7 Main Signs Your First Date Went Well

A few things in this world can be as worrying as the first date. People spend millions of dollars to buy costly subscriptions, new clothes, expensive perfumes and make fashionable haircuts to be sure that they are at their best when it comes to dating someone. The human desire to have romantic relationships has been a driving force for most of the great deeds in our history. For example, ancient Greeks besieged the city of Troy because the Trojan prince has stolen their king's fiancée.

Today, we don't need to steal our ruler's finances because we have many other different options to meet a single woman. But does it mean that dating has become less competitive nowadays? Nope, modern technologies provide us with the ability to search for a perfect person among hundreds of candidates, but the first date, in reality, is still very important. Probably, this is the second most important factor that regulates your success in dating. Why is it only the second one? Because your adequacy is the first one. If you behaved inappropriately during your online chat, a girl would never agree to go on a date with you.

how do i know if the first date went well

Is It Important to Analyze Your First Date Outcome?

Shortly after the first date, or even during it, people search for signs a first date went well. They want to know did they manage to impress their partners or not. As you may know, a tremendous number of different factors can affect your success on the first date. Thus, it is foolish to believe that all your first dates will be successful, especially if you don't know how to tell if a first date went well. If you don't know the main signs of an excellent first date, then you don't know what to expect from a date at all.

You need to analyze your behavior on your first dates because you need to improve yourself. No matter how good you are at dating, you can always be better. For example, some men face a problem, "I think the first date went well, but she doesn't text back. What should I do?" As you have guessed, there can be plenty of reasons why a girl doesn't text back. It is not possible to find the real reason without analyzing their first date. Maybe, she is busy, and she told him about this, but he forgot this fact. Or he behaved somehow inappropriately, and she doesn't want to date him but can't tell express it directly.

Another example is when people write to us, "Surely, the first date went well, but no second date followed. Why did she disappear?" And again, the only two people who may know the real reason are her and him. She won’t tell it because she clearly doesn't want to date him. And he has no idea, but he has failed to analyze his or her behavior on their first date. As you can see, it is very important to know how critically analyze your first date and find real mistakes and problematic spots that you can improve. Besides, you should never dig too deep in yourself, or you will believe that the fact that you don't have a million, or that your great-grandfather served in the army doesn't allow you to be successful in dating.

Things to Notice So That You Can Tell the First Date Went Well

So, how to know if a first date went well? First of all, you need to learn to pay attention to small details because the ability to notice small things in people's behavior or look will help you to understand them without words. Our body language can say a lot about us. But it is not only about our moves, and intonations. Pay attention to her mood and feelings that she expresses. Also, don't forget to listen to her, firstly, because girls like when guys listened to them, and secondly, she may directly tell you if she likes or dislikes something about your first date.

i think the first date went wellHer body language

As we have said before, our body language can say a lot about our real emotions, feelings and can express our real mood. Sometimes our body language betrays us and tells others something that we want to hide. This explains why you need to pay attention to your new girlfriend's body language.

Her involvement in your conversation

Often men believe that the date was great, and they honestly don't understand why the girl doesn't want to have a second one. This stems from the fact that they didn't pay attention to her involvement in their conversation. A girl will never agree to go on a second date with you if, on the first date, you didn't manage to involve and win her interest in your conversations.

Topics she discusses with you

Another closely related to her involvement in your discussions matter are topics that she discussed with you on your first date. It is pretty normal to talk about the weather and hobbies, but if she was telling you about her other men and possible dating candidates, then you should run away from her.

Her mood

This one is the most easily noticeable thing in her behavior. Was she happy during your first date? Did she seem to have a good time with you? Also, how often did she use her phone, and how long your date was? The more positive answers you have, the higher the probability that she was in a good mood.

Your own feelings

A great way how to know your first date went well is to pay attention to your feelings. There is no point in asking her to go on a second date if you are not interested in her. It is okay if there is no chemistry between you. Just remember to be very gentle when you tell her about this and do it after your first date.

Did My First Date Go Well: 7 Signs

Men always feel uncomfortable if their best first date went well, but no kiss followed. If this happened to you, then you should relax, you have found a jackpot. If you are absolutely sure that everything was perfect, then the fact that she didn't kiss you means that she wants to have something serious with you. Next, we are going to share 7 main signs that your first date went well, even if you didn't kiss her. We hope that after reading our tips, the question, "How do I know if the first date went well?" will never appear in your head again.

