The Insight to Female Sexuality

Female sexuality and what defines it

What is female sexuality? Sexuality is not just a trait of a person's character given to them from birth, but a set of their qualities through which they attract strangers. The degree with which they manage their sexuality depends on numerous factors which allow one to open up or completely close a particular trait they possess. Such factors can manifest themselves in a person's life throughout its entirety, from birth. It is considered that the female sexual peak is in the woman's 20's to 30's. Many things influence male and female sexuality in the bedroom. Completely inconspicuous errors of parents can ruin a person’s sexuality at an early age. After which, they will close in themselves and will not be able to show certain character trait anymore without putting an effort into it.

female sexual peak

The theory of sexuality consists in the fact that a person has the disposition to extend their genetic lineage. All people are used to expressing themselves in society and showing their own characteristics to attract others. Being sexual means causing another person of the opposite sex to develop a desire for you. It is not necessary to dress beautifully or to be incredibly well-groomed to attract another human. In fact, it's enough to be able to behave in a certain way and be confident in yourself. It is people with these personality traits that attract the most.

Despite the numerous treatises of scientists and philosophers about sexuality and the norms of its manifestation, society has a slightly different understanding of this word. It is the society that decides how sexy and attractive you are. By the reaction of people around a woman, you can draw certain conclusions on the basis of which the degree of a woman's sexuality will be compiled. Every person has their own factors, and therefore, their own concept of sexuality. For a woman, the main thing is to be considered sexy by men by having a sexy female sexual anatomy, who share almost the exact same opinion about this phenomenon. Female sexual arousal is a lot more complicated than their male one, with men typically sharing the same basic tastes. It is the female sexual fantasy to be desired by all men.

Female orgasm and its peculiarities

So what is a female orgasm? Why the male orgasm is understandable: it leads to ejaculation and serves for fertilization. With the female orgasms, everything is not so simple: it does not affect reproductive functions, and for sex, excitement is enough. This leads to the thought that the female orgasm exists specifically and simply for pleasure.

The structure of the clitoris is almost identical to the penis. The little bump above the labia minora is only the tip of the iceberg. Most of the clitoris is inside and in a shape that resembles the letter Y. female sexual fantasyThe head goes into the body of the clitoris, and it - into the double cavernous body that embraces the entrance to the vagina, and into the legs of the clitoris, whose length can reach 9 cm. 8000 nerve endings are located in the head of the clitoris - almost twice as much as in the head of the penis. This should explain how intense a female orgasm can be.

For sexual discharge in women, a few organs are responsible: the clitoris, the urethra and the front wall of the vagina. Together they form a clitoral-vaginal complex. The more erogenous zones are stimulated, the sooner the culmination will begin. No matter how it is achieved, it occurs in the head. In case you are wondering - what does a female orgasm feel like? During arousal, blood flows to the outer third of the vagina, small labia and the area around the clitoris. The nerve endings send a signal to the brain, and from there comes an impulse to the muscles of the pelvic floor - their rhythmic contraction forms an orgasmic platform and leads to a physiological discharge. The best female orgasm can last up to 20 seconds, something men can be jealous of.

When the brain receives the signal of excitement, it begins to intensively produce dopamine. This neurotransmitter is part of the reward system, and is responsible for the premonition of pleasure and plays an important role in securing positive experiences. Even the recollection of a pleasant memory can cause an increase in the level of dopamine. There is a dark side to the hormone of pleasure - it contributes to the formation of addictions: sex, food, drugs.

During a real female orgasm, a powerful nerve discharge leads to muscle spasms and an increase in the hormone levels of serotonin, the happiness hormone, and oxytocin, the attachment hormone. Scientists say that they affect both women and men alike, and therefore, orgasms can strengthen feelings.

If a woman does not reach an orgasm with a partner, then most likely the reason for this is the wrong technique. Vaginal intercourse is not the most effective way, as the clitoris is much more sensitive. If the clitoris is not stimulated during penetration, sexual discharge is not guaranteed. The secret to success is the correct position, one of the best is the woman on top, and foreplay, long enough to bring them close to the peak.

Another barrier to the orgasm is the inability to focus on one's feelings. Many are concerned about the pleasure of their partner more than their own. Some women in bed watch their every move, try to turn around nicely or cover a part of the body that they are shy of, and naturally, they cannot reach a climax, because they are overly fixed on how they look from the outside. The key to orgasm is the acceptance of one's body and love, first of all, for oneself.

