How to Introduce Yourself to a Girl

There are certain rules that you should adhere to if you want to make a very good impression on a girl when approaching her. Hypothetically, men know what to do: how to behave, what to say when approaching a girl, and how to look. However, there is a huge difference between the effect of the first impression and the ability to hold it, introducing yourself to a girl. Anyway, meeting a beautiful stranger, you can feel awkward, embarrassed, or even uncomfortable. How to introduce yourself to a woman and make her interested if you know nothing about this charming lady? In most case, guys cannot even determine what makes them feel awkward. Frankly speaking, introducing to a girl is an unrecognized kind of art, which every man should master. Below you will find certain tips on how to introduce yourself to girls, make the right impression and keep interested in you.

best way to introduce yourself to a girl

Why It Is Important to Make Good First Impression

Believe it or not, but your first idea of a stranger continues to influence your opinion for a long time. American psychologists conducted an interesting study, in which about 60 people took part. These people were offered to form an opinion on the four women whose photographs they were shown. The participants had to say which of these women they could be friends with. Moreover, they had to characterize each woman, for example, to determine how sociable, conscientious, open to a new experience she is. In a while, the participants got a chance to talk to these women in person for 12 minutes to get to know them better. After such a meeting, each participant had to express their opinion about these women once again, mentioning the level of their attractiveness and personal qualities.

The analysis of the results showed that there is a direct connection between the first impression and further evaluation of a person. For example, if a man described the woman in the photo as an attractive, emotionally stable and sociable, his opinion about her did not change even after face-to-face communication. And vice versa, in general, the negative first impression remained after a personal acquaintance. Besides, those who immediately liked the woman in the pic behaved more friendly in person and showed sympathy in every way. In that case, non-verbal signals do their work since if the interlocutor emits warmth and sympathy, a person feels it and behaves accordingly, which means that they become even more attractive for the interlocutor. And it's necessary to mention a psychological moment: we subconsciously attribute positive characteristics to the person we like from the first glance. So, to make a good first impression is half the battle.

Introducing Yourself to a Girl: Key Tips

When we meet a stranger, it takes us about five seconds to form a first impression of them. And as you have already found out, it’s quite difficult to change this first impression, it can take hours and sometimes days. However, when you are going to approach a girl and introduce yourself to her, you don’t have extra time. Therefore, it is so important to present yourself from the most advantageous side at once. There are so many factors that become your allies or enemies, starting with the right choice of clothes and ending with facial expressions and gestures. There is a list of tips on how to introduce yourself to a girl.

1. Smile

A cute smile is a very effective tool in the struggle for a good first impression. After all, how can a woman resist a sincerely smiling man? And it’s worth smiling not only when you are standing in front of a stranger, but also when you are approaching the girl. When your face does not express any emotions or you have put on a “pickup master mask,” it immediately makes the woman alert and prepare for the worst. It is obvious that it will not make communication more productive. However, a stunning smile inclines to positive dialogue, in which both sides feel as comfortable as possible.

2. Devote time exclusively to a girl

Modern trends in the development of society force us to make certain amendments to the rules of etiquette. For example, one of these additions is a refusal from various gadgets and electronic devices during the meeting. Therefore, if you want to make a good impression on a girl, put your phone away so that it does not distract you from the dialogue. By such a gesture you show that you are ready to fully devote your time to acquaintance and conversation.

how to be yourself around a girl3. Watch your body language

The first impression depends not only on what you say when you meet a girl now. It is also determined by your gestures, facial expressions, and position of the body. You should demonstrate with your posture and gaze that you are a reliable person, and you can be trusted. To make such an impression, do not be afraid to look directly into the girl’s eyes, watch your movements and try to make them smoothly while demonstrating your involvement in the conversation with small nods.

4. Turn on your imagination

You might have heard many times the statement about the materiality of our thoughts and the power of imagination. Try to put them into practice. Before you decide to approach a beautiful stranger on the street or introduce yourself online, imagine how you want to look in her eyes. As an inspiration, you can use the image of your favorite actor or a person whose way of communicating and presenting oneself you like. This exercise helps set the mood and gain confidence before talking to a charming lady.

5. Do not try to be too frank

Excessive desire to expose your soul, to put everything on the table and to share innermost thoughts with a stranger can harm both of you. What do you know about this woman? What do you know about her life, principles, a circle of friends? Excessive frankness will put you in an awkward position and take the girl out of the moment. If you say something superfluous, making her blush, your spontaneity can be considered banal immaturity and inability to be serious. You should open up gradually, no matter how much you like this wonderful stranger.

