What Does It Mean to Be Vulnerable in a Relationship?

Human life is terrific, and its best part – interaction and communication. People need it desperately. We meet friends, look for single woman dating sites, create couples, families. Whether we understand it or not, we live to communicate.

Yet, we face depression, arguing in relationships, misunderstanding. Why does it happen?

Many things cause issues in intimate and romantic relationships. Little everyday routine, lost connection, or cheating. And sometimes, we lack a simple vulnerability to put everything on places.

vulnerability in relationships

What is vulnerability in relationships?

First of all, let us find out: what stands behind such term as vulnerability in a relationship?

Have you ever experienced the following statements:

  • You only use the safe conversation topics as you do not want to offend your soulmate.
  • You’re stuck in a lifestyle you hate because it is convenient for someone you care about.
  • You are afraid to do certain things (like a simple singing) in front of your partner because she will make fun of you.

All these are symptoms of the vulnerability.

What does it mean to be vulnerable in a relationship? The term may seem complicated, but it is not. Being vulnerable to your partner means being unable to withstand her hostile actions or words. Such people are unlikely to hide their emotions – once they feel disrespected or embarrassed, they show it. Of course, vulnerable people have a challenging position in a relationship. You can be rejected, misunderstood, disagreed, and, of course, hurt.

That is why a lot of vulnerable people have spent years learning how to hide their emotions. They have transformed vulnerability in relationships in a protective shell.

People make themselves look strong, cold-hearted, and tough. This shield hides all the emotions and protects them from being hurt, as they think. The fear of vulnerability in relationships closes many doors that lead to true happiness. Remember, vulnerability is not another synonym for weak. Many researchers and psychologists say that vulnerability is the driving force of every connection, especially personal. Without it, relationships are insincere.

Why being vulnerable in relationships is goodhow to be more vulnerable in relationships

Now, understanding the true meaning of vulnerability in relationships, it’s time to get to the benefits it can bring into your life.

Showing vulnerability in a relationship means demonstrating honesty and trust. It is probably the most worthy human traits. Of course, it can be a little scary in the beginning. We all desire to show our best features and hide the worst ones. We want to seem perfect. Well, it is only suitable for job application, and in a romantic connection – meaningless. Trust us, the more vulnerable you are, the more real and trustworthy you seem.

If you still need more answers to the question: why is vulnerability significant in a relationship, here are some more. Vulnerability can make your bond stronger, providing intimacy. An emotional connection goes together with a sexual one. It also deepens empathy between close people.

Finally, being vulnerable makes you feel free. When you don't need to hide your true self, you feel good and free. You can love yourself. This is important for healthy relationships more than you can even imagine. Building walls around the heart have never helped anyone. Love and nurture yourself first, and only then everyone else.

Examples of vulnerability in relationships

Before fixing vulnerability issues in relationships, it is time to emphasize what real vulnerability looks like.

Admitting you can’t do something

One more time: no one is perfect. And if you can't do something, you just can't. Whether we are talking about playing chess or leading top-class negotiations, it doesn't matter. It's strange to pretend you are good at something; you are, in fact, not. Especially in personal relationships. You just have to be honest, right? Moreover, admitting your weaknesses usually makes people respect you even more.

Take responsibility for your actions.

One of the bright examples of vulnerability in relationships is understanding that you are in charge of your life. We all know somebody who always blames everyone and everything. Taking responsibility is a powerful step that puts you in control. It shows people that you are not afraid of reality and that you can take care and deal with problems.

Letting people know they hurt you

It is the most obvious example after everything we've already discussed. Not to mention that it is also the most important one. A lot of us try to bear unpleasant things with a fake smile. It happens for many reasons. Telling people you do not like how they treat you makes you vulnerable. It is difficult. Even risky. You may offend your loved one or even bicker a little. But you just have to do it. Nobody is more important than your feelings, and you should remember it.

Telling people you love them

You may think telling someone about your affection is easy. But when it comes to this, it is not. Even in relationships, it takes a lot of time and thoughts to tell someone about love. This makes you vulnerable as you never know how other people react to it. You can be afraid to be rejected or to ruin relationships, make them worse, etc. But, believe us, finding a will to do it makes you much stronger.


It is the last example of emotional vulnerability in relationships. All of us have experienced such a moment in relationships when we’ve felt the temptation to tell your partner it is her fault that something goes wrong. Do not do this. Accepting mistakes will not make you weak or worse of a person. It will only give your partner a reason to love you more for honesty and strong will.

How to be vulnerable in relationships to improve itbeing vulnerable in relationships

Learn from other people

One of the ways how to be more vulnerable in relationships is to look at how other people do it. Follow your friend who is not afraid to express feelings, for example. Surround yourself with other people who are not afraid to be vulnerable. It will make your relationship stronger.

Listen to yourself

It is hard to understand how you feel when you are trying to suppress feelings every single time. While you try being vulnerable in relationships, practice a better understanding of your inner self and emotions. Go to therapy or do meditation; it can help.

Remember how people react

The fear of feeling vulnerable in a relationship means you care what people think about you. Well, in this case, you have to remember that people will not treat your worse if they see your real feelings. Perhaps, you will be able to strengthen the connection and be admired more.

Make a list of fears

Almost all psychological books and practices claim: before solving problems, you have to understand their origin. Think carefully about why you are afraid to be open. Write down every single cause of your fears, visualize the problems in your head, and fight with them.

Do it step by step

The gradual start is essential. Especially if you want to learn how to be vulnerable in a relationship. Don't share every problem you have immediately. It may be too complicated and overwhelming if you have not done this before. Furthermore, you do it not just to tell someone about your life. It is about becoming closer. Try to start with small stories representing worries which you experience. With time, you will feel more comfortable sharing all this stuff.

We strongly believe that vulnerability plays a vital role in relationships. You just need to allow yourself to feel free with your better half. This means you have to let yourself feel vulnerable. Even if some things may hurt you, it is worth it. Because life happens when we are relaxed and honest with our loved ones and ourselves.

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