20 Fun Double Date Ideas and Tips to Make Them Work

When you get married, or just enter a long-term relationship, your friends and acquaintances start doling out advice. Thus, you shouldn’t go to bed being in the outs, you shouldn’t take each other for granted, and it’s extremely important to exchange love words every day. And even though few people recommend going on double dates, this is extremely useful for relationships. After several hundred dates with your partner, you both know what to expect from the evening together. Most likely, you eat in the same restaurants and discuss the same topics, for example, family news or work stuff. Nonetheless, time spent with other couples can bring something new to your relationships, and a good double date can serve as a breath of fresh air.

double dates

Psychologists and relationship experts say that incorporating another couple into your romantic sphere of life can spice up your relationship. This may add new conversation topics and unusual weekend plans. You will be surprised that your spouse may begin to tell stories that you have not heard yet.

Research supports the idea that new activities with women looking for men online can raise levels of oxytocin, a hormone that promotes emotional attachment.

Main Reasons to Go to a Double Date

It seems everyone understands a double dating meaning, and many couples have already tried this way of passing the time. However, if you have some doubts about how to correctly answer the question, “What is double dating?” then it’s time to find out that when you agree on double dating, it means that your couple will join another couple on a date. It's a joint pastime that can have any scenario. So, now you know how to double date. It’s a great way to spend time together with your beloved girlfriend and a couple of friends. Some people don’t mind such a format of pastime while others hate the very idea of double dating. Perhaps you are worried that this will be awkward, or you have no idea how to organize such a meeting. However, no matter what doubts torment you, we have three compelling reasons why you should try a double date, albeit as some sort of experiment. So, the three main reasons why people book a table for 4.

Brings diversity in routine dating

Bright emotions and new experiences form the basis of healthy and happy relationships. So, when you bring diversity into your routine life, you spice up your relationships in general and can surprise single ladies online with such an offer. Besides, it’s a great way to expand your horizons and find something new. The main thing is to be open to suggestions and all the possible double date ideas. When you start discussing different options, you may find out about some new cool places and activities in your city. It can be some places about which you have never heard before or just were not going to visit for some reason.

Opens your partner from the other side

Everyone knows that we behave differently with different people. Besides, a new activity or just a place can make a person show other sides of their personality. So, the more diverse your pastime is, the better you will get to know your partner. It’s especially true when it comes to trying some unusual activities that you have never done before. The same applies to communication in a group of people when there are not only two of you, but there is also another couple whose opinion you should also take into account.

Makes you a team

When you are going on a date just with your beloved partner, your evening is full of romance, gentleness and usual routine. However, when it comes to the things to do on a double date, it can happen that instead of the usual dinner in a café, you will choose something more interesting and fascinating. Something that will make you become a real team with the same goal. It’s very useful to find out the abilities of teamwork if you are going to develop your relationships further and move them to the new level.

Can a Double Date Go Wrong?

Usually, people turn to the idea of arranging a double date when they want to introduce their two single friends to each other and somehow bring them together. At first, it may seem that they are an ideal match, and such an idea will bring 100% successful results, but sometimes, such a format of a double date can lead to disappointment and spoiled mood. One should remember that all people are different, and while someone believes that participating in double dating is a great idea, and they will feel at ease, other people may feel psychological pressure and embarrassment.

Such a wonderful idea can result in a disaster if you don’t think everything through. Such pastime requires a certain preparation, especially if it is a wholly new experience for everyone. Thus, when choosing a cuisine, make sure that none of you has a food allergy. Such an event shouldn’t become a surprise for anyone, otherwise, everything can go wrong. Besides, all the participants should positively treat such an idea, and if you are not going to introduce your friends to each other, then people should be already a couple. In other words, a double date is a bad idea for arranging your first date with a girl, especially if she knows nothing about its format.double dates

Besides, if two couples have different experiences in participating in such type of dating, then an experienced couple should take the lead to arrange everything. However, you should better discuss all the possible fun double date ideas with all the participants to avoid awkward situations. Anyway, the selection of activities for a double date is a real challenge, and it is one of the hardest parts of preparation. The thing is that each of the participants can have different preferences and interests, so it can be a little harder to find a compromise when there are four participants instead of the usual two. Besides, talking about double date tips that can protect you from an awkward double date, you should discuss the budget of the date beforehand as well as how you will pay the common bill.

