How to Get a Russian Girlfriend

Many men want to get to know how to pick up a Russian girl. But few people know what to do for this. Because of this, there are some problems in dealing with girls and too much wasted time. But, actually, it is easy to fall in love with such a girl. In the article, we will give you real and effective advice that will allow you to understand how to get any Russian girl, especially that one you really like and with whom you want to create a serious relationship.

Russian girlfriend

Why Russian girlfriends are the best and where to find them

How to find a Russian girlfriend and why are they considered the best girls? Let’s figure it out!

They are beautiful

They are attractive and beautiful. And it is not only about their appearance that attracts the entire male sex. It is not necessary that a beautiful Russian girlfriend has to have a perfect body, nice breasts, and long hair. A woman should always have a well-groomed appearance and be able to use her natural beauty. And Russian women have other qualities besides the pleasant appearance.

They are kind and caring

Since ancient times, these qualities have been valued in women. Such qualities are very important. It is also important that a Russian girlfriend has a maternal instinct and love children. Since a man looks at the future and has to be sure that he has a woman who wants and can become a good mother of his child. They also know how to create a cozy atmosphere at home. So, you will always want to come back home with great desire.

They are wise

Every man needs a wise woman who will help him throughout his life. And it is true. And this doesn’t mean that a Russian woman will be smarter than you. She just has feminine wisdom that distinguishes her from the thinking of a man.

impressing a Russian girlfriendThey are loving

Every man wants to see and feel that his woman loves him with all her heart. A Russian woman has a special ability to fully devote herself to the one she loves. And every man wants it.

They are passionate

All love relationships need passion. And a Russian woman is a kind of source of it. She can always excite and satisfy her loved man. Every man will say: “I want a Russian girlfriend!”

There are not so many places where you can find a Russian girl for a serious relationship. It may be clubs and the Internet or, for example, you can meet and find a girl for a serious relationship in theaters, cinemas, gyms, on the street and in other cultural places.

How to pick up a Russian girl

It is not difficult to pick up Russian girls if you know the approach to them and have self-confidence. But it is much more difficult to make them fall in love with you. So it is necessary to remember the basic principles that will be useful to any guy. Most guys try to show their feelings too early, too much and very enthusiastically. They believe that such a burst of emotion will hit a girl. But Russian girls like guys for their deeds not for words. There are simple steps that will help win the girls’ love:

Stay true to yourself

Many guys make the mistake of starting to show themselves not as they really are. Each girl will notice that you deceive her and will not want to continue to meet and make friends with you. Remain what you are. Then it will make a girl fall in love with you.

Learn to joke

There should be joy and a good mood in your relationship. This will allow you to pick up a Russian girl and fall in love with a girl that you like quicker and easier. The main thing for this is to learn how to joke properly.

Find common interests

It is also very important that you and your girlfriend have at least one common interest or even hobby. So it will be easier for you to find a common language and it will give more chances to build a serious relationship.

Give gifts

Of course, you don’t have to constantly give gifts in order to pick up a Russian girl. It is better to gift it not too often and a girl will appreciate every little present you give. If you give it too often, she will just get used to it and will not feel any emotions.

Do your favorite work

If you devote yourself to a girl, you will not seduce her. All you need to do is just find yourself in life, do business or work. A girl will want to be with you because everyone wants to be with a strong guy and not with someone who runs around and can’t find oneself in life. You will notice how different girls will come to you because every girl looks for successful and happy guys.

impress a Russian girlfriendLearn to wait

About 85% of guys don’t know how to wait. That's why many men can’t pick up Russian girls and create happy relationships with them. Therefore, if a girl asks you to wait, she may just check whether you really need her or not. Wait and you will see how a girl will sincerely love you.

Achieve success in life

All the girls love successful guys, no matter in what area they get success. Therefore, it is necessary to achieve what you want, create a dream, set goals and achieve them. And the girls themselves will start looking for you and seducing you. This doesn’t mean that all Russian girls need only money. Each of them just wants to be with a strong man.

Take a moment for self-development

It is proved in practice that when you devote all your life to a girl, you will not be able to build any successful relationships. Running after a girl, many men can’t understand why a Russian girl and pick up are incompatible things. But you just need to start to become better, stronger and more successful. You should be engaged in self-development and then you will notice changes in your life. Keep your back straight, walk confidently and be yourself. Don’t be afraid to look at a girl you like because maybe she likes you as well.

