How to Make Her Miss You Even If You're Not Far Away from Her

If you want to make her miss you, you’ve come to the right place. Today we will list some quotes to make her miss you, talk about withdrawing to make her miss you, and list some interesting tricks to make her miss you.

words to make her miss you

How to Make a Girl Miss You: Tips and Advice

Before we jump in and list words to make her miss you, let’s first list some tips on how to make a girl miss you. Should you disappear to make her miss you? How to make her miss you and want you more? What texts that make her miss you should you use? Let’s find out.

Method number one

How to make her miss you? Here’s the first of ways to make her miss you. To get started, look after the girl as beautifully and persistently as you can. Give flowers and gifts, take her to the cinema and theaters, write poems and love messages, arrange romantic dates. Any girl will be happy to accept courtship, especially if it comes from a pleasant, well-mannered man. When the girl gets used to the fact that you are courting her from all sides, pause any action. Keep calls to a minimum, don't make appointments or give flowers. At first, such inaction will cause bewilderment in a girl. She will wait, think and wonder why you have cooled down to her. After she decides to find out what happened to you, she will seek communication with you. When she will be really afraid that she might lose you, begin to restore the old model of relationships. The girl will be very happy.

You can also be tempted to make her feel jealous for you, but you should be very careful with this, nonetheless, here are the main forms of cheating for you to know about.

Be unpredictable

For example, you decided to meet single girl online and invite a girl on a date. Choose the right moment when she is near you and kiss her. Even if a girl is embarrassed, withdraws or expresses displeasure, she will be pleased in her heart. In no case do not take a guilty and embarrassed look, do not start mumbling excuses under your breath and get upset. With all your appearance, you must show that this attempt was not the last, and, ultimately, you will achieve your goal. Girls do not like cowardly men, but a confident and purposeful guy will appeal to anyone. If the situation is heated, release a couple of jokes and change the topic of a conversation.

Do not fulfill all the wishes of a girl

How to make her miss you badly? Of course, you can pay attention to some things that a girl likes and then present them to her. The girl will be happy to recall these pleasant minutes. But even more, thoughts will arise if you do not pay attention to requests and hints from time to time. The lady of your heart will constantly think about it alone with herself. You will intrigue her. Well, maybe you will make her a little anger. It doesn’t matter, the main thing is to evoke emotions.

Do not devote all your free time to the lady of the heart

How to make her miss you through text? Tell her that you have hobbies, interests, friends with whom you want to meet. Let her know, but keep her close. Let her miss your company while you are busy with personal affairs.

does not talking to a girl make her miss youLet the girl get used to the fact that you wish her good morning and good night

Forget how to do it from time to time. This will cause confusion, bewilderment, and interest of the girl. She will be indignant at what you were doing, that you completely forgot about her. Now that we know a thing or two about “how to make her miss you” psychology, let’s figure out whether there are any universal strategies.

Are there any universal strategies?

There are some universal strategies, but you have to remember that we are all humans, and we have our own unique characteristics. We are all unique, and there will never be a universal way to make all women in the world feel the same thing, whether it is jealousy or a sense of loneliness.

But the tips and tricks listed in this article will increase your chances of making a woman miss you, these are general approaches to the issue, but if you feel like you can do better with a different approach – do it.

Best Tactics to Make Her Miss You Badly

Being apart from your girlfriend is one of the difficulties you will have to face. How to make her miss you? To do this, you need to support her desire to see you more, have fun with her and remind her of how much she loves you. In this case, the saying “out of sight, out of mind” will have nothing to do with you.

Contact the girl from time to time

If you want a girl to miss you, remind her of yourself from time to time. Send a message, a short email or call her to find out how she is doing. Contact her so often that she does not forget you, but also do not overdo with messages or calls. Do not call or write to her always first - your girlfriend should also call or write to you (otherwise, she will take it for granted and think that you have to call/text her, even if she does not). If you know that she is planning an important event (for example, an interview or a final game), contact her and wish her good luck. After this event, call or write to her to find out how everything went. This will demonstrate to the girl that you care and remember her, even when you are not around.

