Is It a Date or You Just Hang Out: Find Out the Difference?

You know those situations. You’ve met someone, and you see each other from time to time. And everything seems going absolutely great. You meet for eating out, you have fun as couples do. And everything seems to scream out that you are dating. Definitely, you think that you are dating, you just decided not to announce it, as it’s obvious and goes without saying. And then, suddenly you learn that you are not a couple. What? How?! Yes, it turns out that all that time you were thinking that you were dating, your partner thought otherwise. Actually, can you still call them a partner?

Anyway, in reality, you were simply hanging out with a girl who’ve never thought of you as of a boyfriend. Definitely, such an experience leaves you confused. How can you spend time with someone and be sure that you are dating? Is there any point to register at some single ladies' site anymore? Well, continue reading if you want to know how to tell a date from a simple hanging out. Hopefully, after reading this article you would be able to pass some is it a date or hanging out quiz that you can find online.

is it a date or hanging out quiz

Why Do People Sometimes Confuse Dating with Hanging Out?

If you want to make sure that there is a point in finding single ladies for dating, there is one important thing you need to do. You need to figure out why do people sometimes confuse dating with hanging out. The funniest point about that is that we confuse it simply because we don't have a clear definition of what a date is and what hanging out is. Yes, there are widespread theories, but if you stop someone on the street and ask them to explain to you the difference, it is unlikely that they would come up with an answer.

You would often hear that date is when someone asks you out, but someone can ask you out on the one-on-one hand out. That's where all that dating vs hanging out confusion starts. People get even more confused, as sometimes dating starts from your hanging out. Thus, it is easy to come to the conclusion that a hang out meaning dating.

Another reason why we so easily get confused is the fact that we find quite silly telling someone we are dating. And when we are not sure but want to believe that we are dating, we prefer not to ask that person whether it is so or not. Simply because the last thing we want to hear is that actually, we are not dating. We are so afraid to be rejected that we prefer lying to ourselves or not knowing the truth to ask the question directly. And that's why there are ways to figure out whether you are having a date or hanging out without asking.

Main Hanging Out Markers

So, if we are going to solve that hanging out vs. dating issue, we need to learn how to tell one thing from another. The best way is to view those two cases separately. This way it will be much easier to figure out what signifies a hangout and what constitutes a date. First, let's get over with sure signs of hanging out. That will help you avoid falling into the trap of confusing it with a date. So, let's have a look at the main hanging out markers.

1. You Rarely Hang Out Alone

Regardless of whether she's asking you out or you are asking her out, just hours before you are about to meet, she says that some of her friends are going to join. Generally, she would say something like, "Oh, by the way, Susie is going to be with us, as she has nothing to do today. You don't mind, do you?" And, of course, you don't mind, as you want to make a good impression on her. The occasions when there are only two of you are extremely rare and occur only when one of her friends fails to show up. Of course, you can start convincing yourself that she's doing that to get her friends' opinions about you. In reality, she brings them exclusively to show you that you should not even think about dating her.

what constitutes a date2. She Asks You Out Only for Parties

Whenever she asks you out it is always some event, like a party. And definitely, you start believing that she likes you and wants to show you to the others. Well, while there is a small possibility that's so, mainly it means that she is comfortable with you hanging around. Parties mainly work the same way as friends she's bringing to hang out with you. It's a sign that you shouldn't think about dating her. While things can change with time, as of now you are hanging out and not really dating.

3. She Avoids Talking About Herself in Details or Talks Too Much About Herself

You may be communicating daily, but she doesn't go into detail about herself. Even when you ask her to go into detail, she simply shrugs it off. While you may think that it constitutes that she's doesn't trust you enough right now, it doesn't mean that things are going to change later. She may talk too much about herself as well, going through all the details of her biography, but that doesn't mean much. While you may think that it's a sign that she trusts you, and you have all the chances to become her boyfriend, most likely you have been friend-zoned.

4. She Avoids Your Touches

Well, when you are dating, it is quite normal that you start caressing each other or walking hand in hand at some point. Well, if that doesn't happen, and the only thing you can get from her is some friendly hug when you meet or saying good-bye, unfortunately, that doesn't look like a date. You are hanging out, and it is highly unlikely that it's going to change at some point. Most likely she's okay with you as a friend, but she has never thought of you as of a prospective partner. Touches mean a lot when we are talking about a romantic relationship.

