How to Find a Good Woman to Marry

I don’t know about you, but I was constantly pushed by my parents to get married as soon as possible. I don’t know what got into their heads, I don’t know what motivates them to think that the act of getting married is more important than the quality of that marriage. Well, in my opinion, it is a lot more important to find a great person to marry, and one should never rush something as important as getting married. One simple mistake of either being pushed by your relatives or your libido may end up causing you a lot of pain and waste a lot of your time that you will never be able to get back. Before we start choosing single ladies for dating, let’s talk about a happy marriage, and let’s find out the key aspects of such a happy union.

qualities of a good woman to marry

5 Elements of a Happy Marriage

We are all different, and we tend to value different things in other people as well. But, throughout the years, some aspects of a relationship became the go-to determining factors of its success. The following five elements of a happy marriage are widely recognized as the most important aspects of every relationship. Let’s find out just how important they are.


These elements of a relationship aren’t positioned in any particular order of importance, but, in my opinion, respect is the most important aspect of any relationship. Respect is the force that makes you keep going when the times get rough, it is a feeling that makes you feel like you are not alone, someone values you and will support you in everything you do.


It’s not even about honesty, which is also important, but trust is more important than honesty. If you want your partner to be honest, then you may end up hearing things that will eventually damage your relationships or something else that you don’t want to hear. If you trust your partner and they trust you back, no lie will be aimed at damaging a relationship, trust is about knowing that you love each other and that you always have each other’s interests in mind. If your partner doesn’t have your interests in mind, then don’t waste your time, break up, find a single girl online and start dating her.


Love is hard to define, and it is hard to find it. Are you really in love with your partner or you just want to have sex with them? Well, the only way of knowing for sure is to spend a long time together and see whether or not the warm feelings of affection and emotional connection will leave your hearts. How long should this period of testing out your relationship last? We don’t know but don’t be fooled by your initial surge of feelings for a person.


Some of you may not have even considered this element of a relationship to be that important in a romantic union. But I believe that a positive attitude towards life and everything that happens to a person is very important, even if only one of the partners is positive, that will be just enough to keep the other one running and make their life just a bit easier.

what makes a man want to marry a womanSupport

Support is essential to every relationship. Generally speaking, it is, in practice, very close to respect, but, one can support their partner even if they ultimately disagree with their actions. Respect is different, generally, in that, if you respect your partner, you will have to tell them that they are not on the right path and give a few reasons as to why this is the case. Being able to support a partner is very important, but it is also important to be able to give them some constructive criticism.

Qualities of a Good Woman to Marry

Pleasantness and ease of communication

As the saying goes, be yourself the way you want to see others. A woman should never be rude to her husband, children, friends. She should be warm, kind, more positive. Do not forget about the need for mutual understanding. A woman should not bother other family members with bad things just because she had a bad day. A good wife always talks to her husband, maintaining a pleasant tone of voice, and always meets her husband with a smile, and not with an angry face.

Respect for husband

How to find a good woman? If a woman wants her man to respect her, she should treat him with respect. Respect begins to manifest itself in how a person talks and behaves with others. In a conversation with her husband, she must refrain from harsh statements. A good wife will never humiliate her husband or talk with him disrespectfully - neither in public nor in private. She should accept her husband as he is, and she should not try to change him as she pleases. He will do a lot for her, but a woman should give her man an ability to be himself. After all, a husband is a personality, moreover, a developing personality. A wife should help her husband develop and thus, he will make it easier for her to develop as well.

Understanding and the ability to establish an emotional connection

How to find a good woman to marry? She should be caring and open to establishing an emotional connection. These qualities are the key to a healthy, strong marriage. Never fool each other, do not hide anything. A wife should always be honest with her husband. A couple should talk to each other at least once a day, a topic doesn’t matter that much, what matters is communication. Devote at least half an hour to each other but do it regularly. Each of you should know everything about each other. Each of you should feel that you are open to each other. As soon as there is a feeling that there are such things that you cannot share with your partner, this will mean that trouble is looming on your marriage.