Make her fall asleep thinking about you

To do this, before going to bed, send her a romantic message or call her late in the evening. Perhaps she will even wake up with the thought of your nightly conversation and will miss you even more. A conversation with a girl before bedtime will give you more chances to attract her attention, as she will be free and be able to concentrate on you (in the afternoon, it is more difficult to do it because she is busy with other things). Before the evening (night) call, ask the girl whether it is convenient to do this (perhaps her parents will be against it).

Give her something that will remind her of you

For example, give her a birthday necklace or a book, or the CD she was looking for. Physical objects will remind her of you, and most likely she will miss you when you are not around. Present her something on one of your dates, or win a prize for her (for example, a plush toy) on attractions, or bring her a souvenir from a business trip. Do not spend a lot of money on such a gift. In this case, the item itself is important, which will remind the girl of you and not its value.

Write a romantic note to the girl about how you love her

Write briefly without unnecessary details, but make it clear to the girl that you really love and care about her. You can give her a note on one of your dates or send her by mail (if you are far from her). The girl is likely to save the note and, perhaps, will reread it, which will remind her of you. Moreover, your note along with your gift will remind her of you even more often. Do not write a note just so that the girl does not forget you; write a note sincerely and with all your heart. If you are too calculating, she will easily understand this.

Ask the girl questions about her life

So you show her that you are interested in her life, and she will think and miss you. Ask her questions on dates, by phone or in letters. Do not ask too many questions - on a date, ask her about her family, her pets, her plans for the weekend, her friends, her hobbies; in a telephone conversation or in a letter, ask her about an important event in her life or just ask how she is doing. If you really want to please a girl, show her that you are interested in her. This is much more important than being pretty or “cool.” After all, girls dream of men who really care about them. If a girl feels that you care about her, then she will miss you even more when you are not nearby. Do not forget her answers to your questions! If a girl has to repeat what she has already told you, then she will think that you do not really care about her.

how to make her miss you badlyTreat the girl well when you are together

No need to show her how “cool” you are. If you want her to miss you, do everything you can to impress her. Charm her, make her laugh, let her feel special, and take care of her without showing your strength. Remember that she is a smart and interesting person. Be careful. Make every effort to ensure that the girl is well with you and that she does not need anything (for example, a glass of water). Make her laugh. Do not be afraid to be romantic; relax and cheer her up - so she will like you even more. Give her a call. Do not allow yourself to speak more than your girlfriend, otherwise, she will decide that you are lecturing or imagining.

End conversations on a good note

After you have spent enough time with the girl, tell her that you should go; this will not offend her if you have not agreed to spend more time together. Say something nice to her goodbye, and your girlfriend will think about you when you leave. Do not drag out your meetings for long. If you leave only after you have finished talking topics, then the girl will not think about you. So leave when you still have something to talk about - so your girlfriend will think about you and wait for the next meeting to continue the conversation.

Do not make her very jealous

Although there are some tricks to make the girl miss you more, do not make her very jealous. In this case, she may break off relationships with you because she will decide that you are a womanizer or that you should not fight for your love. You do not need to inform her where you are and with whom you are, but you should not talk with her about other girls or openly flirt with other girls (even online). Easy flirting with other girls can push your girlfriend to think more about you, but do not overdo it so as not to push her away from you. If your girlfriend decides that you are chatting with other girls, she will not miss you. If you have seen your girlfriend, wait one or two minutes, and then go up to her. If you pretend not to notice her, she will not be jealous of the one you are talking to, but simply think that you are an idiot.

Do not try to be a different person just to conquer a girl

Does not talking to a girl make her miss you? There is no reason to ignore her or go too far. Be yourself; do not play the role of a man whom, in your opinion, this girl would prefer. Instead, demonstrate your best qualities and tell her about your interests and hobbies. You don’t need to treat the girl as your friends, but don’t “break the comedy” in front of her (in the end, she will understand that you are playing someone else's role). If you really love a girl and want her to miss you, you need to make sure that the person she is missing is really you, not your embellished copy. Although it may take some time to open up to the girl and show her who you really are, always be yourself.

It will take a lot of time, but it's worth it. Each girl requires an individual approach, so before you follow these tips, carefully study the character of the girl to know for sure whether you can achieve your goal.

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