How to Last Longer in Sex: Advice for Men

How long can you have sex? Most likely, the true answer to this question can be obtained only if we ask your wife or girlfriend. Even your friends hardly know the truth: you tell them an edited version of your sexual adventures. The blame for this is, on the one hand, a common misconception that sex should last a long time (many men think that this should take at least 40 minutes), and on the other hand, the problem with the ability to control orgasm.

In this article, we will deal with both problems at once and make it so that the next time you meet with your friends, you will be able to tell the true stories about your intimate life, and not shyly look down, inventing fairy-tales.

making sex last longer for a man

Is It Always Better to Last Longer in Bed?

You often think what is making sex last longer for a man. You think about it even more than just about sex. But it's time to relax. Prolonged sex is not always good. And this is not only our opinion - doctors think so too. So, stop dreaming of how to last longer during sex and read carefully what they say.

It seems that the mythical nights of love, about which the author of romantic novels for women dream, have nothing to do with reality - the best sex lasts from 7 to 13 minutes, according to a new study of American scientists. During the survey, the American and Canadian respondents told about the ideal duration of penetrative sex, the interval between 7 and 13 minutes was the most "desired", says a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

So, here are some latest news for men trying to last longer while having sex: Sex lasting from three to seven minutes, was called "adequate", but everything that lasts less than three minutes was called "too short", and longer than thirteen minutes - "too long."

Their research was aimed at debunking the myth that good sex should last long: "In the fantasy model of male sexuality, men have big penises, hard as a stone erection, and sexual activity itself can continue throughout the night," says Dr. Eric Corti.

"And, as we see it in movies and read in books, many men and women believe in this fantasy. In our study, we got the results of a real, not fantasy, model of sexuality."

"The real model is useful in treating people with sexual difficulties and dysfunctions, and in a broader sense, it will help prevent the development of many sexual dysfunctions," added Corti. Other studies show that most Americans expect that penetrating sex should last from 15 to 20 minutes, but in reality it ends in less than half the time.

So, we can conclude that the ideal sex should last about 15-20 minutes and we absolutely agree with this. But the problem is that for many men this is an unattainable figure. At least, it seems so at first glance. Good news: the duration of sexual intercourse can be increased even if earlier all your attempts were unsuccessful. In most cases, the problem is of psychological origin, so you will need to work a little with your inner world. In addition, we will tell you several physiological tricks that will help you restrain your orgasm and demonstrate to your beloved that 3 minutes is not the limit for you.

8 Ways to Last Longer in Sex for Men

easy sex positions to last longerAs it was already mentioned above, sometimes "long" does not work. A woman, according to statistics, needs at least 10 minutes of preliminary caresses and at least 10 minutes of frictions in order to "warm up" and have fun. So, there are many different techniques for the extension of sexual intercourse. We will tell about some now. The two key words in your case are patience and training. Do exercises and learn ways to last longer during sex with an experienced and understanding regular partner who knows about your problem and takes it to heart.

Abstract Thoughts

Let’s start learning how to last longer while having sex. Do not retreat at the first failure and do not fixate on it. But it's also not worth adjusting for instant success. It is best not to think about the result, but to enjoy the process. Periodically, when you feel that you are too excited, and ejaculation is close, you need to reflect on abstract topics, for example, that it's time to wash your car or buy a new car stereo. But do not get carried away! A few seconds are enough, and when you feel that the heat of passion has cooled down, you can continue. After several similar "sessions" you will succeed.

Deep and Calm Breathing

Another way of making sex last longer is deep, calm breathing during intimacy. As soon as the end of the process approaches, and you want to extend it a little more - breathe deeply. This will normalize the heartbeat and improve the blood flow to the brain tissue. But if all of the above does not help and you still don’t know how to make sex last longer, then you need to think about the causes of premature ejaculation and try other ways to prolong sexual intercourse.

Natural Means

We rarely seek help from doctors as soon as a problem arises. Only if it's not a heart attack, of course. Who knows whether this is right or not, but we recommend that you first try natural remedies if the situation is not critical. That's what it is - no one has died from a short sex, so use chemical medications as a last means.

So how do you last longer during sex with natural remedies? Websites dedicated to this topic advise to drink the cornflower infusion. This plant contains antioxidants and various substances that excrete toxins that rejuvenate the body; also this flower has a diuretic property. But it must be used with caution - it refers to poisonous plants containing cyan compounds. If you use cornflower in various collections from the pharmacy, there will be no harm - there it is presented in the optimal proportion.

