How to Properly Cancel a Date: a Guide for Men

In life, there are situations when you want to go out or make an appointment, and then unexpected events occur because of which you don’t want or can’t go on a date. In this case, you have to cancel it, but in such a way that you don’t offend the person. So, how to cancel a date with a girl?

cancel a date before meeting

Why Is It OK to Cancel a Date?

When you date women online, there is nothing bad if you warn a person in advance and cancel a date. This is much better than spending time with someone you don’t like. None of you will enjoy it. Over time, you will accumulate anger both at a woman and yourself. That is why it’s okay to cancel a date. Men don’t need to be afraid of canceling dates because it is almost impossible to build harmonious relationships without trust, respect, and mutual understanding.

Can you cancel a date? Of course, you can. For example, if you are chatting on a young women looking for older men dating site, and a woman seems repulsive to you even at this stage, it is hardly worth giving her a chance, agreeing to spend time on a meeting with her. Most likely, you will only be disappointed even more. There is no need to hope that a woman whose illiteracy enrages you will suddenly turn out to be an intellectual with whom you can talk about everything in the world. Believe us, this will not happen. Actually, there are plenty of reasons to cancel a date, from feeling sick simply because Netflix and your favorite bed win in the issue of “what to do today – to go out or stay at home.” Surprisingly, in an age of developed social communication, this is no longer a crime.

When you cancel plans, it is definitely not a disaster. But at the same time, this is a good reason for another person to be offended. Moreover, such a reaction is absolutely normal when a person cares. However, choosing the right strategy, you will reduce the degree of irritation and save a relationship.

How to Get Prepared to Cancel a Date With a Girl

Do you remember situations when a new friend actively insists on a meeting? Whether you want it or not, your plans may change. If you don’t want to be considered “a jerk who spits in the soul of a good woman,” we will talk about several life hacks in behavior, possible options for canceling a date. So, how to cancel a date?

how to cancel a date via text1. Prepare yourself

Prepare in advance the words that you are going to say to the woman. Be mentally prepared for the unexpected reaction of this person. In general, try to sort out all the possible reactions of her, and prepare for them in advance – this is the best way to cancel a date. But we want to add, most likely, it will not be possible to prepare for all possible human reactions, so don’t worry and give the woman the opportunity to speak out. This will be the most optimal and reasonable solution.

2. Think about it

When you cancel a date before a meeting, the conversation must first be thought over, so that all your arguments are reasonable. Explain why you can’t meet and then apologize, otherwise, you will get involved in a long tedious discussion. If a girl likes you, she will wait for your next offer. If she doesn’t understand the reason for your decision and insist on a meeting, then it is better to stop communication with her at all because she doesn’t even respect you.

3. Remember that your experiences are normal

The experience of canceling a date may seem very difficult, sometimes unbearable, but it is important to understand that it is normal to be a little worried before telling someone bad news. Of course, you don’t want to offend a woman. But don’t be afraid, do what you need to do. This will show her attitude to you.

4. Choose the right time

If you notice that she is not in a good mood, then talk about it later. She may painfully experience your rejection. And when you notice that she is positive and affectionate towards you, tell her about your fears that you will not succeed in fulfilling her desire today. Most likely, she will understand.

5. Don’t delay

How to cancel a date last minute? The more time passes, the harder it will be for you to do. People invest time and effort into relationships. So, the more time and effort are spent on building relationships, the harder it is for a girl to accept the fact that she doesn’t go anywhere today. Not to mention the fact that the woman can get angry that you were not honest with her and didn’t tell about your intentions before.

How to Cancel a Date?

It is always nice when you ask someone out but sometimes you need to cancel a date so as not to offend a person. Try to speak politely, without hurting the feelings of the woman. Politeness is the ability to give an appropriate compliment, speak sincerely, and show respect for the feelings of the person.

1. Reschedule the meeting

Choose another day suitable for both but don’t let the situation repeat in any case. If you were going to the cinema, then for the next time, it would be more suitable to offer something more significant when canceling a date, for example, dinner in an expensive restaurant that she has dreamed about for so long.

2. Don’t promise what you will not do

In your refusal speech, don’t use such phrases as “next week, most likely,” “maybe on the weekend...” if you don’t intend to meet and answer calls but just give false hope. In the eyes of a woman, you will simply be a liar when you can simply tell the truth. Therefore, don’t pronounce loud promising phrases.

3. Don’t be rude

Failure is already a serious blow to the pride of a woman. Pointing out flaws is the worst of failures. It’s better to list the woman’s merits and praise her for the ability to wait for some time and then say softly and politely that you can’t meet this time. Come up with a good excuse to cancel a date so that a girl believes you and your good intentions.

how to cancel a date with a girl4. Tell the truth

What is a good reason to cancel a date? Are you tired, sick, or work takes all your thoughts, and the already shaky nervous system is completely undermined? In this case, it is better to go home and try to relax, rather than go on a date with a poker face, spoil the evening to possibly a very close person, with whom you have long dreamed of a serious relationship.

5. Make a surprise

If you can’t find good reasons to cancel a date, then just send a nice card, flowers, or some suitable gift. The lady will certainly take this as a sign of attention. In a sense, she will feel in debt to you, and therefore, it will be much easier to survive the fact that the date is canceled.

Main Mistakes When Canceling a Date

Trying to find a way to cancel a date, men don’t always correctly express their thoughts. We list the main problems in the conversation that should be avoided.


Some men refuse to date in a very rude way. They just stop any communication with women, block them on social networks, and avoid meetings. This is a very bad way because it may drive her crazy, and you may make an enemy for yourself. If you don’t want to go on a date, never disappear without explaining everything. Don’t make enemies for yourself.


How to cancel the date via text? Well, never be rude to a girl. Even if you use a strict form of refusal, add, “I’m sorry” to “no” or “I understand how hard it is for you now, but I can’t today.” If you see that the girl is still hoping for something and thinking that you may change your mind, then your “no” didn’t sound clear (NOT RUDE) enough.

Very unrealistic lies

It is advisable not to lie. Just name the reason why your date is canceled, even if such a reason seems stupid to you. Lying will never be a good way out. It is much worse when a woman suspects you of lying and tries to get to the truth herself. Therefore, it is much more honest and fairer to cancel a date by telling her the truth.

You can find many ways to cancel a date with a girl and, at the same time, not offend her. However, it is worth saying that before looking for the reason for the refusal, think carefully. What if this girl is your destiny, and instead of opening the doors to her, you run away from your personal happiness?

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