With age, it only gets better. Libido of 30-40-year-old women is higher than that of 20-year-old girls, and a study showed that 40-year-olds often experience more prolonged and multiple orgasms in comparison to their younger counterparts.

What do females like in sex

1. Stimulation of erogenous zones

The detailed, albeit surprisingly brief, list of places that impact the girl by inflaming her with passion and potentially orgasms, is known to most men these days. Yes, most ladies get great pleasure from having their labia caressed, especially the clitoris. Yes, the breasts, and especially the nipples, are an erogenous zone for many. And, of course, the notorious G-spot should not be forgotten. If you ask yourself - do females like oral sex? Know, that it is a skill worth learning either way, since a man that knows how to work his way down there is held in high regard. But do not forget - a woman's entire body becomes an erogenous zone when she completely surrenders and gives in to the passionate moment, and the more generously you manage the opportunities given to you, the more gratifying and pleasurable her response will be.

Devoting all of the efforts to the nipples and genitals is at the very least boring, both for males and females. Look at what is at your disposal: is this gentle and beautiful back not worth being caressed? And the shoulders and neck? By the way, some people instinctively frighten to touch the throat, but from behind, you can touch the neck, kiss, bite it gently. what is a female orgasmBreathing onto her skin, and the girl will easily feel herself in the arms of a hot male, ready to be taken. If you are wondering - do females like anal sex? – just ask your girl, as there is nothing shameful about doing so. It will not be awkward unless you make it so.

Do her legs look appetizing? Do not deny yourself or her the small quirks - touch her knees, kiss the inside of her thighs. Buttocks, abdomen, ears, wrists, and ankles - check everything that does not cause her to reject you. And then also with him. Certainly, she will not be offended by your relaxed behavior and experimentation as to what she can possibly enjoy.

2. Male activity and passion

Many wonder: who likes sex more - male or female? Whether it's one or the other, and no matter how passionate you are, you should not take away the right to initiate in bed from the girl. Being an object of your man's passion is pleasing for almost every girl. Of the things that girls like in sex, the opportunity to relax and enjoy is one of the most important ones. Give her the chance to command, promise to be her bed slave occasionally. This game will allow you to look into depths of the female soul, about which she did not even know herself. Females like sex, and if you let them unleash their inner desires onto you, you will be very surprised.

3. Stamina and tirelessness

Sometimes to excite a girl a man has to put some work in caressing the most sensitive places. But do not turn it into a mechanical ritual! The worst thing you can think of is to scratch the aroused woman like some sailor the deck. Tease, play, change the tactics and disposition. In bed, or wherever you want to, there is no need for seriousness. Have fun and chill.

4. Sensitivity

Leave the sweet comfort of romantic relations for your girl behind, and you will be forgiven for any outbursts of lust, fatigue, a bruise in a gentle place, resulting from accidental awkwardness, and even lack of money. Be sensitive to her emotions and intimate needs, self-righteousness and callousness do not adorn the man. And if she is completely mysterious or inert in appearance - do not hesitate to ask questions. The best and most profitable topic for talking about with a girl is the girl herself, remember this in any circumstances.

5. Tenderness

Yes, your partner can love brute force, believing it to be a sign of masculinity, and also appreciate some spontaneous fast sex, considering it a manifestation of passion. Some of the girls simply adore the games of coercion, which simultaneously inflame both partners. But even such tastes will not prevent her from appreciating your tenderness. Hugs and kisses after her orgasm, physical contact not only in strategically important places but compliments on her temperament, eyes, legs, breasts and other virtues right during foreplay and sex. All of this gives most girls great pleasure, and to their partners - nice bonuses.

6. Hygiene and cleanliness

Still, the civilization with its perverted passion for hygiene could not but affect our sexual tastes. Whether to use or not different kinds of perfumes, cosmetics and etc. is a matter of individual inclinations and habits. But the more you want to be attractive to the female and have all the variety of intimate pleasures, the cleaner you should be.

Even if you personally like the smell of the female body rather than perfume, keep in mind - men on average smell harsher than women. Even a very passionate and uninhibited girl can simply not cope with the feeling of disgust if her boyfriend hints at a blowjob without a preliminary shower. This will upset you personally and embarrass the girl - do you need this?

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