Safe and delicious “drugs” for prolonging sexual intercourse are pumpkin seeds. Tea made from lemon balm and mint will also benefit, calming the nervous system and at the same time helping to treat the "cause." A little alcohol (wine, cognac or vodka) will also delay ejaculation, but only in reasonable quantities. So how can a man last longer during sex without a little portion of good old alco? No way:)


And yet, when time passes, and the problem cannot be solved, it's better to turn to qualified specialists. They will examine, identify the cause of your sexual failures and prescribe medications to prolong sexual intercourse. You may have to pass tests for sexually transmitted diseases because this too can be the basis for premature ejaculation. There are cases when it is possible to get rid of painful for self-esteem “cause” only surgically, it is phimosis or a short frenum. In phimosis, the foreskin is cut off so that the penis head is painless and fully open. By the way, according to statistics, in countries where circumcision is practiced, there are far fewer men who need help in extending the sexual act. In the second case, plastic surgery is performed on the frenum.


This is the best way to last longer during sex. Sport makes us hardier and stronger. The same applies to sex. There are various exercises for prolonging sexual intercourse. Here are some of the simplest exercises for beginners. During urination, try to interrupt the process for a few seconds, delaying the spirt. So you can feel the right muscles. Next, you have to strain them into 3 sets of 10 times. The gap between the approaches is half a minute. You can do this anywhere, at home, at work, even on public transport. The next step is to strain the already familiar muscles, trying to move a penis. Slowly squeeze and also slowly open the muscles, holding the force for 5 seconds. Do at least 10 repetitions in 5 approaches. As soon as you begin to easily get such a simple charging for a penis, increase the number of repetitions and approaches.


You should adhere to proper nutrition if you want to have sex more than 3 minutes. In your food there should be a lot of zinc (it is necessary for a strong erection), vitamin E (to improve blood supply) and magnesium (this magical microelement prolongs sexual intercourse). All these substances can be found in seafood, liver, lentils, salmon, spinach, carrots, etc.

how to make sex last longerRepeated Intercourse

It often happens that because of a strong sexual arousal a man cannot hold back for long and orgasm comes in a couple of minutes after the onset of sexual intercourse. This is especially true for those men who have entered into a new relationship and attraction to a partner is like the attractive force of a huge magnet. In this case, do not set high expectations before the first intimacy, but the second time you can show what you are capable of. Most girls understand this and perceive the first attempt as an act of purely male pleasure. But then you need to do your best!


Often the use of condoms slightly reduces the sensitivity of the penis. There are also condoms with prolonged action on sale. The use of lubricant, on the contrary, enhances pleasure and accelerates the reception of orgasm for a man. Go to any sex shop or pharmacy - there you will find a huge selection of condoms, including many condoms with a desensitizing effect. Yes, manufacturers know about this problem and have already taken care of its solution!

Sex Positions to Last Longer During Sex

There are no easy sex positions to last longer. But there are a few tips on how you can act in your favorite positions to avoid premature ejaculation.

Position "man on top"

In this position, sexual intercourse ends too quickly in the event that a man immediately after putting the penis into the vagina begins rapid frictions to the full depth of the penis (this problem is most often found in inexperienced men). To prolong the sexual intercourse in this position, the man should first limit the amplitude and frequency of frictions, and when ejaculation approaches, remove the penis from the vagina, deeply breathe in and strain the muscles of the press - this exercise helps prevent ejaculation and prolong sexual intercourse. You can do this in other sex positions to last longer.

Position "woman on top"

This is one of the best sex positions to last longer without additional physical exertion (this can be important for men suffering from cardiovascular diseases or excess weight).

Extension of the sexual act in this pose has a number of nuances. In the usual version of the position, when a woman sits on top of a lying man facing him, it is difficult for the man to control the rhythm of the frictions of the penis. Therefore, it is better for him to take a semi-sitting position, placing a pillow under his back. Thus, he can, holding on to a partner’s buttocks, suggest how to move properly, lowering and raising her at the right pace for him.

Position “on the side”

“On the side” is one of the effective sex positions to last longer during sex because a man can easily control the onset of ejaculation. Both partners lie on their side, the man at the back. The woman should push her legs to her chest, and the man, lying just a little obliquely to her back, penetrates her.

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