Good ties between spouses help build trust and make the bond between them stronger. Do not make any decisions regarding family matters without consulting your partner.


What are some qualities of a good woman to marry? A husband expects support and understanding from his wife, especially when failures begin to haunt him. What does it mean to be a good wife in difficult times? This means that a woman should be able to support her husband when he needs it. She should do it on all stages of his career and in everything he does. Never belittle the achievements of your partner, a woman should not criticize her partner. There is no faster way to make your partner outraged than to criticize or humiliate them, especially in the presence of strangers. She should be proud of his achievements and sincerely praise her partner. By supporting her husband, a woman ensures that a man will do the same and will support her in return.

A woman should not try to provoke her husband

No man loves it when his woman starts bombarding him with useless information and criticizes him in everything he does. But many women, unfortunately, mistakenly believe that this is the only way to get their husbands to do something the way it should. The truth is that this behavior on woman’s part can significantly undermine their relationship. So, relationships can worsen and even break up. A husband is an adult with his thoughts and desires. He can see the situation in his way. And the fact that a woman thinks that he should do something one way or another does not mean at all that he really should do it that way.

The ability to clearly express her feelings and needs

A woman should not expect a man to reveal himself as a psychic mind reader that can predict each action and thought of a person. If you want something, you have to tell your partner about it. If a husband did something wrong, a woman should explain that to him. Men hate it when women beat around the bush and try to hint on something when there is no reason to do so. It is a lot easier to just be direct with men. Any, even the most difficult problem should be discussed openly and clearly, without allegory. Expressing one’s emotions calmly and directly is what it means to be a good wife in the understanding of a man.

A man should be free

As a person close to her husband, a wife should understand that he has other interests in his life besides her. He has parents, friends, and colleagues, who are also part of his life. He, like her, can have hobbies and his interests. A man cannot just give all of his attention to his wife. A woman should not stop his man if he wants to hang out with friends or go to the gym. A wife who is trying to prevent this causes a man only irritation and a desire to do everything in spite of her.

A woman should be able to surprise her husband

Men love surprises and displays of attention. It can be anything, for example, organizing a secret party on the occasion of his birthday, or preparing a plan for a stormy night of passion, where a woman will act like a seducer. finding a good womanFemale’s surprises do not have to be complicated or expensive, the main thing is that they should be made from the heart and with love. Even if it is just an inscription on a beautiful card, a man will be touched, and a man will feel the care of his woman. And if a woman won’t skimp on pleasant surprises for her husband, then she already knows how to be a good wife.

Love and appreciation

What men look for in a woman to marry? Men really love praise and gratitude. A woman should not spare good words for her man. Men, like women, like to hear the words, "I love you." A very inexpensive little thing will be just enough of a gift, the main thing is that it should be something that he will surely like or will be useful to a man. For example, a wife can give her husband a relaxing massage. Men love to relax.

Honesty, Devotion

Are you looking for a single woman to marry? Well, your future bride should be honest with you. It goes without saying that a good wife should be honest, faithful to her husband, devoting her life to him. After all, it is precisely such a commitment that both partners made upon entering into marriage. And this is the most important thing that a man appreciates in his wife. Much can be forgiven by a man but not infidelity or dishonesty.

Home comfort

Who is the best woman to marry? The best woman to marry is the one that knows the importance of peace and comfort. Despite the seeming inability of a man to observe cleanliness and order, he appreciates home comfort. And he will also appreciate his wife, who constantly maintains order in the house and keeps all things clean and tidy. Besides, men like it when their wives take care of money and take their family budget seriously.

