Wanna get to know her better? Then express it! It isn’t necessary to ask her out “for a date” right off the bat. Just ask her to join you on something. Pick what both of you might like and kick the adventure off!

So it was my comprehensive advice on dating shy ladies. Do these tips work? I have to confess: I am a bit shy female being myself. That’s why I can ensure you they will if you bear them in mind and practice quite a lot. Take the things positively and never give up!

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