How to Deal with the Ex Wife Drama and Move On with a New Relationship

A new relationship after divorce seems impossible to many. After several years waking up next to the same person, it is hard to imagine that someone else could take this place. But life doesn’t end after a divorce. Yes, it always leaves traces in the psyche. After a divorce, you may feel inferior, rejected, and lonely. Another difficulty may be that you haven’t been on a date for a long time, and you don’t even want to visit hot women dating sites. Everyone experiences such a difficult thing as a breakup with a loved one in their own ways.

For someone, a week of fun with friends is enough, while for others, this process can drag on for a rather long period. The fact is that the rules by which it is necessary to move on don’t exist, there is no clear framework within which the old wounds will heal, so in such a situation, there is a feeling of loss, loneliness, and complete emotional and sometimes physical fragmentation can be considered quite natural.

So, what if the ex-wife causing problems can’t forget you and interferes with your new relationship even if you are moving in together with a new girlfriend?

how to handle ex wife drama

Why Do Ex-Wives Interfere With Your New Relationship?

“Ex-wife is ruining our relationship” – does it seem familiar to you? The relationship has already ended, but the feeling of jealousy seems to continue to live its own life. The information about an ex-husband causes a whole series of ambiguous emotions in women. So, why do girls interfere with the relationships of those with whom they have already broken up?

Envy and bitterness

She is not comfortable being alone. Loneliness, like the relationship itself, is a complex and ambiguous thing. This feeling comes naturally when an important element (a partner) disappears from the usual routine of things. If earlier, after a long working day, she could come to him and have a great time, knowing that her man was waiting for her, then now all the positive aspects have disappeared from life. Time spent alone with herself doesn’t bring past pleasure.

Unhealthy affection

What is the type of the ex-wife that never goes away? Well, if a woman has addictive behavior, then this only exacerbates the situation. It turns out that love has long been gone, but she can’t imagine her life without her ex-husband. For her, loneliness is unbearable. She begins to cling not because she loves, but because she is afraid to be alone and doesn’t want to solve her problems herself.

Dissatisfaction with life

Usually, a woman returns to an ex-husband because she realizes that no one needs her, nobody will be better than him. Here an ex-woman rarely raises a man to the rank of the most significant people. Basically, she just needs to return to her comfort zone. She is scared, confused, and depressed. In a word, she feels dissatisfied.

How to Cope With an Ex-Wife and Start a New Relationship

In relationships between opposite sexes, all sorts of things occur. Even official relationships between a husband and a wife are sometimes not eternal, people get divorced and find other spouses. But what if your ex-wife can’t leave you alone? She constantly reminds about herself, calls from time to time, and so on. How can you cope with her if there are no feelings left, but the ex-wife problems don’t disappear?

manipulative ex wife1. Say you don’t love her

If your ex-wife’s feelings no longer worry you like before, find a way to tell her about it. You should neither keep her in the dark nor torment, saying “no” and, at the same time, giving hope with a seductive look or smile. Put yourself in her shoes and imagine all the humiliating position. Kill in yourself a feeling of pity and compassion for the ex-partner. Continued communication will lead to the fact that the manipulative ex-wife will experience hope for a joint future.

2. Minimize communication

How to deal with ex-wife drama? First, you should start devoting less time to her, reduce correspondence and phone calls to zero, so that the state of comfort and the feeling of closeness that exists between you are gone. Thus, you can leave her as gently as possible, without quarrels and scandals, as if everything happened by itself.

3. Track the influence of the past

Dealing with crazy ex-wife, you need to understand how your past experience is projected onto a new partner. People repeat the usual scenarios. Your previous marriage affects your choice of a new woman and attitude towards her. Through repetition or, conversely, an attempt to avoid it, the past affects us. The only way to break out of a vicious circle of failed relationships is to understand how to enjoy the present.

4. Start life from scratch

It is impossible to guess when this will happen, we mean when you will fall in love again. It can occur at the next meeting with old friends, on the bus on the way home or when chatting on a social network. You should feel that a new stage has come in your life, and you've overcome ex-wife drama, having chosen valuable experience from it. And you are ready for a new relationship.

In What Cases Should You Consult With a Specialist?

You have just started dating, and nothing can overshadow your shared happiness, except for your ex, who suddenly began to haunt you. If you don’t understand what she needs, you won’t be able to discourage her. She may still be in love with you. Offended by the fact that she was unjustly abandoned, a girl may want to return to take revenge. She may also want to become your “friend.” But the most difficult option is an ex-wife with whom you have children. We'll tell you how to handle ex-wife drama and when to ask for help from a specialist.

Endless aggression reaching the point of insanity

Your ex-wife may chase you pretty aggressively. Perhaps she uses physical force, in this case, you need to contact the police and write a statement until nothing bad has happened. If she threatens you on the phone, then record this conversation. It’s also good to have witnesses and videotape her surveillance with aggressive intentions. So, how to deal with the psycho ex-wife? It will be difficult to do without the help of a psychologist. The woman must come to the realization that she is sick and needs help from the outside.

Spying and stalking

Even self-sufficient women can chase their exes for some time. They may continue it for several months and even years, and you should know how to deal with a controlling ex-wife. This state clearly indicates that the person has certain mental abnormalities. Stalkers often emphasize that they “love” their victims, and sometimes they pursue them to protect exes from danger. For example, an ex-wife may claim to be chasing her ex-husband to see if he takes care of the children properly. People with mental problems (such as borderline personality disorder, etc.) are prone to such persecution.

how to deal with ex wifeManipulation with children

Dealing with ex-wife and kids, it will be difficult to get rid of her immediately. The woman will have an excuse to come again and again, hiding behind the fact that a child wants to stay with the father. So, she just needs to control this meeting. There is also another option: it is clear that after a divorce, many women experience feelings of resentment, pain, and disappointment. And some subconsciously want to take them out on their exes so that they also suffer. So, a child becomes a tool for manipulation and revenge. Women just don’t allow them to see each other.

Is It Worth Burning Bridges Completely?

Not every marriage passes the test of time, so many families ruin. People are tired of overcoming obstacles to a happy life. Disagreeing without scenes of scandals and screams is not a myth at all, it is quite possible. The main thing is to understand that your marriage has outlived itself, and nothing good will come of it, so you need to stop torturing each other.

But still, what to do – stay friends or become strangers? It is impossible to unequivocally answer this question, it all depends on the situation. If the reason for your decision to divorce was not the bad deeds of one of the partners, but just a joint decision that it would be better, then the ex-spouse can become your friend. If a woman is really good and has not offended you, then why not remain friends dealing with ex-wife drama? Still, you trust this person, and she can always support you.

It is better to always perceive each other without anger and resentment, when two of the parties are doing well, have a new family and children. If you are connected by a common child, then you can’t be selfish. Think of the child.

Now you know how to deal with an ex-wife. Many people make mistakes after the divorce. But if you avoid the main ones, then you will be able to quickly create a new and happy life and have a good relationship with an ex-wife. You will have more energy and enthusiasm for everything you do. Your health and internal state will be even better than before, and a relationship with your children will only be strengthened.

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