How to Compliment a Girl on Her Looks: Best and Worst Ways

Women often praise the appearance of each other, despite the fact that nowadays, many stereotypes about the female appearance are broken. Therefore, it's time to think about the compliments, which could be adequate and meaningful.

Women don't realize in full measure that they are all involved in a culture of compliments that extends far beyond the remarks about a thin waist and beautiful eyes. Sometimes, they praise luminous skin or luxurious hair, they can pay special tribute to the outfit, discussing every detail as if they see a dress for the first time. Why do people give compliments? This is a perfect way to establish a connection with unfamiliar people, to strengthen the relationship with friends and, in general, to show your attitude to women. Many girls are complimented for their appearance.

A good compliment can increase their self-esteem, serve as an ice-breaker on a date, bring a blush to the girl's cheeks and give confidence. When you express your feelings with words, a girl feels her importance and necessity as well as her value in your eyes. Talking about good compliments for women that will serve you best, it’s necessary to understand the psychology of women and know what is important to them.

why do people give compliments

Do girls like compliments?

Everyone likes compliments. However, not every person knows how to accept them with dignity and calmness. Making a beautiful compliment to the girl without using a hackneyed quote is psychology, art, and science in one set. It has been already mentioned that you can get the girl’s sympathy, establish contact and set her up for a mutually pleasant communication with the help of sincere and honest compliment.

However, you should choose such ways to compliment a girl that will not cause an unpredictable situation. Even the most skeptical and inaccessible ladies will not be able to resist the sincere admiration of their personalities. It should be noted that the line between unrefined flattery and a compliment is very thin, and women always feel insincerity.

What are the best compliments for a girl?

First of all, every girl expects to get compliments about her appearance and her beauty. It's not for nothing they spend so much time, choosing clothes for a meeting and making an excellent make-up. The best way to compliment a girl is to say pleasant words about her stunning appearance, it is a win-win option. Nonetheless, keep in mind that if a girl is really beautiful, and she gets such compliments all the time, you need to distinguish yourself with something more original. To stand out among other guys, you can compliment her cleverness, sense of humor or professionalism. It would be nice to notice the girl’s merits, which are hidden from everyone.

Comparing the phrases "this dress makes your eyes pop" and "you are the most beautiful girl in the world," the second statement obviously does not refer to compliments, but it is just ordinary flattery. So, most likely, your praise will not be taken seriously.

Of course, there is no panacea in the form of any universal statement that will suit any girl, anytime and anywhere. You will have to busy your brains or open your heart to bring out really pleasant emotions. A compliment is an exclusive gift for the girl.

How to compliment a woman without being creepy?

To make a pleasant impression on a young lady, you should adhere to the following rules and recommendations.

You should be honest. The basic principle of the compliments for girls is the honesty and sincerity of your words. Abandon left-handed flattery, sheer deception or wishful thinking. Compliment only what you really like about the appearance or character of the girl, otherwise, she will feel falsity, and the result from courtesy will be the opposite one. For example, do not tell a tiny girl that her legs are right up to armpits or that you admire the big eyes of Asian women, as such compliments will sound ridiculous and mocking.

ways to compliment a girlYou should pay attention to your intonation. Intonation and emotions play a key role. If you compliment a girl with indifference in your voice or stutter over every word, mutter something inarticulate and unintelligible, it is unlikely that this will make a good impression on a woman. You should express admiration, saying romantic phrases and put all your tenderness and love in them.

You should remember that brevity is the soul of wit. If you don’t know how to compliment a girl on her hair, remember the following thing. You should not superfluously admire and talk for half an hour about her new hairstyle. It is enough to say that she has wonderful hair and do not develop the thought further. Short and laconic compliments are perceived better than long poems in verse.

You shouldn’t compose multi-page odes, this might be perceived as obtrusiveness and tough-guy stuff. The compliment must necessarily be capacious but short. Do not overdo with the number of courtesies because a compliment is a point weapon. Try to work on its quality, reducing the number of compliments to 2-3 for a date. One stunning compliment will be enough.

You should forget about her age. Your compliments should not concern her age. Having said, "You look great for your age,” you can spoil the mood of your girlfriend until the end of the evening. Thus, you remind a woman of the approaching old age, especially if wrinkles have already begun to appear on the forehead or around her eyes. In other words, age is not the best topic for compliments to give a girl.