1. You both participated in the conversation

At some point in life, everyone had to communicate with a person who speaks only about themselves, not allowing you to say a bare thing. But this is better than trying to talk to a person who has not uttered a couple of phrases for the whole evening. Situations and people can be different, but if a person is interested, he or she will be attentive to what you say and will be glad to know more about you. There is absolutely nothing to worry if on your first date you managed to find a common language and interesting topics for both of you.

2. You both laughed and had fun

People go on dates because they want to have fun with someone they like. The surest way to understand whether you have chemistry with this or that person is to analyze your senses of humor. People who have chemistry share the same sense of humor. Besides, your sense of humor may change and adapt to your partner's, but only if you like this person. This explains why, sometimes, with some people, we laugh at things that never seemed funny for us before. If your first date was filled with healthy laughter, and you both had fun, then you have nothing to worry about because your first date was a success.

3. You looked into each other's eyes

Did you know that in some situations, looking into the interlocutor’s eyes is considered impolite? Well, definitely on the first date. If you caught her looking at you, and answered by looking in her eyes back, then you can be sure that she likes you because by gently, and "accidentally" looking in each other eyes, people show their sympathy and, sometimes, their sexual interest. Note, if you like this person, you will want to look in her or his eyes. Again, everything depends on the way how she looked at you. Make sure that you weren't doing anything stupid when you caught her starring at you.

4. None of you avoided physical contact

Physical contact is another powerful tool that people use to show their romantic interest. Note, here we are not talking about kisses, hugs, or other closer interactions between two people. We are talking about moments when you held her hand while you were helping get out of the car or touched her shoulders when helping with her coat. All those small and gentle touches mean a lot to those who initiate and receive them. If none of you avoided them or even was initiating them, then you know that your first date went well.

5. You didn’t use your phone too often

Everyone knows that during a date, especially the first one, you should avoid using your phone because it is considered to be rude. Unfortunately, sometimes, we have no other options. For example, we begin to use our phones when we feel bored and want to show to our partner that he or she needs to do something about it. If on your first date, you forgot about your phone at all, then this is your person, and you definitely should date him or her. Don't worry, if you need to make some urgent calls, your partner will understand, but don't overuse this opportunity. If you should receive more than two calls, then you definitely have chosen the wrong time for the first date.

signs first date went well6. You know her social network account

It is highly unlikely that you will add someone whom you don't like to your friend's list on any social network. Instead, you will delete this person's number and will try to forget him or her once and for all. So, if at the end of your first date, you decided to add each other to your friend lists on various social networks, then things are pretty nice between you two. Pay attention to who was the initiator of such an action. If it was your new girlfriend, then it is clear that she is very interested in you.

7. You discussed your plans

You definitely should add this sign to your well date checklist. No, we are not talking about your plans to have a joint vacation, or to buy a house, or to raise kids. We are talking about small plans, for example, when, on your first date, you agreed to have a second one. When people are not so sure about their partners, they never discuss their plans with them. A decision like that is always made spontaneously. Thus, it shows that you have a lot in common with this person. Actually, this is a very good sign that your first date was a success, and she will agree to have a second one with you.

The First Date Went Well – Now What?

Now, when you know how to tell when the first date went well, you may ask, "My first date went well now what?" Actually, this is the most interesting stage of any relationships because now a great game begins. When you both realized that your first date was a success, and you are interested in each other, you begin to think about how to let him or her know that I liked them. Some people recommend to wait for a couple of days, and only then write to your new partner. Of course, this is a nonsense, and you should never do this! And we are going to share the first things to do after the successful first date.

Let her know you had a great time

First of all, as soon as you get home, you should write her a small message telling her that you have enjoyed your date with her. After the first date, you both will be drowning in doubts whether your partner liked you or not. So, it is very important to almost immediately let her know that you enjoyed your time with her.

Text her and maintain communication

The worst mistake that you can make after your successful first date is to disappear. Remember, you should never disappear from a girl you like. At this stage, your task is to maintain the established communication with her. If you lack topics that you can discuss, then try to remember what you were discussing on the first date and give a second life to those topics.

Ask for a second date

Don't wait too long before asking her for a second date with you. As we have said, sometimes people agree to have a second date right on the first one. If this wasn't your case, then you should give her a call and ask for a second date. If you are too shy to call, then you can text her.

We hope that with the help of our list signs that the first date went well, you will know for sure whether your date is a success or not. In the worst case, when you feel very paranoid and can stop asking yourself, "Did my first date go well?" you can directly ask a girl whether she liked it or not. Yes, this may seem too straightforward and requires a lot of courage but living in doubts is way harder. Generally, we recommend you trust your feelings because the best way to be sure is to pay attention to your emotions after the date. Your emotions can't lie.

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