6. Look perfect

It doesn’t matter whether you are going to approach a beautiful girl in the street, or you are invited to the party where you can get a chance to meet someone interesting, or it’s a blind date because you are involved in single woman dating, anyway, you should look perfect in every case. You never know where and when you will meet your soulmate, so you should choose clothes and accessories beforehand. In general, you should create an image that will correspond to your inner state and will attract a potential partner. Anyway, the first thing that inevitably attracts the attention of a girl is how you look. Besides, doing that, you will feel more comfortable and confident.

What to Say When Approaching a Girl

Any kind of relationship requires communication, and it doesn’t matter whether it is about friendly or personal ones. However, when you are approaching a girl, you can feel awkward, embarrassed, or even uncomfortable. What to talk about with a girl when you know nothing about her? Honestly, most men cannot even determine what makes them feel awkward. Nonetheless, even if you don’t know what things to say when introducing yourself to a girl, you should remember the main rule – you should make the process of communication as enjoyable for two of you as possible. Everyone can speak beautifully, but the ability to listen can make you a person who tells interesting stories and easily attracts new people.

1. Make positive comments and compliments

The best way to establish trust is to be the first to admit to a girl your admiration. Sincere compliments are a magical pill that will help eliminate embarrassment when you are approaching a beautiful stranger. Firstly, when you say something nice to a girl, you set the mood and direction for the conversation. Secondly, a compliment brings a certain warmth and positivity to the talk. However, you should carefully “work” with compliments so that you do not look like an insincere flatterer. You can find something attractive and pleasant in every person, it is just important to see it in time and not be silent. You can praise a girl for her manners, good taste or just compliment her stunning smile or a wonderful sense of style.

2. Show a sense of humor

Everyone knows how we feel good and relaxed in the company of cheerful and positive people. Good jokes may relieve stress and tension and will help you look like a confident and optimistic person. So, when you start a conversation with a girl you like, don’t be too serious because such a course of conduct can make the girl feel uncomfortable as if she is at a job interview. However, jokes should be in moderation and don’t sound like mocking. Peppy speech, enthusiasm in the voice and beautiful posture will create a suitable first impression, so you won’t even have to demonstrate excessive eloquence and come up with numerous jokes.

3. Prepare several phrases in advance

The first step in combating discomfort when approaching a girl is preparation or understanding what needs to be said so as not to feel constrained and awkward. If you are stunned whenever you try to talk to a stranger, use a technique called “line of thought.” This means to tell a phrase by phrase to avoid pauses. You should avoid these long moments of silence in communication. Such silence can arise literally in a matter of seconds and gives rise to a feeling of awkwardness. Moreover, this silence is likely to increase your anxiety, which will further aggravate the situation. To avoid this scenario, prepare in advance and rehearse several neutral phrases.

how to introduce yourself to a woman4. Do not confuse interest in a girl with interrogation

Attentive listeners get an additional ten scores, but the main thing is to be sincerely interested in the girl and remember about etiquette. Do not ask too many questions, especially ones that have something to do with politics, religious beliefs, the state of her financial situation or personal life. That's none of your business yet. Be patient, attentive and considerate. Besides, you should remember that any woman subconsciously feels whether your interest is sincere or formal. So, take off the mask and be natural.

5. Non-verbal answers

Sometimes it’s not enough just to listen to what and with what intonation a girl is telling you. Try to pay attention to how the girl is gesturing and with what facial expression she is talking to you. To recognize the true mood of a woman, pay attention to her posture and facial expressions: if she crosses her arms or legs, it means that she does not really trust you, or in those cases when she takes her eyes off, she may just feel uncomfortable. So, it may be enough to bend down and nod several times so that the girl understands that your attention is only on her and she can tell you everything she wants.

6. Get rid of criticism

Do you think that you can establish a trusting relationship with an unknown woman by telling some negative things that you don’t like, for example, about her appearance? What can you achieve with that? It is unlikely that she will immediately run to change the things you don’t like. She will rather become irritated, get nervous, angry or just send you to hell and leave. You know that best defense is a good offense but not in the case when you are approaching a girl and want to keep that conversation going. Learn to control your words and not to criticize a girl in any way.

7. Talk in a soft manner

There is another mistake made by many men that will not allow them to turn a neutral attitude into a trusting one. It is a habit to communicate in a commanding tone that does not tolerate objection. This is not the best way to introduce yourself to a girl. Of course, this manner of communication does not cause anything but internal resistance. You should learn to speak in a friendly and calm manner, in a soft, trusting voice. Do not demand but ask. And do not command but offer. Above all, don’t get angry, but ask leading questions. As a result, this will be much more useful when you are talking to the girl.

How to Introduce Yourself Online

Generations succeed each other, but the difficulties of young men do not change. If earlier guys did not know how to say, “hello” to the young lady on the street, today you don’t know how to introduce yourself to a girl online due to excessive embarrassment. Thus, new technologies haven’t made the introduction to the charming girls easier, but, on the contrary, added another challenge: how to introduce yourself online?