You shouldn’t mask advice with compliments. Do not say, "You're so pretty when you wear red," or "You're so beautiful when you smile." These manipulative techniques to change a woman according to your needs are not true compliments. Besides, the girl might think that having a sad face and without wearing a red color, she is not a beauty at all, and she looks like one of your mediocre acquaintances.

You shouldn’t start and finish your compliments with the dates. The phrase, "Today, you look more amazing than ever" will mean for the girl that usually, she looks bad. The statement, "You always look great" becomes a whole other thing. Any girl wants to believe that she looks stunningly beautiful and clever all the time. Just do not fall into the trap of your own words.

You shouldn’t pay attention only to the girl's personality. To compliment only personal qualities of a girl, forgetting about her appearance, is also not the best option. A woman is the same person as a man, and she does not consider herself a doll with a head stuffed with straw. However, do not forget that sexual relevance and confirmation of her attractiveness is very important for the girl.

You should watch your language. You should avoid using vulgar language. It will be much more pleasant for a girl to communicate with someone who can control their language. It doesn’t matter how you talk with friends and acquaintances. It is known that such words in a written language are more repulsive than in an oral one. However, talking about text messages, you shouldn’t forget to watch your grammar. This is a decisive moment for some girls.

You shouldn’t be clingy. The surest way not to look clingy is to find out whether she is busy now and whether she can devote some time to you. By the way, the manifestation of attention and care is a powerful psychological technique, which immediately predisposes to the interlocutor. Otherwise, it is likely that you will start annoying her because she may be busy with other things like work, meeting guests or any other inappropriate situation.

How to compliment a girl on her looks?

The most favorite compliments for girls are compliments about her appearance. After all, she tries so hard to look amazing on your date, spending hours in front of a mirror and picking up a stunning dress. Of course, she might feel offended if so much effort is not appreciated by you. Therefore, don’t hesitate to choose at least one of the things to compliment a girl on your date if you want to significantly increase your chances. Before you pay her a compliment, carefully think about it, formulate a thought, and only then express an idea aloud.

Add details. To please a young lady, try to notice the small details. For example, instead of a standard phrase like, "You look great" say something like "You have a great taste. This blouse highlights your blue eyes so great, you look gorgeous!"

things to compliment a girl onAvoid ambiguity. One of the most unsuccessful compliments sounds like, "You are so slender in this blouse/ dress/ coat." A woman might start suspecting and doubting her appearance. She might think that a man thinks she is fat since this outfit makes her look slim. Any woman might feel offended by such a “compliment.”

Don’t pay attention to her shortcomings. Making a compliment, beware of verbal curtsey towards any shortcomings. Such inaccurately chosen compliments can be perceived as an outright mockery. For example, if a girl doesn’t like her nose, mentioning her "Greek profile," you will only lower her self-esteem. It is better not to focus on those features that the woman does not like about herself.

Don’t make hortatory compliments. Try to avoid or better forget about any hortatory compliments like, "You have so slender legs! Why do not you wear short skirts?" or "You have such chic hair! You look better with your hair down." Complimenting a woman, you should take into account a level of your closeness. Do not pay too intimate personal compliments, this can embarrass the girl and make her blush.

How to compliment a girl through text?

It is necessary to interest a girl from the very beginning. If the girl has an interest in you, it will be easier to please her complimenting her through text. This will work perfectly due to the reason that today, we live in a world where girls' self-esteem is usually low. Girls read different fashion magazines, where they willy-nilly compare themselves with slender photo-models. Well, you know very well that girls always compete with each other for attractiveness. Therefore, the best compliments are those in which you emphasize that you appreciate and like her. However, reflecting on how to compliment a girl picture on Facebook, you should be aware that all your compliments to the unfamiliar girl will be perceived just as an attempt to get acquainted and please the girl. It will hardly have the desired effect. Nonetheless, if you still want to do that, then look at her picture and tell her what you like most. Avoid personal compliments at this stage.

If you have been already communicating for some time, you can write her the following phrases.

  • You understand me so well that it seems you can read minds.
  • I like your style.
  • You should be proud of yourself.
  • Your inner world is as beautiful as your appearance.
  • You can always find something special in the most ordinary things.
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