How to Compliment a Girl and Get the Best of It

Many guys believe that love words are a complete nonsense as well as compliments. And they are completely mistaken. Having conquered girls, they consider themselves winners and completely relax – a girl is conquered, why should I do something now? Men naively believe that romance and phrases about love are important only at the first stage, at the very beginning of a relationship, and then, when a man and a woman begin to get to know each other better and decide to live together, men forget about these important things. This is fundamentally wrong. If you stop saying phrases about your love and compliments to your girlfriend, then she will think that you are not interested in her anymore. When a woman is not told pleasant things, deprived of attention, taken for granted – it all plays against a man. Think about it. Are you not afraid of losing your woman?

sexy compliments for girls

Do compliments really work on the modern girls?

Of course, there is nothing wrong with complimenting a girl you like. It will even bring her some pleasure and she will be happy. But at the same time, it is necessary to choose the right words and make a suitable compliment, and the main thing is to do it correctly. It can have a strong impact on a girl both in a good and in a bad way. Let’s add a little clarity to this question.

Many guys use compliments only to achieve intimacy with girls they like. At the same time, they don’t notice that making a compliment, they give out their intentions. In addition, if a girl persistently and endlessly hears compliments from such man, she may think that she is his “last hope” for a relationship. Thus, he will look miserable in her eyes. He just becomes another loser, especially if he says banal compliments to girls.

But this also doesn’t lead to the conclusion that it is not necessary to do compliments at all. Of course, you have to tell compliments for girls. But you have to do it right and don’t say all that you think about them at once. If you decide to make a girl feel special, noticing and voicing out some of her merits, then try to do it from the point of view of a confident person: show your attentiveness. Find something unusual in a girl and tell about it if you want. Then she will correctly understand and gladly accept it. If you say it doubting and hesitating, then she will understand that you are making compliments only so that she simply agrees to sleep with you or because you don’t know how to talk with girls. And, of course, you will not interest a girl. And also you will not achieve even further communication with her because she will consider you a loser.

What is the best way to compliment a girl?

How to achieve the desired result through a compliment? First of all, you have to carefully consider it, i.e. you compliment should emphasize the individuality of a girl, those features that you rarely find in other girls. This will show your care for her that in turn plays an important role.

Compliments can be of various kinds. For example, you can tell how beautifully she put on makeup and that not every girl can do the same or compliment her style, how elegantly and stylishly she is dressed. Maybe she has some unusual haircut. But there are cases where it is difficult to find some striking external qualities. Then you can compliment a girl on her character: you can tell that she is kind and cheerful, or intelligent, caring, etc. But the most important thing to remember is that a compliment should come from the heart and you have to say it confidently, without any hints, hesitations or doubts, that a girl believes you.

how to compliment a girl without being creepyWhat are the special functions of compliments?

Your compliment has to give your woman what she wants to hear and remind you how good your woman is and this is only a small part of the tasks that a compliment can make. Being the most accessible tool of love, which doesn’t require any financial investment or long preparations, a compliment may open up a whole world of additional opportunities. Also, a compliment is a perfect way to stop a scandal. But you have to try to do it very carefully.

A compliment can even become a reason for a break up if it is an extremely bad remark about her character or her appearance. Your comment on some qualities of a girl can be perceived wrongly. You can’t make a good compliment without sincerity. If your compliments are not from the heart, then a woman will feel it and will be extremely disappointed.

A special quality of making compliments to a girl is the ability to change a woman's mood through pleasant words. Almost every man or boy is afraid of women's tears. But no one avoids them in a relationship with girls. So, how to properly behave in order to calm down a crying girl? Of course, the only way out is to make her a compliment. At least it will bring a smile to her face. As a maximum, it completely distracts her from sad thoughts. And in any of the results, such a man will become a real hero for a woman.

How to compliment a girl and be successful in it

Complimenting a girl, you have to do it in a very delicate and effective manner. It is the thing that can make them very pleasant. The ability to use this is not given to everyone and it is easy to cross the line between easy admiration and rude flattery.