A man should be happy in bed

Intimacy is an essential part of any marriage. Most men have strong emotional and physical needs and desires related to sex, and female's participation in the intimate life of a family is crucial to the success of such a relationship. And if a woman decides to deprive her husband of this happiness, he will go where he can get it. After all, a man is always first and foremost a man! Without affection, intimate conversations, without love that could come from his relationship with his woman in bed, a man will become irritable and grumpy. He will suffer from feelings of rejection and cease to have tender feelings for his wife. Remember that lovemaking makes you closer, which is important for both of you. Therefore, a woman should try to make your intimate life more interesting and diverse, and in everyday life, she should not skimp on the affection and physical contact with her husband.

How to Know You Finally Found a Good Woman

Well, now you know the qualities of a good wife, all of these things may not be initially noticeable from the get-go. How can you identify a great wife and how can you know who you are dating?

Relationships go smoothly from the start

The best relationships I have ever seen, including my own, developed naturally from the very beginning. The couple gets acquainted, somehow begins dating, and then marries. Everything in this relationship is felt simple and easy, like the most natural thing in the world. You do not part, again and again, do not come back to each other every week. And don’t even think about it. Some couples quarrel and make peace a hundred times over. They swear, and then they reconcile and immediately swear again. I am not saying that such a relationship has no right to exist, but all this hassle continues in marriage.

She has found a common language with your family and friends

There are exceptions to this rule, your wife has to be on good terms with all of your family members. But in general, if your girlfriend cannot find a common language with your surroundings, this is a giant red flag, something is wrong here. Think about it, your family raised you and made you who you are now, and you chose friends based on common interests and outlooks on life. Also, listen to the people you like, maybe they have noticed something about her that you weren’t able to notice. When you love a person, you can’t look at them objectively. Your loved ones see the situation from the outside, not being immersed in a relationship. This does not mean that you need to part with a woman because your family and friends do not like her. If you are confident in your relationship, continue developing it. But it would be a wise step to listen to their advice.

You don’t want to change anything in her

What makes a man want to marry a woman? Well, simply speaking, you can’t find anything wrong with her. Relationships will always have difficulties and conflicts. But if there is something truly meaningful that you would like to change in your girlfriend, this is a bad sign. In the first stages of a relationship, when your brain is intoxicated with love, you may not notice the flaws or find them tolerable, but after a few years, when the chemistry is over, these flaws will begin to eat away at your sanity. Remember, people rarely change, and marriage will not make her change. If your girlfriend has something you can't get along with, it's time to move on. You’ve wasted both yours and her time.

how to find a woman to marryShe is your best friend

Here’s the last of the signs of a good woman to marry, but this is by far the most important one. Physical attractiveness and chemistry are essential for all relationships. But the main thing in the relationship between a man and a woman is being friends with each other. For forty years you will not be able to live on libido alone, you will become wrinkled and old, and the libido will die. What will keep your marriage when you turn gray and grow old? If you understand that your girlfriend is your best friend, chances are good that she is the one and only. Do you want to spend all of your life with her? Do you feel that you can tell her everything and that she knows more about you than the rest? Yes? If so, don’t miss her.

Where to Find a Good Woman to Marry

Now you know everything about the most important qualities of a good wife. Now let’s talk about some good places to meet a woman that will be a good wife to you.

Community events

How to find a woman to marry? There are different types of community events, but it is important to not waste your time and visit those events that you find interesting, events that you will find some interest in for professional reasons, or any other reason. You should not be attending these events at random.

Online dating

Online dating is convenient, and it is the best way of meeting other people online. Of course, as a man, you are more likely to get scammed on an online dating site, but you have to be careful and be able to recognize a potential scammer. Be careful and you will be just fine.

Circles of friends

This is perhaps, a little bit of an old-fashioned way of dating women, but it is still quite reliable. There will be no one to awkwardly introduce yourself to other people, there will be no issue of choosing a place and trying to act cool, you just have to behave naturally and have fun.

As you can see, finding a good woman is a long and tedious process. Who would have guessed that it would be that hard to find someone decent in this world to spend your life with? Well, it was never an easy task, but now, at least, you know the qualities of a good wife, you know the main aspects of a successful marriage, and you know where to find a decent wife.

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