5. She Avoids Talking About the Future

Of course, you are avoiding phrases like, "I think we could work as a couple…," but even when you start talking about a simple possibility of some abstract relationship, she tries to abrupt you and change the topic. Well, that signifies two things. She knows that you like her, and she does her best to make you forget about it. She's okay with hanging out with you, but that's all. You should forget about dating her and have any relationship development. You can continue hanging out if you can bear being friend-zoned by the object of your desire.

Main Signs That You Are on a Date

Now, after we've figured out what constitutes a hangout, we need to figure out what is considered a date. Just like with hanging out there are certain signs that can help you tell whether you are on a date or not. So, if you want to know how to tell if it's a date, check out the main signs that she's interested in you.

1. She's Hot and Cold

Have you ever noticed that she changes her behavior rapidly when you are hanging out? One moment you are talking like you are on the same level, then suddenly she starts acting like a smart one. Sometimes you can even feel offended, as it seems that she's treating you like a dummy. While you can read this as a sign that she doesn't want anything serious from you, it actually constitutes that she's pretty much into you. While it doesn't mean that you are definitely going to end up in a relationship, it's a sure sign that it's worth trying.

2. She Dresses up to Hang out with You

She dresses differently when you ask her out? She always looks fresh and has her make up on? It doesn't mean that she should wear a cocktail dress, but if she dresses differently for your hanging out, it means that you are actually on a date. That's not some simple hanging out, and she's not considering you just a friend. You can't be sure how strong her feelings are for you, but she surely has you on her mind. If you decided to take precautions and play if off as a hang out for your own sake, you should better stop doing it, as "Is this a date?" is no longer a question.

3. She Flirts with You

No, let's get one thing straight. What is generally missing from hanging out? That's right, flirting. While you can argue that certain people flirt all the time, and it doesn't mean anything, actually flirting means a lot. If you are hanging out with a girl, and she flirts with you from time to time, you should forget the mere idea that you are just hanging out. You are definitely on a date. So, if you are wondering, "Is it a date or just friends having one on one hang out?" you can always count on flirt. Flirting is a clear indicator that you are on a date.

is it a date or just friends4. Touches Are Permitted

Well, one of the clearest indications that you are on a date is that touching is permitted. Yes, contrary to hanging out, tactile contact is not limited to friendly hugs. You are walking hand in hand. She lets you embrace her. Not only she doesn't mind your touches, but she also shows you that she would like you to take her hand. And if your hanging out ends up with the kiss instead of a friendly hug, you don't have to look any further, as you are definitely on a date. Friends who are hanging out doesn't kiss each other.

5. She Tells You That You Understand Her the Best

While we like all that romanticism of phrases like, "I'm not your lover, not your friend, I'm something that you'll never comprehend," it's unlikely someone will use a phrase like that to express their desire for dating. We usually get quite direct in our expressions. Well, not that direct. Anyway, if she suddenly gives you a compliment saying that you are the one who understands her the best, you can be sure that you are on a date. She cherishes your connection, and she's eager to continue further.

How Not to Become a Victim of Self-Deception

In many respects, most of us live either in dreamland or make-believe-land, simply because reality is too harsh. Yes, we inevitably come to terms with reality, but before that, we may waste a lot of time in the limbo of self-deception. Especially, when it comes to dating. Self-deception is another reason why we often confuse dating with hanging out. We like the person that much that we prefer to ignore all the signs that we are actually hanging out rather than dating. So, how not to become a victim of self-deception?

Well, it's neither going to be easy, nor it's going to be pleasant. First of all, you need to accept reality the way it is and pay close attention to the obvious markers of hanging out. Don't go into fooling yourself that the thing between you is something, which it isn't. So, read the signs. But they are not always helpful. Sometimes, if you are completely lost with deciphering the signs, you should simply ask her a direct question. It is even harder to make than reading the signs properly, as the answer is either going to make your dreams come true or end that dream completely. But you can't win if you're not gambling.

And, believe it or not, you are winning regardless of the answer you get. If you are just hanging out, you can move on and find your match. If she tells you that you are dating, it means that everything is alright, and you can continue developing your relationship. In both cases, it is better than fooling yourself.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask Questions

So, how to know if it's a date? Remember to read the signs. And if you read them properly, you will definitely avoid confusing something for what it's not. Despite everything above-mentioned, we need to warn you that signs can be tricky. Sometimes, a girl won't flirt because she doesn't know how to do that. Sometimes, a girl will take her friend to hang out with you because it's okay for her. Thus, the best way to learn the truth is to ask her about what's actually going on between you two. So, don't be afraid to ask a question, and you will never confuse hanging out with dating.

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