20 Double Dates Ideas to Have a Great Time With Your Friends

One of the things that can help spice up your usual pastime with the soulmate is to arrange a double date with a couple of friends who are also in a relationship. Double dates are no longer new, but few are ready to try them since they believe that time with a loved one is something personal and intimate. However, all the relationship experts say that this is great entertainment that will bring new positive emotions to the routine. When you decide to choose a couple with whom you can go on a double date, perceive this choice as a good deal – your best friend may be a wonderful person, but their chosen one and their lifestyle may not be interesting to you. If it is so, you should better not organize a double date, hoping that everything will magically change. Nonetheless, if you know a couple who has alike preferences and values, then there is a big chance you will have good double dates with them. If you need a little inspiration, check out the amazing and cute double date ideas that will help keep the spark and spend time with pleasure. Just choose something to your liking.

1. Wine tasting

If you have reached the age when the law allows you to drink alcohol, then a great idea for a double date is a wine tasting. A glass of good wine will help you relax and create a light atmosphere when everyone is ready to communicate and have fun. The main thing is to not have a few too many. Such a pastime will help you expand your horizons, decide what your favorite wine is and what you cannot drink at all. It can become a great start of the evening if you have enough free time.

2. Art party

Since we have been talking about wine, then another great idea would be to combine drinking and drawing. This pastime is also called an art party. The bottom line is that you book the required amount of time and draw, drinking wine. Usually, all the materials are provided, so you should just decide on what art masterpiece you are going to work. And do not worry if you are not very skillful. The main thing is to get maximal pleasure and communicate with your partners in crime.

3. Board games

Sometimes you don’t even have to leave home to arrange a good double date. Just invite your friends to your house and play board games. Board games will reveal all of you from a new, more gambling side. For example, you can try Monopoly, Twister or any other favorite game and play it all together. However, remember that Monopoly seems easy only at first glance, but if your partners are very gambling by their nature, they can be completely ruthless. Nowadays, the market can provide a tremendous number of different games, so you will definitely find something to your liking.

4. Sport match

If you are admirers of any sport, then the date at a basketball or football match can become a wonderful option since you will experience a lot of bright emotions. Usually, people don’t attend such events on their own since it’s much pleasure to share emotions with like-minded people. You will not even need any stimuli in the form of alcohol because all of you will be charged with emotions. Discuss this option with all the participants, book tickets and enjoy the atmosphere to the fullest.

5. Bowling

It’s one of the favorite options for many companies. Four people will be enough to create two teams and compete a bit. If you don’t like to participate in competitions when there are no prizes, you can come up with a reward that the winning team will get in the end. It’s a great chance to check your team working skills and show the other couple how cool you are. Usually, such activities evoke the competitive spirit, spice up the atmosphere and turn an ordinary date into something truly fascinating.

6. Stand-up show

Search on the Internet for the best stand-up shows in your city and book tickets beforehand if you want to get a table there. Usually, such events take place in some bars on weekends. You should make sure that another couple has an alike sense of humor, so all of you will enjoy the evening there. Besides, such a show will help relax and “melt” the ice if it’s your first double date. A good sense of humor brings people together and helps stay on a positive vibe. If you decide to meet once again, you will already have some common pleasant memories. If you like to watch such shows on the Internet, then chances are high that you will like the live format as well.

7. Master class

If earlier people were not that interested in attending different master classes as entertainment, then today it is considered a great opportunity to spend some quality time and get pleasure. Many companies provide a chance to attend masterclasses, starting with cooking Italian cuisine and clay modeling. Just choose something to your liking. If you want to have fun and try something more active, you can try some dance master classes. Your girlfriends will be pleased and happy. Such joint activity will leave pleasant impressions and improved skills. Besides, you may find a new hobby for your couple that will bring you together and become a common part of your pastime. And if you are interested in something more serious, you can pay attention to training on personal development that is held by famous and successful coaches.

8. Evening at a cafe

If you adore coffee or numerous types of tea, then you can find a cozy coffee house or a nice café, where they serve the best desserts, aroma tea, and quality coffee. Such group date night ideas create a special atmosphere, and you will be glad to share such a pastime with a pleasant company of friends. Besides, as a rule, such double date dinner ideas don’t demand large costs, so you will be able to save your budget or choose something else in addition to it.