The best compliment for a girl is a slight exaggeration of the merits that you like to see in her. Comparing the phrases “this dress suits to the color of your eyes” and “you are the most beautiful”, the second variant obviously doesn’t refer to compliments, but it can be considered as ordinary flattery because it is not unique and detailed. Most likely, your praise will not be taken seriously. Of course, a universal compliment, that may suit any girl anytime and anywhere, doesn’t exist. You will have to rack your brain or listen to your heart so that your words will cause really pleasant emotions. A compliment is an exclusive gift. But, nevertheless, we can identify the main requirements for good compliments for a girl:

  • focus on the internal, rather than external virtues of a girl;
  • be sincere, or at least try to make such an impression;
  • speak about the external beauty or traits of a girl;
  • focus on the comparison with beautiful things;
  • pay attention to the nuances that indicate the impeccable taste of a girl;
  • praise what she is proud of;
  • avoid ambiguity;
  • concretize your words;
  • build your compliment on the facts known to both of you;
  • don’t exaggerate the positive qualities of your girl, otherwise, it will be perceived as flattery;
  • let the thought be simple;
  • don’t try to teach her, only characterize;

How to compliment a girl without being creepy

So, we offer you 35 beautiful and original compliments for your (or not your) girl:

  • “You were so beautiful and attractive that I forgot where I was going when I saw you!”
  • “The amazing smell of your hair drives me crazy, I'm not kidding!”
  • “Do you know that you have a charming smile? Really! Only very good and happy people smile like that!”
  • “Girl, I admired you from the time I met you. I saw you and forgot about all my problems. I want to thank you for this!”
  • “The Miss of the world is nothing compared to you!”
  • “How can you stay so young and beautiful?”
  • “Who said that Sara (Mary, Kate, Jennifer, any other girl) has the longer legs? Did they see yours?”
  • “Even the petals of the most beautiful rose are not equal to the tenderness of your skin!”
  • “Do you know who the best girl in the world is? In fact, everyone is really worse than you!”
  • “You are a guiding star for me!”
  • “It's just impossible, but you cook even better than my mother!”compliment a girl
  • “These new earrings are very nice combined with your ring!”
  • “I'm sorry, but what model agency do you represent?” (By the way, this is the best variant of how to compliment a girl on her looks).
  • “Ah, with this magazine in your hands you look like a real business lady!”
  • “Mademoiselle, there is something so mysteriously beautiful in you that I can’t tear my eyes off you!
  • “Looking at you, I begin to understand why your husband always runs home so fast!”
  • “You are very photogenic. You have to pose for the best photographers!”
  • “You are a very confident girl. And it is not surprising because you're beautiful, energetic, sensitive, cheerful, intelligent, and kind!”
  • “You are really special - you have everything for this, and I like it!”
  • “I'll make an analogy with the cars... So you are the last model of Ferrari!”
  • “Yesterday I bought your favorite perfume and filled the whole apartment with the smell of it. So that I could smell you!”
  • “You sing this song much better than the singer!”
  • “You look as charming as on our wedding day!”
  • “I'm so hungry that I can give my life for your… (the best-cooked dish)!”
  • “I saw you before and it seemed to me that it was in a dream!”
  • “Happiness? It's you!”
  • “I love you the way you are!”
  • “If I was born a girl, I would like to be like you!”
  • “What kind of dragon do I need to kill to become worthy of such a princess?”
  • “I fell in love with you and your smile and freckles!”
  • “Today you look particularly special. Something has changed in you... Are you without makeup?”
  • “It's unbearable! I can’t stand next to you! I'm just blind from your beauty!”
  • “If you're always so charming and beautiful, I'll start being jealous of you. You yourself say that jealousy is a bad feeling!”
  • “I hate you because I love you so much!”
  • “I'm sure that you will be a perfect wife!”

After you say these nice compliments to a girl, she will get not only pleasant emotions but also a psychological phenomenon of a self-hypnosis and her self-rating will rise up. And even if the virtues are slightly exaggerated, she will want to behave properly. Therefore, dear men, don’t skimp on beautiful compliments! Praise and appreciate women because as you know “women love with their ears.”

A woman, who is loved, is always beautiful and mysterious. The more compliments you tell your girlfriend, the better she looks and the stronger you become. But if you don’t have a rich imagination – it doesn’t matter. The Internet is full of beautiful expressions and quotations. Find a few minutes and look for those words that can be said to your loved one, make her smile and love you even more. A woman is a flower, so “water” her with beautiful words. Thus, she will blossom and your cloudless relationships will serve an example to others.

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