Should you dedicate touching poems to make a blissful impression? First and foremost, you should understand that your success will completely depend on your ability to interest a girl with information and pics in your profile, the ability to communicate and make her smile.

1. Gather the required information in advance

You should perceive it as an exam. You should present yourself from the best side, right? The more you know about a woman, the easier it is for you to avoid uncomfortable moments of silence and awkward pauses. The higher your chances to hit the spot are. So, if you want to introduce yourself to a girl you have met online, for example, on a dating site, then the first thing you should do is to study her profile. Look through her every pic, examine them, look for something catchy that you can use as an icebreaker. For example, you can write to her, “Oh, I saw a familiar landscape in one of your pics. Is it (your version)? Did you like the trip?”

2. Create a confidential atmosphere

Be honest, do not try to embellish your life with non-existent facts, do not ascribe to yourself someone's achievements. Sooner or later, a girl will find out everything if a usual online acquaintance turns into a committed relationship. It will be difficult to explain everything to her, and you will not be trusted. If you do not know something, tell it directly. Straightforwardness wins over girls, honesty gives rise to trust, and a small vulnerability adds to your attractiveness, as it elevates a girl and gives her the right to make the same mistake. No one is perfect in the world. If you saw in her profile some interesting but unknown information, ask her to tell more. “I saw you are interested in calligraffiti. It sounds amazing, but I don’t know what it is exactly. Could you enlighten me?”

3. Start a casual conversation

You know there is no need to invent some incredible phrases even if you don’t know how to be yourself around a girl. If you haven’t found anything interesting in the girl’s profile that can serve you as an excuse to start a conversation, then you can try your luck with the ordinary, “Hi (girl's name). If you don’t mind, I want to get acquainted with you. My name is…. Nice to meet you. How your day is going?” No need to talk about politics in Argentina or connections with NASA, ask a trivial question, pay a compliment, ask for help, whatever! You can mention something about her accessories in the profile photo, for example, it can be about catchy shoes, an interesting book in her hands or a T-shirt with the name of your favorite rock band.

what to say when approaching a girl4. Enjoy your online dating

Do not be gloomy or too uptight. Do you have a good sense of humor? Feel free to put it into practice. Do you have any talent that could be demonstrated right during the online conversation? Use this opportunity to charge your new acquaintance with fun and carefree notes. Anyway, try to enjoy the fact that you could look into the eyes of your fear and emerge mentally stronger. “Hi, a beautiful stranger. Would you like to talk a bit? Btw I can ask you every day, “How is your day going?” or “What are you doing?” But one of my drawbacks is that I don’t know how to start a conversation.”

5. Take the lead in the situation

Having decided to make a new acquaintance with a charming stranger, you should not give the reins of government to someone else. Girls like self-confident men who know what they want. Remember that admiration is awarded to those people who are not afraid to be themselves, to show themselves actively and assertively, setting the direction for the entire conversation. Do not wait for initiative from the girl, inspire your interlocutor for active dialogue, take the lead in the situation. “Hi, (name of the girl). My name is… I am going to travel to your city, and I would like to find out about great places to visit. You are local, so you are better than Google. If you have spare time to talk to me, I would be very appreciated.”

6. Pay compliments

To leave a pleasant impression and a good aftertaste, it is important to take a fancy to the girl you are communicating with. Do not hesitate to compliment her if you have noticed some special detail in her appearance, for example, she has a very cute mole or great eye color. If you take a closer look at her pictures, you will be able to find a dozen reasons to pay a compliment. The crucial point is to be sincere! “Good evening, (her name). My name is…. I saw your pic on the front page and couldn’t take my eyes off your charming smile and those amazing green eyes.”

7. Find common ground

The best way to start a productive communication that will not end in two messages is to find a common ground from the very beginning. For example, if you saw in the girl’s profile that she is a dog lover, then you can write her something about that. “Hi, (her name). My name is… I saw in her profile that you are a happy owner of a shepherd dog. What is his name? I like dogs very much, so I share my home with a long-haired shepherd Tara. Would you like to meet in a dog park one day?”

Forewarned Is Forearmed

The art of flirting is such a way of communication between a man and a woman, which is based not only on words but also gestures, first impression and a kind of chemistry that happens between people. It is a kind of game between partners, which allows you to increase each other's self-esteem and introduce a touch of romance into the conversation. The irony of this art is that someone was given the gift of charm from birth, but there are those of us who find it difficult to introduce oneself to the charming ladies. However, if you use all the above-mentioned tips, you will increase the chances of a positive development of acquaintance, having successfully introduced yourself to a girl.

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