9. Cinemacute double date ideas

Today, there are many chamber cinemas and theaters where you can spend a great time in a company of friends. It will not be difficult to find such a place in your city since this format of cinema is in vogue now. Just buy the tickets for the most comfortable seats in advance to enjoy this time to the fullest. If you are one of those who cannot imagine watching movies without something tasty, you can buy some goodies beforehand or even bring a thermos with tea. It will be a wonderful evening, and both couples will be able to spend together and avoid awkward conversations.

10. Journey

If you want to try something more interesting and unusual, you can take a small journey to the neighbor city. For example, you can arrange a sightseeing tour or implement some unusual scenarios. Such fun double date ideas are an opportunity to get to know your partner better, look at them from different sides and understand how another couple perceives the world.

11. Sports session

If all of you are in for sports, then it can become a great idea for a double date. You will spend time with pleasure, increase your dopamine level and learn how to interact with each other and work as a team if you choose the option that requires several teams. Everything will be easy if one of you is an experienced sportsman, for example, basketball, volleyball or tennis. Besides, these kinds of sport are suitable for beginners as well, so don’t worry.

12. Culinary battle

If you decide to spend a double date in a home atmosphere, it doesn’t mean that this evening should be boring. You can arrange a real culinary battle in which guys will show the girls they are better cookers. Choose the same set of products for each “team” and decide on dishes that you will cook, for example, you can choose something from French or Spanish cuisine. At the end of the evening, vote and choose the winners of the battle who will get some delicious desserts. Victory should be sweet.

13. Picnic

If it’s wonderful and sunny weather outside, you can arrange an amazing double date somewhere in nature within the city. You can think about a picnic, having bought a bottle of wine, croissants, fruits and taken a couple of plaids. However, if it seems too easy for you, then you can go to the countryside for a barbeque. Or choose a nice place near the lake or river where you will be allowed to light a bonfire, wrap yourselves in warm blankets with a cup of mulled wine and tell horror stories or share memories from your childhood.

14. Karting

Yep, some people don’t like speed for one reason or another. However, if your couples are into it, then you can turn your double date into a funny pastime, having tried karting, for example. If you like an idea of competitive double-date entertainment, then karting will become one of the most suitable options.

15. Ice-skating

Hold your hands and laugh with the person you really like, enjoying ice-skating. Even if there are four of you, everyone will have enough place to skate, have fun and get bright and pleasant memories to cherish. If you didn’t ever skate on an ice rink, it wouldn't become a problem. Of course, you may feel somehow uncomfortable at first, but you will have a great company that will support you and show how to skate.

16. Billiard at the bar

If you like contests, then billiard at the bar can become the right choice. Drinking will make you talk, and the competitive spirit will make you work as a team. Regardless of whether you win or lose, you will communicate well. Of course, no one forces you to drink so much that you end up falling asleep. Billiard is a much more interesting game than many people can imagine, so don’t refuse you such entertainment.

17. Quest

You might have already noticed that quests are very popular nowadays. On the Internet, you can find a tremendous number of interesting options that will make you act as a team. There are many different genres and levels of complexity, so you should choose something that all participants will be interested in. It’s a great option if there is bad weather outside since usually, quests are held inside, and you will not have to worry about anything besides the task itself.

18. Amusement park

What could be more interesting than a double date in an amusement park? You can ride a roller coaster, get a lot of pleasure from adrenaline and different sweets, and shout from the bottom of your soul during breathtaking falls. At the same time, your memories will be vivid and bright, and you will always have funny photos.

19. Concert

If you know that all the participants are fans of some particular band, you can go to the concert together and have an amazing time there. Besides, you can prepare a bit in advance, listen to the main songs of the artist and learn the lyrics to be able to sing them later. Just make sure that everyone will like such date since you will not be able to communicate there due to a big noise.

20. Karaoke

Many people sing only when taking a shower even though they were born to sing in public. If your friends share this passion, you can offer them to go into karaoke after the main program of the date. If you are too shy to start singing in public right away, but you still want to do that, you can book a separate room that will allow you to relax in a company of your friends. Choose your favorite genre and let your soul sing.

Try Everything New If You Have a Chance

Many people refuse double dating because they have some hidden fears that everything will go wrong, and they will feel embarrassment. It’s not the case! Until you try, you will not know whether you like such pastime or not. If you have just started dating, then maybe you are not ready to share the company of your partner with anyone else. However, if you have a committed relationship that has been lasting for more than a year, it can become a great chance to spice up your routine life and get new impressions.

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