How to Relieve a Painful Breakup

A breakup happens in the life of almost everyone. It isusually very painful. This is a very important thing because it is only the end of something bad but what is more important is that a breakup is the beginning of something new. If the choice is right, it becomes the beginning of a new, better life, a more faithful understanding of love. It was an occasion that helped an enormous number of people become cleverer, loving, and happy.

How to cope with a breakup? Here are 8 steps, having done which, you will come back to a normal state.

Relieve a Painful Breakup

How to Deal with a Breakup

Rule #1: Keep calm

The first thing that is worth doing when a breakup with your girlfriend happens – to keep self-control if possible, and don’t turn love into hate. Remember that once you chose her among a huge number of girls by yourself. Then, at least, respect her when it's over. When answering the question of how to relieve a breakup, remember that hate, resentment, and other such feelings just don’t allow you to move forward. You should look into the future.

Rule #2: Deal with it

This shouldn’t be a one-sided decision. If she leaves you, then even in this case it is worth to talk with her, agree that you will not be together, and you will try to forget her - and she shouldn’t interfere with your life now. The ideal variant is when you both clearly understand that it’s over. Not for a while, not just for thinking, not for taking a little time for a while - but really forever. This will not allow uncertainty to get over your head when in the moments of strong nostalgia your brain will begin to look for an opportunity to return everything as it was.

Rule #3: Work on yourself

Work on yourself dealing with a breakup. You can go to the gym, attend a self-development training, start reading a book, change your style, and attend a sports section. You just should start developing. There are a lot of different activities, it is only necessary to choose the right one for you. Everyone has to work on oneself.

men's friendshipRule #4: Tell about a breakup to friends

And hurry up, until she managed to spread her own version of what happened. At least you will not be a fool or an outspoken scoundrel.

Rule #5: Dive into your work

Here it is - a magic wand that helps solve any problem! It will help you quickly get over a breakup. Work helps when it's hard and you want to get distracted from all the problems. Also, work helps when there is simply a bad feeling at heart. It gives a sense of overcoming and achievement. It allows you to feel your dignity without regard to anyone's assessment. And, of course, work has one undeniable advantage over all others: you get paid for it.

Rule #6: Find advantages of bachelor life

Write down on a piece of paper all the benefits that a breakup has given you. Is it difficult? Don’t you see any advantages? Don’t rush, put a paper and a pen on the foreground - believe me, there will not remain blank space on a paper soon. In fact, it is not so difficult to relieve a breakup. The main thing is to start doing something useful, to find a new meaning of life for oneself.

Rule #7: Start to get acquainted, communicate, and meet other girls

How to relieve a breakup? Just start a new life. However, this doesn’t mean that you should urgently look for another girlfriend. It's just necessary to make sure that there is woman's society in your life, with whom you can communicate, flirt, and get positive emotions. Perhaps, you will be able to consider one of these girls as a new girl after a while. It is possible that you like a more casual relationship - when you easily get acquainted, have sex, and continue to live separate.

If you decide to lock yourself in an apartment and see no one, then you will be in a vacuum and will think only about your ex-girlfriend.

Rule #8: Be positive

Finally, the latest thing that should be done as an answer to the question of how do men may cope with breakups is to try to preserve a good, kind, and positive attitude to life. Remember that a breakup with your girlfriend was experienced not only by you, but also by the billions of people who lived before you, and probably this will also be experienced by the billions of people who will live after you. Therefore, don’t pretend that you are a great martyr, but keep a good attitude to life.

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