Spend time with her

You need to be in sight in order to win the girl's attention. You can avoid meetings with a girl only when she already thinks about you. Such breaks will help her to create the perfect image in which she will fall in love. Therefore, try to become a part of her life instead of being mysterious at the very beginning of your relationships. It is necessary to achieve such a state that it becomes uncomfortable without you.

Stay in touch

Every time she has an important event in her life, she has to share it with you. So, it is necessary to be in touch with her.

Be a reliable guy

Every girl thinks that a good guy is a guy who can protect both himself and his girlfriend. A reliable guy will always save her from unnecessary problems. But don’t overdo with the help at the beginning of your relationships. You just have to be the guy that can help and not a kid who always helps if she smiles at him.

Impressing a Russian girlfriend: 7 great ideas

Any man who wants to conquer a Russian girl should know how to impress her. In fact, it's pretty simple. The main thing is to do something you've never done before in your relationship with her. And it's so easy to make a girl intoxicated with happiness. Ideally, this unexpected gift should be her dream about which she dreams for a long time, and you should pretend that you don’t even understand what she is so happy about when she sees your gift.

But impressing a Russian girlfriend, you still need to carefully think out every detail. And we will help you in this issue:

1. A bouquet of flowers

It is banal but a fairly effective way to impress a Russian girlfriend. So you can do it with the help of a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Girls are rather sentimental about the signs of attention made without a reason. Especially they will be happy with a bouquet that consists of her favorite flowers. The fact is that girls like many more kinds of flowers, such as lilies, chamomiles, orchids, gerberas, irises, etc. in addition to roses. Don’t dwell only on the usual flowers and it is better to buy a composition of flowers where the most diverse types of flowers will be and their shades and sizes will be beautifully combined.

2. Buy a ticket for two to the resort

Every Russian girl dreams to relax with her loved one on the beach and be away from the daily worries and problems. Therefore, if you give a trip to the resort, a girl will not only be pleasantly impressed, but also will be in the euphoria of happiness that you will go on a romantic trip together. Do everything as quietly as possible for a greater surprise. A girl should feel like a real princess.

pick up Russian girls 3. Show her the most beautiful place in the city

If you live in a big city, where there is constant fuss and chaos, you can walk with a girl to a place where you can see a gorgeous view of the whole city and also where all life proceeds slowly and not compulsorily. The main thing is that she shouldn’t know about this place and never be there. This can be the hill or the roof of the highest skyscraper. In addition to the city, you can hit your beloved with beautiful sunset which opens from those places. You don’t even have to spend money on such a trip.

4. Write a declaration of love on the asphalt

If you don’t have money but you really want to impress a Russian girl, then use the old but proven way: write a declaration of love on the asphalt in front of her window. You can use a chalk or a can of paint. The main thing is to accurately calculate the amount of material and the size of the letters so that everything will turn out perfectly and beautifully. Don’t forget to check the weather forecast so that it doesn’t spoil the surprise.

5. Write her a beautiful confession in verse

Even if it seems usual, a correctly chosen verse can really touch your chosen one, especially if she is a person of a creative nature. You can publish a verse just like the picture in the comments on Facebook, for example. But if you don’t want publicity, you can send it to personal messages. If you want to find a poem on the Internet and not compose it by yourself, then try to choose the one that will be unique and very beautiful.

6. Come to her (if she lives in another city).

Come to a city where your loved girl lives. For example, talking to her on the phone, meet her on the street when she returns home from work. However, before going there, take care of the place of residence and the return ticket so as not to cause inconvenience to the relatives and friends with whom your girl lives.

7. Study and demonstrate new poses in bed

Why don’t you impress your loved one in bed? The intimate life is full of many interesting things. The passion and the wild desire of sexual relationship may pass sooner or later. There may be many reasons for this, but the most common is the monotony that “kills” any passionate lovers. Impressing a Russian girlfriend, we recommend using new poses in order to dilute the sex life, at least slightly. It can be learned from the Kama Sutra or from adult video films. You can also change the place. For example, a sleeping bed can be replaced by a kitchen table, a bath or even an elevator in your house. The main thing is to introduce new feelings and emotions into sex.

Sum up

So, now you know how you can pick up and impress a Russian girl by implementing any of the provided ideas. Remember that you need to think over the whole event in advance. Good luck!

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